Alibaba injects $215 million investment to mobile-messaging startup Tango

The messaging services niche is selling like hotcakes. With the $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp still piping hot, Alibaba has thrown in a good size of investment to Tango's coffers.

Internet March 20, 2014

Snowden holds TED talk with Berners-Lee as a robot

Edward Snowden joined Sir Tim Berners-Lee onstage during a TED talk as a robot. Snowden joined the conversation via video conference and once again stated that more NSA revelations are to come. He also said he supports Berners-Lee's efforts to create an international bill of rights for the Internet.

Internet March 19, 2014

Pandora pushes up subscriber price, ends annual plan

Pandora will bump the monthly subscription cost for its ad-free music streaming service to $4.99 starting in May, but it is leaving a six week window open for customers currently enjoying the free service to hop on board at the old $3.99 price.

Internet March 19, 2014

Friendster founder rolls out Nuzzel, an aggregator of top stories from Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook hold both music and pure noise. Nuzzel comes in to help you segregate which ones are worth reading in your feed.

Internet March 19, 2014

Cybercriminals steal data using fake video of missing MH370 on Facebook

Think before you click. Hackers and scammers have found the ongoing crisis on the missing Malaysia Airlines an opportunity to attack users and invade data.

Internet March 19, 2014

OMG my head hurts, the morning after cure for St. Patrick's Day over indulgence

The unfortunate answer is no quick fix is available, however, here is a guide to what might actually work along with what NOT to do when trying to recover from your St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Internet March 17, 2014

Google Hangouts, G-Chat and more resurrected - Why is Google crashing so often?

Google Hangouts, G-Chat and other normally reliable services crashed on Monday. Although some services were restored within minutes, Hangouts and G-Chat took much longer to get back in working order. Just a few months ago, Gmail crashed for 50 minutes, too. What's going on, Google?

Internet March 18, 2014

Google Hangouts goes down - Google Drive, G-Chat and Spreadsheets follow

Google Hangouts, G-Chat, Drive and Spreadsheets all went down mysteriously on Monday afternoon. Google stated that it is working on the problem.

Internet March 17, 2014

Hackers demonstrate IE, Safari and Chrome vulnerabilities at Pwn2Own contest

The attacks took place during the annual hacking contest held during Pwn2Own. Teams and individuals from security research groups quickly ripped into the IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers, but all ended well as the exploits will be used to make the browsers more secure.

Internet March 16, 2014

LeBron James Samsung endorsement blunder and three other celebrities who put Samsung to shame

LeBron James put his sponsor, Samsung, to shame on Wednesday when he tweeted about the epic fail of his Galaxy smartphone. The Internet went wild and Samsung totally lost its mind when King James' tweet went viral, but his mistake isn't even the worst tech gaffe that's happened to Samsung in the past few years. Here are a few more.

Internet March 16, 2014

Google Drive price cuts signal start of Cloud Storage Wars - What will Dropbox and OneDrive do?

The Cloud Storage Wars have begun. Google cuts its price for cloud storage subscriptions on Google Drive by as much as 80 percent on Thursday. How will Dropbox and OneDrive respond?

Internet March 15, 2014

Google tweaks search results: Here are the changes

It is constantly changing, consistently improving as Google has claimed before. The search engine company has started experimenting on a new look in delivering search results to its users.

Internet March 16, 2014

Google fans weigh in on search page changes in Facebook-like fashion

Google's Jon Wiley received a dose of user input normally seen when Facebook unexpectedly updates its site, after the search engine giant released an updated version of its Google Search page. While some people barely noticed the difference others were loud with their complaints.

Internet March 14, 2014

Google Drive prices slashed - 100 GB now only $1.99 a month

Google dramatically lowered its prices for Google Drive cloud storage subscriptions. Now, you can get 100 GB for only $1.99 each month, 1 TB for $9.99 and more than 10 TB for $99.99. Buying a Chromebook just got a whole lot smarter.

