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Starbucks Starts Selling New Summer Drinks: Here’s What Is In The Granitas And When Can You Get Them

Starbucks released new items as part of its Sunset Menu available after 3 p.m., which includes the new shaved ice drink called Granitas.

Life & Style June 15, 2016

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Fragrance Lets You Smell Like A Jedi (Whatever That Means)

LifeStyle Perfume's new line of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'-inspired fragrances are certainly something.

Life & Style June 14, 2016

#Ham4Tony: 'Hamilton' Musical Wins Big At 70th Tony Awards

Raise your glass - 'Hamilton: An American Musical' wins 11 out of 16 nominations at the 70th Tony Awards. Here is the complete list of the night's winners.

Life & Style June 13, 2016

76 Million Americans Are Struggling Financially And That's The Good News

A lot of Americans are struggling just to get by, while some aren't getting by, falling into poverty. The good news is that number is now down to 76 million, about 31 percent of the population.

Life & Style June 15, 2016

Muhammad Ali's Final Farewell: Who Was There?

The three-day celebration of Muhammad Ali's life concluded with a private, final farewell attended by family, close friends, religious luminaries and fans. Ali's wife Lonnie, friend Billy Crystal and former U.S. president Bill Clinton said their eulogies for the boxing legend.

Life & Style June 11, 2016

Composer John Williams Honored At AFI Tribute

Only praise rained on John Williams as the composer was honored by the American Film Institute with its lifetime achievement award. Williams is best known for his work on movies like 'Star Wars,' 'E.T.' and 'Jaws.'

Life & Style June 11, 2016

Airbnb CEO Promises To Battle Racial Discrimination, Unconscious Bias

At its OpenAir conference on Wednesday, Airbnb continued the conversation about racial discrimination and unconscious bias. How is the company addressing such platform issues?

Life & Style June 9, 2016

Auschwitz Museum Recovers Thousands Of Holocaust Victims' Items After 50 Years

The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum has recovered more than 16,000 missing items that belonged to people imprisoned at the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. The objects were tracked down to a storeroom at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Life & Style June 9, 2016

People With Psychopathic Traits Can Be Helpful At Work

People who strongly exhibit psychopathic traits can be cooperative at work. Researchers, however, said that it is only possible if they have strong social skills.

Life & Style June 8, 2016

Tampa Man Gets 4-Year Prison Sentence For Credit Card Fraud

Kevin Wain from Tampa, Florida will spend four years in federal prison. The Florida court found the 41-year-old guilty of conducting fraudulent credit card operations from September 2012 to June 2015.

Life & Style June 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton Secures Enough Delegates To Become First Woman Democratic Presidential Nominee

Based on CNN's count, Hillary Clinton has secured enough delegates to become the first woman to become a Democratic presidential nominee. However, Bernie Sanders, Clinton's rival in the primaries, said that the count is not final and does not hold water.

Life & Style June 7, 2016

Newly Renovated Pilgrim Ship Replica Mayflower II Returns To Plymouth

Mayflower II has returned to its home in Plymouth. The replica of the ship that transported Pilgrims back in the day has been newly renovated.

Life & Style June 8, 2016

Black Ice Cream Is The Latest Summer Treat Trend: Here’s What It Really Is And Where To Get It

Black charcoal ice cream is the latest summer snack that is trending on Instagram, but is the main ingredient really healthy enough to eat?

Life & Style June 6, 2016

'Clinically Decapitated' Boy Survives Crash, Thanks To Good Samaritan

A 4-year-old boy from Nevada who was internally decapitated in a car crash is now on his way to making a full recovery. His family is thankful to the police officer and his wife who helped him following the accident.

Life & Style June 6, 2016

Jewelry Company Accused Of Swapping Real Diamonds For Lower-Quality Stones

A jewelry company is facing controversy following reports of diamond swapping. Customers claim staff of Kay Jewelers replace their diamonds with moissanite, a cheaper and lower-quality stone.

