Microsoft readies $199 Windows 8 laptop and $99 tablet to combat Chrome OS and Android: Will this plan work?

Microsoft is not happy about the state it is currently in, and as such, the company is working closely with partners to oversee the launch of cheap Windows 8 laptops and tablets for the holiday.

Computers July 18, 2014

Microsoft will deploy $200-laptops this fall. Hello, Chromebooks

Microsoft is giving Google a run for its money and announces a new low-cost Windows 8.1 laptop that will compete directly with Chromebooks.

Computers July 16, 2014

Dell can't meet Chromebook demand, Microsoft aims to offer alternative

Amid too high a demand for Chromebooks, Dell has temporarily stopped selling them. The company can't keep up with production.

Computers July 14, 2014

Raspberry Pi gets a makeover, but still cheap and powerful

Raspberry Pi's credit card-sized computer gets an upgrade without a price change. The Raspberry Pi Foundation says the new B+ model came in response to user feedback.

Computers July 14, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 debut may be much later than expected, like next year

Bigger displays lead to bigger problems for the anticipated release dates for the rumored 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6. According to an analyst, Apple is experiencing teething problems with both models.

Computers July 14, 2014

Raspberry Pi Model B+ unveiled, comes with microSD card and USB 2 ports

Raspberry Pi Foundation is launching its latest iteration to the open-source computer kit dubbed as “Raspberry Pi Model B+.” The final evolution model will soon have a full version.

Computers July 18, 2014

Leaked Windows 9 screenshot shows revived Start Menu

Ready to move to Windows 9? Here is what the revived Start Menu looks like, and it looks exactly like the screenshot Microsoft shared at its Build conference earlier this year.

Computers July 15, 2014

Cray gets $174M supercomputer contract, machine will model nuclear weapons' impact

Cray has received $174 million from the National Nuclear Security Administration. In exchange, Cray will provide a next-generation supercomputer.

Computers July 11, 2014

Acer rolls out C720 Chromebook, sports 4th-gen Intel Core i3

Acer introduces a new C720 Chromebook, one of the world’s most powerful laptops running on Google’s sleek and fast Chrome OS. The laptop is the world’s first Chromebook to run on Intel Core i3 Haswell processor.

Computers July 13, 2014

Verizon fields 150K law enforcement data requests in just six months

In six months, Verizon had 150,000 requests from various law enforcement agencies. The agencies ranged from local to federal.

Computers July 8, 2014

Signs of life in PC market? Consumers/Business looking for more muscle than tablets offer

By next year, the market is expected to creep into positive territory, growing around 2.6 percent with manufacturers shipping 316.7 million units.

Computers July 8, 2014

Tablets will overtake PC sales by 2015 but desktop is far from being dead

Tablet shipments are finally poised to take over the PC, but for those who might believe the PC market is finally coming to an end, that isn't the case according to Gartner.

Computers July 9, 2014

PC slows down marketshare shrinkage, tablets will gobble sales by 2015

At this stage where smartphones and tablets fly by worldwide, PC is a no goner yet. A recent research by Gartner shows the statistics and tells you why.

Computers July 8, 2014

Kinect for Windows coming next week

Microsoft is starting to roll out Kinect for Windows v2 to give developers the chance to work with the device. A limited number of Kinects are available for $199.

Computers July 8, 2014

Tablets to beat out PCs by next year, but don't ring the desktop death knell just yet

Tablets are predicted to surge ahead of PC sales in 2015, though the PC market looks poised to rebound in the same year. Tablets have been finding a home among users who don't depend on workhorse computers.

Computers July 7, 2014

Kinect for Windows v2 will roll out July 15; item listed on Microsoft store

Microsoft is releasing the new Kinect for Windows v2 Sensor this July 15. The product is now ready for pre-order online at the Microsoft Store.

Computers July 9, 2014

Windows 9 preview this autumn? 'Threshold' might bring back Start Menu

Microsoft will look to rectify its mistakes with Windows 8 with the upcoming Windows 9. One of the changes will be bringing back the iconic Start Menu.

Computers July 2, 2014

Amazon Web Services bursts out some cheap and small EC2 capabilities

Amazon Web Services has unveiled an EC2 instance that can 'burst up' to provide administrative relief when needed. They're mainly used in low-CPU usage scenarios.

Computers July 1, 2014

VAIO computers are back, no longer under Sony umbrella

VAIO, formerly Sony's PC business, is back with a launch event today. The company will be smaller, but it will be retaining the DNA that VAIO is known for.

Computers July 2, 2014

Android devices susceptible to bug, says IBM research

A majority of Android devices, at least a reported 86 percent, are vulnerable to this security threat. It could allow hackers to obtain sensitive information.

Computers July 1, 2014

Google sets sights on enterprise data in more ways than one

Google is looking to continue to revolutionize how the world views and understands data. Its new Cloud Dataflow brings changes to how the world is able to analyze data in the cloud.

Computers June 27, 2014

CE Week Spotlight: Netgear debuts multi-antenna, multi-frequency router for IoT

The new Netgear Nighthawk X6 Tri-Band router is designed to supply multiple wireless devices across three frequencies with up to 3.2 Gbps combined speed. It features multiple antennas and the ability to balance network loads.

