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Scientists Still Concerned That Arctic Melt May Release Large Amounts Of Carbon

Researchers from the University of Georgia are studying a large deposit of ancient carbon, frozen in Arctic permafrost for thousands of years, and how it could possibly release massive amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere once it begins to thaw and decompose.

Feature | Science April 24, 2015

SpiderFab: Spider Robots Building 'Webs' In Space

SpiderFab technology will allow spiderlike robots to build large structures in outer space.

Feature | Science April 9, 2015

The Top 10 Space Stories of January 2015: Andromeda, Ceres, Mars and More

From the highest resolution photo we've ever seen of the Andromeda Galaxy to a new solar system with five Earth-like planets, January 2015 has been a busy month for space exploration.

Feature | Science January 30, 2015

'Ghost Particle' is Proof of Alien Life, Says Astrobiologists

Researchers claim a spectral particle that looks like a wisp of smoke could be proof that we aren’t the only living creatures in the universe.

Feature | Science January 20, 2015

Rising seas may cause daily floods in US East Coast by 2045: Report

A scientific report reveals intense and severe flooding could be experienced in the U.S. 15 to 30 years from now. Find out if your city is at risk.

Feature | Science October 8, 2014

Say farewell to September with the month's best science fiction

Tech Times' picks for the best science fiction books of September. From vampires to intergalactic smugglers, deadly viruses and, surprisingly, utopian societies, September's pick of sci-fi is not to be missed.

Feature | Science October 1, 2014

The big picture of diversity: Zooming in to see U.S.’s racial divides

Have you ever wanted, or needed, to visually see what kinds of diversity different regions of the U.S. offer? University of Cincinnati researchers just released two large-scale, high-resolution maps that let you do just that.

Feature | Science September 23, 2014

No Planet B: Why I am glad I went to the People's Climate March

Getting caught up in the action may be the best way to inspire everyone to get involved and care. Here's why the People's Climate March on Sept. 21 reminded me that I'm not a useless bystander.

Feature | Science September 23, 2014

There is a Spider-Man in you. Scientists find out genomic similarities between spiders and humans.

Researchers have mapped the genome of a spider for the first time in history. The international team of researchers were able to map the genome of a velvet spider.

Feature | Science May 11, 2014

Meteorites from Mars may hold clues to early Martian atmosphere: How different was it from ancient Earth?

A new study focusing on the Martian meteorites found on Earth reveals that the early atmospheres of these two planets were very varied, but the nature of their differences remains unclear.

Feature | Science April 20, 2014

North Korea rips off NASA's logo but 'NADA' to worry about

Could there really be NADA into this North Korea space agency's choice of acronym and logo, said to be a rip-off of the logo of their opponent NASA? See what their government has to say.

Feature | Science April 5, 2014

Australia's dingo: Not a wolf, not a dog but a distinct species says study

Scientists from Australia have finally proven that the dingo is a separate species from dogs. Thanks to the new findings, the dingo has finally taken its rightful place as a distinct Australian animal.

Feature | Science April 2, 2014

Genghis Khan rose to power in Asia...with a little help from the weather gods

Genghis Khan may have had more than a fierce horde of warriors behind his back when he established his empire in Asia. New research has shown that the weather may have played an important part in the rise of the Mongol Empire.

Feature | Science March 12, 2014

Yikes. Another day another asteroid zips past Earth

For the second day in a row an asteroid will narrowly miss Earth, however, NASA does have a plan in place that may some day give a level of protection against the massive destruction that could be caused by a direct hit..

Feature | Science March 6, 2014

Map of human genetic history: An ancient mystery answered, maybe

Geneticists at Oxford University, University College London and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany had published a report, "A Genetic Atlas of Human Admixture History,", which is an analysis of the blending of people in human populations around the world. They noted historical events in our own and our ancestors' DNA. They used DNA to characterize significant historical blending events, and identified 100 historical events of human contact over the last 4,000 years.

Feature | Science February 17, 2014

Creation versus Evolution Debate: Bill Nye-Ken Ham verbal duel ends in stalemate

Hundreds of thousands of people were glued to the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham in Kentucky on creation versus evolution.

Feature | Science February 5, 2014

Henry Molaison's (or HM) brain digitized to show how amnesia affects the brain

One of the most famous brains in the field of neuroscience, the brain of "H.M." was dissected into 2,401 slices in 2009. Now, the researchers have published their findings.

Feature | Science January 29, 2014

Antarctica robot discovers new species of upside-down sea anemone underwater

Scientists exploring the currents underneath the Rose Ice Shelf in Antarctica have stumbled onto a new species of sea anemone that had tentacles, burrowed upside down in the ice, and glowed orange.

Feature | Science January 17, 2014

Billionaire rocketeers duke it out for shuttle launch pad

The mothballed launchpad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, which dispatched Neil Armstrong and his crew on their historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969, is the focus of a battle of another sort, between two billionaire techies seeking to dominate a new era of private space flight.

Feature | Science October 3, 2013

Government shutdown cripples America

A string of cancelations and delays caused by thefederal government shutdown rippled across the United States on Wednesday.

Feature | Science October 2, 2013

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