Germany probing 16 mn hacked email accounts

At least 16 million email accounts in Germany were found to have their security compromised, according to an investigation by the Federal Office for Information Security.

Internet January 22, 2014

Syrian Electronic Army bullies Microsoft again by defacing Office Blogs

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) continues its onslaught on Microsoft, this time hacking into the redesigned Office Blogs and impudently tweeting photos of the blog's CMS and defaced homepage.

Internet January 21, 2014

Whatever you do, please don't use these dumb passwords

The top two dumbest passwords of 2013 are "123456" and "password" respectively. You're good if you're not using either of them.

Internet January 21, 2014

Sina Weibo took a very sharp hit in 2013: Why?

Top Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo lost 9 percent of its total user base in 2013. That's unnerving.

Internet January 20, 2014

Here's why the court's decision to kill Net neutrality could be scarier than horror movie Carrie

The federal appeals court's decision that shot down Net neutrality could have dire implications for both businesses and individuals. A Reddit user has created a chart to demonstrate the nightmare we could possibly be heading into. A nightmare scarier than 2013's most popular horror movie Carrie.

Internet January 20, 2014

Google employees are now getting security guards

Google has hired security guards to look out for the safety of its employees based in San Francisco's Mission District.

Internet January 20, 2014

Target data breach malware had zero percent detection rate, was created by Russian teenager

A Russian teenager is said to be behind the Target data breach. The malware apparently had zero percent detection rate, which allowed it to steal the personal information of credit cards of Target's customers.

Internet January 20, 2014

Spotify feels heat from Rdio, drops Web listening time limit for free accounts

On-demand music subscription service Spotify said it will remove the cap for ad-free songs for those using the company's advertising-backed free service on desktops and laptops.

Internet January 20, 2014

Net neutrality is dead but FCC isn't worried: Why?

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is committed to exhausting all means to ensure that the Internet will remain open and free.

Internet January 17, 2014

Facebook Trending feature wants to become your go-to source for news (and just about everything else)

World's largest social networking site Facebook has announced a new feature called 'Trending' that will show popular topics of ongoing conversations.

Internet January 17, 2014

Syrian Electronic Army pwned Microsoft employee email accounts and it's not over yet

Microsoft has confirmed that a "small number" of employee email accounts were compromised by the Syrian Electronic Army.

Internet January 16, 2014

@Mention: Tumblr now lets you tag other users in your posts

A new Tumblr feature now allows users to tag friends using the "@" symbol.

Internet January 15, 2014

U.S. appeals court has just killed FCC's Net neutrality rule

The U.S. federal appeals court has opened a way for broadband providers to charge for content that are downloaded at faster speeds. And, it could mean the end of open Internet, as we know it.

Internet January 15, 2014

Russian search giant Yandex and Facebook ink strategic content partnership

Russian search engine giant Yandex has announced a partnership with Facebook to include contents from some of the social networking site's users in its search results.

Internet January 14, 2014

Twitter redesigns desktop site to look like mobile clone

Twitter has unveiled a new web design that gives its user interface for desktop and laptop users a more cohesive look to its iOS and Android mobile applications.

Internet January 14, 2014

MIT site gets hacked on Aaron Swartz first death anniversary

The MIT website was hacked to mark the first death anniversary of Internet crusader Aaron Swartz.

Internet January 13, 2014

Fact: Dropbox was down. Myth: It was down due to 'internal maintenance'

The Dropbox website went down last Friday night. It's a fact. Dropbox announced that the site was down due to "internal maintenance." It's probably a lie, if 1775 Sec's tweet is to be believed.

Internet January 13, 2014

Cisco bets big on Internet of Everything

Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers pushed for the "Internet of Everything" at the recently concluded International CES in Las Vegas.

Internet January 13, 2014

Dropbox outage was no hack

Popular cloud-based backup service Dropbox has just recovered from an outage that took place during an "internal maintenance" which, some allege, was a possible hack.

Internet January 11, 2014

RIP: Facebook Sponsored Stories to end short, eventful life

Nearly three years after causing a huge scene, Facebook's Sponsored Stories is on its way out.

Internet January 13, 2014

Allowing strangers to email Gmail users via Google+ triggers privacy concerns

Gmail and Google+ have tied the knot but privacy groups are against the move.