Computers June 27, 2014

Dell makes a big security push with all-in-ones, including a crypto accelerator

Dell is attempting to increase its presence among businesses. The company is rolling out a wealth of new security features, as well as new computers made for business use.

Computers June 26, 2014

Google I/O: Chromebooks now supports Android apps: Good or bad idea?

There are now several computer manufacturers creating 77 Chromebooks this year, which increases the need for more apps. With Android apps coming to the platform, users might never have to look at Windows again.

Computers June 27, 2014

Verizon restores 4G LTE Chromebook Pixel service

After two years of 4G LTE were cut short for Chromebook Pixel owners, Verizon promises to remedy the mistake. Google offers gift cards to make up for early termination of mobile broadband from Verizon.

Computers June 26, 2014

Google announces next-generation Android L Developer Preview at Google I/O (Video)

Google took the wraps off its next major version of Android at Google I/O. The update brings a unified look to Android, Chrome OS, and the web and offers some cool new features.

Computers June 25, 2014

Microsoft Exchange Online outage, a big black eye for Office 365

Businesses in the United States were disrupted after an Exchange Online service outage that halted all e-mail communications. The disruption comes just after Microsoft's Lync service experienced a service disruption.

Computers June 25, 2014

MIT scientists create 36-core chip speed demon

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers are working on a new 36 core chipset, and you won't be able to take advantage of it any time soon, unless you're one of the researchers.

Computers June 26, 2014

Mass production of Apple's 12-inch MacBook Air will start Q3 2014: Report

Sources say that mass production of a 12-inch version of Apple's MacBook Air will begin in the third quarter. Apple decided to produce a new model to differentiate the MacBook and iPad product lines.

Computers June 24, 2014

Microsoft wants you to trade in your MacBook Air for Surface Pro 3

Microsoft is offering up to $650 in store credit for customers who wish to trade in their MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3. The offer lasts until July 31, or while supplies last.

Computers June 24, 2014

What's expected at Google I/O conference

The Android and Chrome faithful prepare to descend upon San Francisco for Google I/O 2014. As usual, rumors of new hardware and software abound.

Computers June 23, 2014

High-performance computing market down year over year, but uptick predicted

Big-ticket server market took a global hit in this year's first quarter, IDC says in quarterly report. But they expect a rebound in the coming years.

Computers June 23, 2014

Heartbleed remains big risk with 300K servers still vulnerable

The Heartbleed security flaw in OpenSSL was on the loose for at least two years until it was discovered in April. Although a fix was quickly available, to date only about half of vulnerable systems have been patched.

Computers June 23, 2014

NVIDIA expands ARM64 support, now ready for high performance computing

NVIDIA’s screaming-fast Tesla graphics card pairs with ARM’s 64-bit processors to provide energy-saving high-speed computing services for the HPC industry. Billion billion calculations per second now a little bit closer to reality.

Computers June 24, 2014

Quantum computing: Is it real or is it hype?

The latest study on D-Wave's machine states it doesn't harness the power of quantum mechanics. But D-Wave stands behind what it believes to be a new substantial step in the evolution of computing.

Computers June 20, 2014

Apple entry-level iMac is cheap for a reason, actually two big reasons

$1.1K sounds like a steal for a 21-inch iMac. But the specs are dismally low and there's one really big drawback hiding under the hood.

Computers June 20, 2014

Historic chip fails to lure reserve bid auction price, authenticity questioned

A prototype of the component that birthed the microchip revolution was left without a buyer at Christie's auction in New York. Texas Instruments stated it couldn't confirm the authenticity of the integrated circuit.

Computers June 20, 2014

Quantum computers versus ordinary computers? Boring fight. Draw.

A recent study dispels the premise that D-Wave’s quantum computers are way faster than conventional computers, suggesting the need for more speed to be considered a supercomputer. Has D-Wave broken its promise?

Computers June 22, 2014

Historic Kilby chip could fetch $2M at auction, may be oldest chip from pre-PC era

Christie's has announced it is selling a historic chip from one of the pioneers in miniaturization. It is expected to fetch $2 million.

Computers June 19, 2014

Apple (quietly) launches new iMac that's cheaper, but slower

Apple is now selling a cheaper entry-level iMac. The product is priced $200 less than the former cheapest option, but takes a big hit to performance.

Computers June 21, 2014

The new Apple iMac is cheaper but with less muscle. Should you buy?

Apple offers a lower price for its new iMac 21-inch model with relatively decent specs, but analysts say it’s not for everyone. Here’s why.

Computers June 19, 2014

Apple new entry-level iMac reflects Intel's Broadwell chip issue

With OS X on the horizon and Intel's newest CPU line still in development, Apple opted for economy over horsepower with its latest iteration of the 21.5-inch iMac.

Computers June 18, 2014

LEVAN is a knowledge-hungry computer that wants to learn about everything

A team of research scientists has created a computer program called LEVAN that makes image searching quick and easy. The project is yet to be completely finished, however.

Computers June 17, 2014

Red Hat Linux 7 debuts with Active Directory, Docker support

IT managers rejoice as Red Hat Linux 7 makes its long-anticipated debut. RHEL 7 claims to bring next-generation solutions to open hybrid cloud platforms.

Computers June 11, 2014

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