Life & Style June 5, 2016

'Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee': Best Quotes From Boxing Icon Muhammad Ali

Here are some of the greatest quotes from Muhammad Ali, who was also fondly called the Lousville Lip for his way with words. The boxing great died on June 3 at age 74.

Life & Style June 5, 2016

'Mortal Kombat' Is Getting A Beer Line

Ever wondered what some of your favorite 'Mortal Kombat' characters tasted like? Now you can know with Sound Brewery's new set of 'Mortal Kombat X'-themed beers.

Life & Style June 4, 2016

Texas Town Erects Selfie Statue Right Next To City Hall: Modern Art Or Millennial Kitsch?

Sugar Land, Texas recently got additional public art on its streets and strong reactions followed. Residents’ and visitors’ reactions to the selfie-statue that adorns the City Hall plaza are splitting the public opinion in two.

Life & Style June 4, 2016

Watch This Girl's Priceless Reaction After Getting American Girl Doll With Prosthetic Leg [Video]

Watch this 10-year-old girl’s reaction to getting an American Girl doll that looks just like her, complete with a prosthetic leg.

Life & Style June 5, 2016

Doughnut Or Donut? The Story Behind The Spelling Of America's Favorite Snack

Most words have specific spellings, but when it comes to the doughnut - or donut - the spelling is far more arbitrary. Technically, both are correct, and here's why.

Life & Style June 3, 2016

Sweden Overtakes Ireland As 'Goodest' Country In The World

Sweden has ousted Ireland as the 'goodest' country in the world in the Good Country Index, outranking 162 other nations. Learn more about the index created by British government adviser Simon Anholt.

Life & Style June 3, 2016

Elon Musk Thinks Humans Are Probably 'Sims'-Like Characters In Another Civilization's Video Game

Are humans a computer simulation, or mere players in a 'Sims' video game-like environment? Are they the product of far more advance civilizations? Elon Musk weighed in on the matter at the recent Recode Code Conference.

Life & Style June 3, 2016

Here’s What Is Really In Starbucks' Secret 'Pink Drink’

A new secret item on Starbucks' menu is simply called the 'Pink Drink.' Here's what's in it so you can order one and share it on Instagram.

Life & Style June 5, 2016

Happy National Doughnut Day: 5 Facts About America's Favorite Sugary Snack

On Friday, June 3, America — and even Canada — celebrates the wonderful sweet treat that is the doughnut. Here are five fun facts about that delicious ring-shaped treat that everyone knows and loves.

Life & Style June 3, 2016

Teen Car Crashes On The Rise: AAA Warns Of The 100 Deadliest Days For Teens

Car crashes involving teenage drivers tend to spike during the summer, resulting in more deaths than in any other periods of the year. The AAA conducted a study and warns of the 100 deadliest days for teenagers, so beware.

Life & Style June 3, 2016

Australia Wants Traffic Lights Into Sidewalks For Pedestrians Obsessed With Their Phones

Australia recently announced it will implement sidewalk traffic lights to cater to its pedestrians’ safety. The authorities will test the solution, as a surging number of traffic casualties are being connected to heavy use of mobile technology.

Life & Style June 2, 2016

Switzerland Opens World's Longest And Deepest Rail Tunnel

Switzerland officially opened the Gotthard Base Tunnel, currently the longest and deepest rail tunnel in the world. Know more about the Swiss rail tunnel and its ambitions for freight and passenger transportation.

Life & Style June 2, 2016

Three Days To Make This $15,000 LEGO Statue...Then A Child Destroys It In Seconds

It took three days for an artist to build a LEGO statue valued at $15,000, and only seconds for a child to destroy it by accident during the LEGO Expo in China.

Life & Style June 2, 2016

National Doughnut Day 2016: Where To Get Free Doughnuts, Discounts And Giveaways

On June 3, we celebrate the magnificence of the doughnut. That means that many doughnut shops will offer free treats, discounts and deals to those who wish to indulge in that special brand of sugary goodness.

