Google celebrates 50th anniversary of Doctor Who TV show with an addictive Doodle

Google Doodles are funny, insightful, marvelous and, sometimes, addictive. The recent doodle, which marks the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who TV series, is all of them at the same time.

Internet November 24, 2013

Wikimedia wants Wiki-PR to immediately stop editing site, but why?

Wikimedia Foundation wants Wiki-PR to cease editing its site.

Internet November 24, 2013

Teens are not deserting Facebook: Sheryl Sandberg

During Facebook's Q3 2013 earnings report, CFO David Ebersman revealed that young teens were using Facebook less. It prompted speculations that teens were losing interest in Facebook and turning their attention elsewhere. Now, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is trying to clear the air.

Internet November 24, 2013

New Facebook chat feature lets you know your friend's login status

Facebook is testing a new chat feature that lets you know if your friends have logged in from a mobile or web. The feature, Facebook says, will help you know what kind of conversation to begin.

Internet November 21, 2013

Google, Microsoft vow to crack down on child abuse images

Google and Microsoft have agreed to eradicate online child abuse images in days to come.

Internet November 21, 2013

Guess which tech companies stand the best chance of keeping NSA out?

Here's a look at the tech companies that have the best chance of keeping NSA out.

Internet November 22, 2013

YouTube suffers inexplicable Monday blues

YouTube was down on Monday for about half an hour before recovering. Reason not explained.

Internet November 19, 2013

Yahoo promises to encrypt data flow to thwart NSA spies

Yahoo said it will encrypt all traffic between its data centers by Q1 2014.

Internet November 20, 2013

Facebook updates privacy policy but everybody is not happy

Facebook has implemented proposed changes to its privacy policies. While wording might have been clarified, the company still insists that it has the permission of its users to use their information.

Internet November 18, 2013

Tearjerker: New Google India video ad focuses on India-Pakistan partition, goes viral

The Google India "Reunion" video ad has gone viral and tugs at human emotions.

Internet November 16, 2013

Netflix rolls out redesigned, unified TV interface

The redesigned TV interface of Netflix is visually appealing and engaging at the first sight.

Internet November 14, 2013

LinkedIn replaced LinkedIn Today with Pulse

The world's largest professional social network LinkedIn meshes customizable news reader Pulse.

Internet November 15, 2013

Dropbox breaks down wall between business and personal accounts

From today, Dropbox users will be able to access personal and business files without account switching.

Internet November 15, 2013

Adobe hack prompts Facebook to improve users password security system

Facebook has hidden the profiles of its users who used the same email and password for their Adobe account. To retain their account, all the users need to do is change their login passwords.

Internet November 13, 2013

Now save Gmail attachments directly in Google Drive

Google launched several features this week including one that allows Gmail users to save file attachments directly to Google drive.

Internet November 14, 2013

Netflix, YouTube consume over 50 pct of North America's fixed network data: Report

It was only a couple of years ago when Netflix was on the brink of shutting down. Now the company, together with YouTube, accounts for 50 percent of North America's fixed network data. With such huge margin, it also beats rivals Amazon and Hulu.

Internet November 12, 2013

Gmail Quick Action button lets users now breeze through inbox

Google has expanded "quick action buttons" for Gmail, which lets users flit through their inbox.

Internet November 12, 2013

Chrome Beta update cracks down on hidden, annoying auto-play webpages

Google released an update for the Chrome Beta allowing users to easily trace noisy tabs.

Internet November 12, 2013

YouTube comments change spark co-founder-led outrage

YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim does not approve of the changes made by Google to the comments feature of the video-sharing site. He made it clear through a post on his YouTube profile.

Internet November 12, 2013

Facebook quietly tests star ratings for business pages

Likes on Facebook might matter but soon, business owners may have to deal with a five-star rating system that reflect the sentiments of customers.

Internet November 10, 2013

Massive trove of hacked Adobe user data discovered on Web

Password security company LastPass said there are roughly 152 million Adobe user accounts compromised. Details such as emails and passwords of these accounts can be found on an underground website frequented by cyber criminals.