Internet January 10, 2014

Biz Stone reveals his love for Jelly but will it work?

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has unveiled a new picture-and-question online platform called Jelly, to mixed reviews.

Internet January 11, 2014

Yahoo launches Digital Magazines on tech and food

Yahoo has launched two digital magazines - Yahoo Tech and Yahoo Food - to cater to mainstream audience, at CES 2014.

Internet January 8, 2014

Yahoo ads expose users to malware

Hackers have compromised ads served by Yahoo using a weakness on the Java programming environment. The company has the situation under control for now.

Internet January 6, 2014

Google embraces prodigal son Rap Genius once more

A repentant Rap Genius managed to hack its ways back to the top spot in search results.

Internet January 6, 2014

Vine comes to Web with video feed and TV mode

The popular app Vine now offers its features in a web-friendly format. Users can now access their accounts using a standard web browser.

Internet January 6, 2014

OpenSSL hack reveals urgent need to beef up security

The recent hacking of the OpenSSL website reveals that it is another case of poor password practices.

Internet January 4, 2014

Farewell AllThingsD, hello Re/code

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher say goodbye to AllThingsD but opens 2014 by launching a new tech site called Re/code.

Internet January 3, 2014

TorrentFreak outs list of most pirated movie and TV show

Hit HBO show Game of Thrones tops list of most illegally downloaded shows of 2013. On the other hand, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey tops the list of illegally downloaded movies.

Internet January 2, 2014

Facebook charm wearing off among teens but adults love it

Facebook might be losing its hold over American teens though it continues to appeal to the adults.

Internet December 31, 2013

Netflix now lets you save $1 per month but there's a catch

Netflix has introduced a new plan that cost $6.99 per month. However, there are a couple of drawbacks if customers opt for this plan.

Internet December 31, 2013

Twitter Favorite button now allows for favoriting user accounts on Android

The Favorite button is probably the next step in Twitter's journey of evolution from being sparrow to eagle.

Internet December 31, 2013

Google takedown requests from copyright holders in 2013 was 4 times higher

Google received more than 235 million takedown requests but acted only on nine percent of them.

Internet December 29, 2013

Is Google+ the next Google?

Google+ started out as a social network seen to rival Facebook but it may soon become Google 2.0.

Internet December 29, 2013

CTIA Know My App website helps you spot data hungry apps

CTIA-The Wireless Association, along with its members, has created the Know My App website which helps users understand how popular apps consume data.

Internet December 28, 2013

All Things Digital bids farewell

Reputed technology website All Things Digital (AllThingsD or ATD) will shut down at the end of the year but don't worry, it won't be gone. It will just take a short hiatus and rise like the phoenix as a new media outlet.

Internet December 28, 2013

Rap Genius gets rapped by Google for gaming search results

Rap Genius got busted by Google for promising to promote content of sites that tagged links of specific Rap Genius pages on their sites.

Internet December 26, 2013

Facebook working on facial recognition technology that can spot users from the side

Facebook is not happy with its current facial recognition technology, and is moving to improve it greatly.

Internet April 5, 2014

US leads smartphone porn-watching countries list

PornHub says porn watching has gone up among smartphone users in the U.S.

Internet December 24, 2013

Google Search gets bitten by Christmas bug

Google quietly tweaks its Search page to spread the holiday cheer.

Internet December 23, 2013

1 of 10 people like shopping online naked: PayPal

A new PayPal survey shows that 11 percent of online shoppers like to shop naked.

Internet December 22, 2013

Microsoft giving away 20GB free SkyDrive storage to Windows Phone fans only

Microsoft is making it an early Christmas for Windows Phone users by giving away 20GB free SkyDrive storage for a year.

Internet December 22, 2013

Instapaper Daily: What it means to you

Instapaper, a popular app that allows user to save webpages for reading offline on mobile devices, has announced the release of a new service called Instapaper Daily. The new service is a site that compiles and publishes the most popular stories that people save on Instapaper.

Internet December 22, 2013

Google celebrates 100th anniversary of crossword puzzle with a doodle

In honor of the crossword's centennial, Google rushed to create a "fun" experience for word puzzle lovers.

Internet December 21, 2013

Yahoo Mail tabs play peek-a-boo

Yahoo Mail has announced the return of its popular Tabs feature, which strangely was discontinued last October.

Internet December 21, 2013

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