Life & Style June 2, 2016

Starbucks Introduces Coffee Infused With Nitrogen Gas

Calling all Starbucks lovers, there's a new brew in town. Starbucks is introducing the Nitro Cold Brew, a cold coffee drink infused with nitrogen gas, in more than 500 locations by the end of summer.

Life & Style June 1, 2016

WhatsApp And A Selfie Saved A Couple Stranded On A Cliff During A Hike In Winnatas Pass

A couple was saved after being stranded on a cliff in Winnatas Pass thanks to a selfie and WhatsApp message.

Life & Style June 1, 2016

Stephen Hawking Can Understand And Explain Astrophysics But Not Donald Trump's Popularity

'A Brief History of Time' author Stephen Hawking can school us on all things astrophysics, but he admits there is one thing he can neither explain nor understand: the rise of demagogue candidate Donald Trump.

Life & Style May 31, 2016

Memorial Day 2016: What Is Memorial Day And Its History

Today is Memorial Day, a somber holiday that is often confused with the day set aside to honor veterans. This day is about remembering the fallen.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

6-Year-Old Boy Gets Emotional Over State Of Environment [Video]

A 6-year-old grade-schooler from Washington has become an overnight Internet sensation after a video of him showing how passionate he is about the environment went viral on social media. The clip has now garnered 16 million views on Facebook.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

Make Your Memorial Day Memorable With These Cool Summer Cocktails

Celebrate a Memorial Day to remember and welcome the summer with these five patriotic drinks. From refreshing mint juleps to an all-American apple pie, these cocktail recipes will keep you coming back for more.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

eBay WW2 Military Items: Museum Snags Nazi Coding Machine For Just $14

Museum volunteers acquired a World War 2 device used by Adolf Hitler through an eBay listing. The artifact, which was sold for about $14, is the keyboard of the extremely rare Lorenz teleprinter.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

More Than 700 Migrants Drown In Three Mediterranean Shipwrecks

Officials report that an estimated 700 migrants have drowned in three different shipwrecks since Wednesday. Many of the victims were from Libya and were trying to cross the Mediterranean in order to get to Italy.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

Coke Debuts New Patriotic Cans For Memorial Day

Coca-Cola launched limited-edition Memorial Day Coke cans to honor U.S. military service members and the 75th founding anniversary of the United Service Organizations. This is what the Coke patriotic cans look like.

Life & Style May 29, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend: The Biggest Bargains Of 2016

For a lot of people, Memorial Day weekend is not complete without some shopping. Deals abound but if you’re looking for the biggest savings, it’s best to know where the best bargains are being offered.

Life & Style May 28, 2016

A Time To Remember: 7 Memorial Day Facts To Keep In Mind

Memorial Day weekend brings a flurry of activity for many Americans. It's important to remember that the holiday is specifically set as a time to honor the great men and women who died in service of the United States.

Life & Style May 29, 2016

Superheroes Are Using Instagram To Show They Have #Superhands In The Kitchen

This video series called #Superhands features recipe videos with our favorite superheroes showing off their powers in the kitchen.

Life & Style May 28, 2016

It's National Hamburger Day: Here Are Some Of The Weirdest Burgers In The World

May 28 is National Hamburger Day, so for those burger lovers looking for something a little different on Memorial Day weekend, here are some of the world's weirdest and wackiest burger combinations.

Life & Style May 28, 2016

Most US Adults Get Their News From Social Media

The majority of adults in the United States get their news from social media. As expected, Facebook is the top social media source for news based on a recent survey.

Life & Style May 27, 2016

PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel Bankrolls Hulk Hogan Privacy Lawsuit Against Gawker

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel confirmed on May 25 that he had helped fund Hulk Hogan's legal battle against Gawker. The tech billionaire said it is a way to help people defend themselves against the news website's attack.

Life & Style May 26, 2016

London To Become A Megacity By 2024 As Population Continues To Surge

London is predicted to become a megacity with more than 9 million in population by 2024. The data also showed that the UK population is aging as well.

Life & Style May 26, 2016

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