Internet November 10, 2013

YouTube turns to Google+ to clean up its comments

The chronological comments on YouTube have become history as the video sharing site overhauled the comments feature on videos by taking help of Google+.

Internet November 8, 2013

News followers on Twitter are more educated, younger and mobile-savvy than Facebook's

News consumers on Twitter are younger, more educated, and use mobile devices more, compared to people getting news through Facebook.

Internet November 7, 2013

Google Maps update for desktop brings Waze, Pegman and more

The Google Maps update is set to bring new features users' way.

Internet November 8, 2013

Bye thumb: Facebook Like, Share buttons go for design overhaul

Facebook has tweaked the Like and Share buttons, dropping the well-known thumbs-up icon in favor a more uniformed design.

Internet November 8, 2013

Digg Video unleashed: What you need to know

Digg has launched the new Digg Video feature, which will aggregate interesting clips from the web into a single stream of engaging content.

Internet November 7, 2013

Google Helpouts launched (but you'll need to pay)

The Google Helpouts experts will assist people in myriad of areas ranging from making your dishes to applying the right makeup, all via video chats.

Internet November 6, 2013

Fox News warns world of Zombie apocalypse (or is it?)

The website of Fox News featured whimsical headlines on Tuesday suggesting the day of the dead is coming but apparently, it was just an "internal production error."

Internet November 6, 2013

Are teens deserting Facebook for good?

Facebook posted gains on its mobile business but it admitted that teenagers might be looking elsewhere.

Internet November 5, 2013

iGoogle: RIP

iGoogle is dead. The search engine giant has finally implemented the shutdown of the personalized home page service after announcing it in July 2012.

Internet November 4, 2013

Google+ goes for major overhaul, boasts 58 pct jump in users

Google announced the growth of Google+ and introduced new features for its social network.

Internet October 31, 2013

The Zuckerberg Files: The truth is out there (What you need to know)

The Zuckerberg Files, which was launched over the weekend, contains all public utterances of the Facebook founder and CEO.

Internet October 29, 2013

Facebook removes beheading video, promises to police content better

Facebook finally removed the gruesome beheading video after complaints.

Internet October 26, 2013

Entertainment news most read by Facebook users: Research

Facebook users are more drawn to entertainment news than other topics, per a new research.

Internet October 26, 2013

Google celebrates the first parachute jump with a Doodle experience

The Google Doodle game allows players to play as Garnerin.

Internet October 23, 2013

Facebook allows gory videos, criticized by British PM

British Prime Minister David Cameron has called Facebook “irresponsible” for its decision to allow videos displaying graphic violence.

Internet October 23, 2013

Monday blues: Facebook bug prevents users from updating status for 'brief period of time'

Social network king Facebook experiences issues while performing network maintenance.

Internet October 21, 2013

Nearly half of YouTube traffic now comes from mobile users

Around half of YouTube's traffic comes from mobile users.

Internet October 21, 2013

Facebook teen privacy tweak: Safety groups fear more cyber bullying

Facebook's tweak in privacy settings for teens, which now allows them to share information publicly, has raised concerns among safety groups.

Internet October 21, 2013

Indonesia beats China as origin of cyber attacks

Indonesia is now the number one country where cyber attacks originate.

Internet October 18, 2013

New Yahoo Mail not functioning well, irks users

The revamped Yahoo Mail is encountering auto-forwarding issues.

Internet October 15, 2013

Facebook tweaks privacy setting: Now anyone can find you

Facebook is removing the 'Who can look up your Timeline by name' search option.

Internet October 12, 2013

Blackhole malware toolkit creator Paunch arrested in Russia

The man behind the Blackhole exploit is now behind bars. Big win for security forces against cybercriminals.

Internet October 10, 2013

Yahoo Mail turns 16, boasts new look, 1TB storage

Yahoo Mail gets a new design and 1TB storage space on its 16th birthday.

Internet October 10, 2013

Google Hummingbird search algorithm to help longer search queries

Google Inc has overhauled its search algorithm, the foundation of the Internet's dominant search engine, to better cope with the longer, more complex queries it has been getting from Web users.

Internet October 2, 2013

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