Internet March 13, 2014

Thanks, Mt. Gox - N.Y. to offer BitLicense to help regulate virtual currency exchanges

Specifically citing the Mt. Gox Bitcoin disaster, New York State later this year will implement a regulatory framework for virtual currency exchanges operating within the state. These companies will have to apply for a "BitLicense" to legally operate in N.Y.

Internet March 13, 2014

United Airlines gives iOS users free video streaming - Android users turn green with envy

It pays to be an Apple person. United Airlines just announced that its customers will be able to stream video for free on their iOS devices with the new United Airlines app. The service will reportedly include 200 TV shows and 150 movies.

Internet March 14, 2014

NSA masquerades as Facebook to infect 'millions' of computers - Still think Snowden was wrong?

A new leak from Edward Snowden reveals that the NSA has plans to infect "millions" of computers to spy on individuals. The NSA reportedly used an automated program to pose as Facebook and install malware "implants" on unsuspecting users' computers.

Internet March 12, 2014

At 25, Web needs bill of rights, says Sir Tim Berners-Lee

The Internet deserves a birthday present, says its creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and what better gift than increased security. Just days after thanking Edward Snowden for exposing the NSA surveillance program, Berners-Lee proposed the addition of a bill of rights for the Web.

Internet March 13, 2014

Twitter outage gives stock a knock, both back up shortly thereafter

Twitter was down for barely a few minutes before the outage was noticed by Wall Street and the stock started tumbling Tuesday. The outage lasted less than an hour, but it does remind us the damage even a minor problem can cause to a web-based business.

Internet March 11, 2014

WWW turns 25: What will Internet be like in 2025? Experts peer into the crystal ball

A new research has revealed how experts foresee the influence of Internet in our lives come 2025. There is blend of good and bad things seen by the surveyed thinkers.

Internet March 12, 2014

Snowden speaks out against the NSA at SXSW: Why we should thank him

Edward Snowden appeared via Google Hangouts to address the American people for the first time since his exile in June 2013. Snowden declared that the NSA and other government programs are "setting fire to the future of the Internet." He also promoted the use of encryption, saying that it shouldn't be considered a "black art" anymore.

Internet March 12, 2014

David Cameron sets sights on 5G and the Internet of Things - Why it matters

U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he and Germany's Prime Minister Angela Merkel will be leading us all into the future with 5G Internet. With its epic speeds and amazing performance, 5G will spearhead the push to develop the infrastructure needed for the Internet of Things.

Internet March 10, 2014

Edward Snowden speaks at SXSW 12 p.m. EST, follows in Assange's footsteps

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden will speak at SXSW around 12 p.m. EST via video. Snowden's plan to speak at the conference is a direct challenge to the U.S. government and comes just days after fellow fugitive Julian Assange's speech at SXSW.

Internet March 10, 2014

Google Barge finds a home in Stockton, exact purpose still a mystery

Google may be able to keep tight-lipped about what its barge is for, but the company could not hide the fact that it was moved late this week to its new home in Stockton, Calif.

Internet March 8, 2014

Yahoo's ID demand not welcome, users pan upcoming change

If the comments appearing online concerning Yahoo's policy change are an indication on how the majority of its users feel, the company could find itself shedding people instead of firming up its base. Particularly in light of how upset users were over changes to Yahoo Mail and Finance.

Internet March 9, 2014

Facebook News Feed gets new design but what's new?

The Facebook has announced that users will see a more visually-appealing News Feed soon. The face-lift does not implement the changes proposed by Facebook last year, after the social network found out that the test group that tried out the redesign did not like most of the changes.

Internet March 9, 2014

Do it (porn) for the Vine. Twitter ain't gon do it

Twitter-owned video sharing service Vine has banned sexually explicit content on its site. Where to now, porn stars and porn star wnnabies?

