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The Average Drinker Can't Sniff The Difference Between Bourbon And Rye

Whiskey is made of different grains that are responsible for its distinct smell. A study has found, however, that the average drinker can't sniff the difference between whiskey bourbon and rye.

Life & Style April 26, 2016

Stunning HD Video Of 1993 New York City And World Trade Center Surfaces, Capturing Lost Moments In Time (Video)

A series of stunning HD video footage of 1993 New York City has surfaced. The surreal images capture pre-millennial life through a modern lens and include rare high-def shots of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers.

Life & Style April 27, 2016

Ecto Cooler Hi-C Is Officially Coming Back Just In Time For The 'Ghostbusters' Reboot

The popular 'Ghostbusters'-themed drink is making a triumphant return alongside the new film this summer.

Life & Style April 25, 2016

British Artist's Animal Carcass Displays Were Leaking Formaldehyde Fumes: Scientists

Sometimes you get more than what you bargain for in art. A gallery in London might have been reeking formaldehyde back in 2012 because of a display of animal carcasses submerged in a tank filled with FA solution.

Life & Style April 26, 2016

North Korea Claims Successful Launch Of Ballistic Missile From Submarine

North Korea announced on April 24 the successful launch of its submarine ballistic missile test under the watch of Kim Jong-un. From the looks of it, the United Nations will not take North Korean nuclear tests and related activities lightly.

Life & Style April 25, 2016

Back To Zero: Stephen Curry Sprains Right Knee In Game 4 Of Warriors vs. Rockets

The Golden State Warriors now have a 3-1 lead against the Houston Rockets in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. However, the Game 4 win could be costly, as star guard Stephen Curry sprained his right knee.

Life & Style April 25, 2016

Watch Prince’s Never-Before-Seen Performance At The SNL40 Afterparty

Saturday Night Live aired its special tribute to Grammy Winning performer Prince titled 'Goodnight Sweet Prince.' Watch one of Prince's unaired performances that was released during the special episode.

Life & Style April 25, 2016

Merriam-Webster Adds 'Gastric Banding,' 'Athleisure' And 2,000 Other New Words To Dictionary

While we have yet to see ‘YOLO’ on the list, Merriam-Webster recently added 2,000 new words and senses to its unabridged dictionary version. The list includes some you never thought would make it officially, like ‘revenge porn.’

Life & Style April 25, 2016

F-16 Fighter Jet Scrambles 300 Miles In 25 Minutes To Save Life Of Dying Patient In Norway

An F-16 fighter jet in Norway made transporting medical equipment look easy and delivered the life-saving treatment to a hospital 300 miles away. It provided swift emergency response to a heart and lung patient fighting for his life.

Life & Style April 24, 2016

Twitterverse Forces Cheerios To Delete Prince Tribute: Here's Why

Cereal maker Cheerios deleted its tweet on Prince's death after coming under fire for how its corporate social media account was said to use the icon's passing as a marketing ploy.

Life & Style April 23, 2016

Prince George Steals The Show At Kensington: Little Prince Stays Up Late To Meet US President Barack Obama

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's son, Prince George, is already good at fostering diplomatic relations. The barely 3-year-old prince stayed up past his bedtime to thank POTUS and FLOTUS for their gift.

Life & Style April 23, 2016

Prince Cause Of Death: No Signs Of Trauma Or Suicide, According To Police

The Carver County Sheriff's Office released new information regarding the circumstances surrounding Prince's death. It included a transcript of the 911 call an unidentified male made when the pop music icon was found unconscious.

Life & Style April 24, 2016

Virginia Restores Voting Rights Of More Than 200,000 Convicted Felons

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed an executive order that restores the voting rights of those who successfully completed their sentence. More than 200,000 convicted felons in the state will be able to vote in the November elections.

Life & Style April 23, 2016

Pop Music Superstar Prince Dies At 57

Prince was found dead at his Paisley Park compound home. Authorities have initiated an investigation on the circumstances surrounding the legendary music icon's death.

Life & Style April 22, 2016

Yiddish Language, Ashkenazi Jews May Have Come From Northeastern Turkey

Yiddish language is said to have originated from Germany, but a new research revealed that it was from Turkey. The study revealed that Yiddish language used in trading had originated from four villages found in the northeastern part of Turkey.

Life & Style April 24, 2016

New Guinness World Records Oldest Message In A Bottle Found

A new Guinness World Records oldest message in a bottle has been found and it offered the finder a shilling - an old British coin - as a reward money. The 108-year-old message in a bottle replaces the 101-year-old counterpart found in Germany in 2014.

Life & Style April 23, 2016

A Miracle In Chennai: 38-Year-Old Man's Heart Starts Beating 45 Minutes After He Dies

How long can you possibly die? A team of doctors in Chennai was able to revive a man after his heart stopped beating for 45 minutes, thanks to a daring CPR procedure.

Life & Style April 21, 2016

Gift Or Stolen Crown Jewel: Why India Wants To Get The Kohinoor Diamond Back From Britain

The Indian government has retraced its stance on the Kohinoor diamond after agreeing that it was a gift made to the East India Company. The Centre now wants to retrieve the Kohinoor from Britain.

Life & Style April 21, 2016

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Attacks Critics, Calls For International Support At UN Event

Currently facing possible impeachment, Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff traveled to New York and speak in the UN Assembly for climate change agreement. She has also strongly promised to fight the process.

Life & Style April 25, 2016

Better than coffee: Starbucks serves employees free college program

Starbucks has partnered with the Arizona State University to provide college scholarships to eligible U.S. employees at any of its coffee shops. Here’s what we've learned.

Life & Style June 16, 2014

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