Rap Genius gets rapped by Google for gaming search results

Rap Genius got busted by Google for promising to promote content of sites that tagged links of specific Rap Genius pages on their sites.

Internet December 26, 2013

Facebook working on facial recognition technology that can spot users from the side

Facebook is not happy with its current facial recognition technology, and is moving to improve it greatly.

Internet April 5, 2014

US leads smartphone porn-watching countries list

PornHub says porn watching has gone up among smartphone users in the U.S.

Internet December 24, 2013

Google Search gets bitten by Christmas bug

Google quietly tweaks its Search page to spread the holiday cheer.

Internet December 23, 2013

1 of 10 people like shopping online naked: PayPal

A new PayPal survey shows that 11 percent of online shoppers like to shop naked.

Internet December 22, 2013

Microsoft giving away 20GB free SkyDrive storage to Windows Phone fans only

Microsoft is making it an early Christmas for Windows Phone users by giving away 20GB free SkyDrive storage for a year.

Internet December 22, 2013

Instapaper Daily: What it means to you

Instapaper, a popular app that allows user to save webpages for reading offline on mobile devices, has announced the release of a new service called Instapaper Daily. The new service is a site that compiles and publishes the most popular stories that people save on Instapaper.

Internet December 22, 2013

Google celebrates 100th anniversary of crossword puzzle with a doodle

In honor of the crossword's centennial, Google rushed to create a "fun" experience for word puzzle lovers.

Internet December 21, 2013

Yahoo Mail tabs play peek-a-boo

Yahoo Mail has announced the return of its popular Tabs feature, which strangely was discontinued last October.

Internet December 21, 2013

Now you can embed Flickr images anywhere

Embedded images would include the full title and the owner's Flickr user name.

Internet December 19, 2013

Latest Google Search Easter Egg turns your smartphone into caroling (karaoke) machine

Google has rolled out a feature that allows users to sing along Christmas carols using their mobile device.

Internet December 19, 2013

What did people Google most in 2013?

Google has revealed the top searches on its website for 2013.

Internet December 18, 2013

Dropbox update for Android makes folder sharing easier

The mobile sharing functionality is a welcome feature among users who need to share files on the go.

Internet December 18, 2013

Everybody loves Apple, especially Twitterers

The iPhone emerged as the most desired gift this holiday season, among Twitter users.

Internet December 18, 2013

Will Twitter let you edit tweets?

Twitter is rumored to be working on a feature that allows users to edit published tweets. Really?

Internet December 17, 2013

San Francisco's busy Market Street gets free Wi-Fi

Residents and visitors can now access free Wi-Fi in San Francisco's busy Market Street.

Internet December 17, 2013

Facebook introduces Donate Now button for non-profits

Facebook's new 'Donate Now' button will allow its users to make donations to select non-profit organizations.

Internet December 17, 2013

New York most photographed city in the world but Thai mall becomes most Instagrammed location

Siam Paragon, a mall in Bangkok. Thailand, has topped Instagram's list of most Instagrammed locations for the year 2013.

Internet December 16, 2013

Digg founder Kevin Rose has a 'Tiny' idea that can be big in the blogging world

Tiny is a blogging platform that would give readers a glimpse of the blogger's world as he writes.

Internet December 16, 2013

New Twitter feature lets you check out 'Nearby' tweets

Twitter wants you to find out who is tweeting around you with the new "Nearby" feature.

Internet December 16, 2013

Facebook keeps record of what you posted...and what you didn't

A research paper revealed that Facebook not only keeps record of what you have posted, but also what you thought of posting but ultimately decided against it.

Internet December 15, 2013

LinkedIn killing RSS feed on December 19

LinkedIn said it will retire its Network RSS Feed on December 19.

Internet December 15, 2013

Marissa Mayer apologizes as Yahoo Mail users express outrage over outage

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer issued an apology, Friday, for the extended downtime of its free web mail service.