Internet March 8, 2014

Facebook users unite, an updated News Feed with bigger photos is on the way

Facebook announced today that each users' News Feed would receive a refresh. In an attempt to make its users happy, instead of reaching for their virtual pitchforks, the company noted the change was limited to enlarging News Feed photos.

Internet March 6, 2014

Oh Snap! Google mocks Facebook's $19 billion WhatsApp purchase

Google seems a little upset with Facebook for stealing WhatsApp out from under its nose. At first, Google was in denial, claiming that it didn't want WhatsApp anyways. Now, a Google executive outright mocks Facebook for paying WhatsApp $19 billion.

Internet March 9, 2014

Getty Images now lets you use its photos for free without fear of being sued

Getty Images has launched a tool that will allow users to post its images for non-commercial use. Of course, there's a catch.

Internet March 6, 2014

No entry: Yahoo bans Google and Facebook log-ins

Yahoo has started the implementation of its new sign-in process. While it might be seen as a small change, it might have big implications to Yahoo's business.

Internet March 6, 2014

An unfriendly Yahoo to stop accepting Facebook and Google IDs

Anyone trying to use a Google or Facebook account to sign into Yahoo will be barred at the virtual door as Yahoo is moving to take more control over its users by requiring everyone to have a Yahoo ID if they wish to use one of its services. Something already required by Google.

Internet March 5, 2014

No guns for you - Facebook shoots down illegal gun sales

Trying to sell a gun? Don't do it on Facebook. The social media site announced that it will start policing private and illegal gun sales that take place on Facebook. Advertisements and posts that promote gun sales will also be affected by the rule change.

Internet March 6, 2014

Cyber attacks escalate between Ukraine and Russia, as both sides struggle to control the media

A cyber war is underway between Russia and Ukraine, as the speed and frequency of cyber attacks grow. Hackers in both countries have waged massive DDoS attacks on media outlets and other important websites.

Internet March 5, 2014

#Oops I did it again - Twitter resets many users' passwords for no apparent reason

Twitter accidentally told many of its users that their accounts had been compromised and urged them to reset their passwords. Twitter later said that the email alerts were a mistake and that no one's accounts had been hacked.

Internet March 4, 2014 taken down by DDoS attack all because of $300

Everyone who heard about the hacking of might be asking why the perpetrators have just asked for a $300-ransom. While it sounded amateurish, the DDoS attack brought the site down for most of the weekend and on Monday.

Internet March 4, 2014

Ellen DeGeneres takes down Twitter, Retweet record and Barack Obama with single selfie

Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres manages to bag 2.6 million retweets with a single celebrity-filled selfie during the Oscars presentation. The photo included Kevin Spacey, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie among others.

Internet March 3, 2014

GCHQ is an excellent reason why Yahoo users shouldn't chat in nude in front of their webcams

Yahoo users on webcam should beware of doing sex-related things, as they are being watched.

Internet March 3, 2014

Yummy! Google now lets you browse full restaurant menu in search results

Google is moving into the territory of Yelp and Foursquare with a new search feature. It lets you browse through the full menu of most restaurants to help you decide whether you should be making a reservation or not.

Internet March 2, 2014

Here's how a hacker used fake Google Maps listings to record calls of FBI and Secret Services

A hacker uses fake Google Maps and Google Places listings to record FBI and Secret Services telephone calls.

Internet March 3, 2014

WWW turns 25: A look back at the Internet's early days

What could be found on the web in the years following the day 25 years ago when Sir Tim Berners-Lee pressed a button on his keyboard and officially created the world wide web can be easily summed up. Not much, but that was not to last as everyone from scientists to pizza makers hopped onto what would arguably become the greatest phenomenon of the 20th Century.

Internet March 2, 2014

Google Maps Gallery is an awesome time machine: From Lewis and Clarke to Internet users

Ever wondered what America looked like to Lewis and Clarke as they headed west? The new Google Maps Gallery features awesome interactive maps that show historical events as well as modern trends.

Internet March 2, 2014

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