Internet December 14, 2013

Help!! Bots are taking over the Internet!!!

A new study suggests bots are responsible for a bigger chunk of traffic over the Internet.

Internet December 13, 2013

Twitter ruffles users' feathers with new blocking policy, retracts decision

Twitter implemented changes to its blocking functionality but listened to angry calls that there is nothing to fix with the old policy.

Internet December 13, 2013

YouTube now allows verified users to live stream, launch Google+Hangouts on Air

YouTube is launching a live streaming feature for verified users who are "in good standing."

Internet December 13, 2013

Marissa Mayer faces biggest acid test as Yahoo Mail outage enters Day 5

The multi-day outage of Yahoo Mail has hit the brand from all directions and may be the biggest test to Marissa Mayer's leadership since she became CEO of the company.

Internet December 13, 2013

Microsoft launches Cloud OS vision for new products and services

Microsoft is moving full steam ahead with its Cloud OS plans.

Internet December 13, 2013

Gmail now displaying images in your email by default

Gmail will now load images in the mails automatically after screening the images for potential malware and viruses.

Internet December 12, 2013

AT&T says your privacy is worth $29 a month

Not only AT&T sells your information to U.S. intelligence agencies but also it thinks your privacy is worth a measly $29 per month.

Internet December 12, 2013

Microsoft poaches on Gmail users with import tool

Microsoft is fishing for more Outlook users by introducing a tool that makes it easy for Gmail users to switch.

Internet December 12, 2013

Yahoo Mail outage angers customers, service restored for most users

Yahoo Mail's extended outage disappointed users relying on the service to send and receive emails.

Internet December 12, 2013

Facebook mulls 'Sympathize' button for gloomy status updates

A Facebook engineer has disclosed that a 'Sympathize button' fit for certain status updates was discussed as a possibility during one of the company hackathons.

Internet December 7, 2013

Now you can download Gmail, Google Calendar data

In a latest (and major) move towards data portability, Google is opening its Gmail and Calendar services to archives.

Internet December 6, 2013

Microsoft cracks down on botnet ZeroAccess

Microsoft has disrupted botnet ZeroAccess, but says it cannot wipe it out.

Internet December 7, 2013

Twitter flies to phones without Internet

Twitter has partnered with U2opia Mobile to allow users access to the micro-blogging site sans Internet.

Internet December 6, 2013

Google will allow users to download Gmail and Calendar data

Google now allows users to download their data from Gmail and Google Calendar.

Internet December 7, 2013

Fast and Furious actress Gal Gadot cast as Wonder Woman for upcoming Man of Steel sequel

Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man of Steel movie set for 2015 release.

Internet December 5, 2013

Google rivals NORAD's Santa tracker site

Google has launched a Santa tracking website, which will give competition to NORAD's Santa tracking system.

Internet December 5, 2013

'Pony' botnet dumps two million Facebook, Twitter, and Google passwords online

Security experts discovered around two million passwords up for grabs on the Internet.

Internet December 5, 2013

Giving Tuesday Hangout-a-thon becomes first online telethon

The Giving Tuesday Hangout-a-thon will become the first telethon of its kind where people can make donations to a number of non-profit organizations.

Internet December 3, 2013

Facebook to make news feed more relevant

Facebook is set to tweak its news feed to make space for "high quality" content.

Internet December 3, 2013

Beware of these online scams this holiday season

McAfee has released an infographic, warning consumers of potential scams they might encounter while doing their holiday shopping online.

Internet December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Google Doodle has a special message for us

Through Thanksgiving Day doodle, Google has a message to share with us.

Internet November 28, 2013

Google Street View now takes you inside airports, train stations and subways to facilitate Thanksgiving travel

Traveling on Thanksgiving Day can be daunting, but Google wants it to become a breeze. Apart from exploring zoos and islands, Google Street View now lets you explore transit locations like airports, train stations and subway stations in the U.S. and around the world.

Internet November 28, 2013

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