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National Doughnut Day 2016: Where To Get Free Doughnuts, Discounts And Giveaways

On June 3, we celebrate the magnificence of the doughnut. That means that many doughnut shops will offer free treats, discounts and deals to those who wish to indulge in that special brand of sugary goodness.

Life & Style June 2, 2016

Starbucks Introduces Coffee Infused With Nitrogen Gas

Calling all Starbucks lovers, there's a new brew in town. Starbucks is introducing the Nitro Cold Brew, a cold coffee drink infused with nitrogen gas, in more than 500 locations by the end of summer.

Life & Style June 1, 2016

WhatsApp And A Selfie Saved A Couple Stranded On A Cliff During A Hike In Winnatas Pass

A couple was saved after being stranded on a cliff in Winnatas Pass thanks to a selfie and WhatsApp message.

Life & Style June 1, 2016

Stephen Hawking Can Understand And Explain Astrophysics But Not Donald Trump's Popularity

'A Brief History of Time' author Stephen Hawking can school us on all things astrophysics, but he admits there is one thing he can neither explain nor understand: the rise of demagogue candidate Donald Trump.

Life & Style May 31, 2016

Memorial Day 2016: What Is Memorial Day And Its History

Today is Memorial Day, a somber holiday that is often confused with the day set aside to honor veterans. This day is about remembering the fallen.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

6-Year-Old Boy Gets Emotional Over State Of Environment [Video]

A 6-year-old grade-schooler from Washington has become an overnight Internet sensation after a video of him showing how passionate he is about the environment went viral on social media. The clip has now garnered 16 million views on Facebook.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

Make Your Memorial Day Memorable With These Cool Summer Cocktails

Celebrate a Memorial Day to remember and welcome the summer with these five patriotic drinks. From refreshing mint juleps to an all-American apple pie, these cocktail recipes will keep you coming back for more.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

eBay WW2 Military Items: Museum Snags Nazi Coding Machine For Just $14

Museum volunteers acquired a World War 2 device used by Adolf Hitler through an eBay listing. The artifact, which was sold for about $14, is the keyboard of the extremely rare Lorenz teleprinter.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

More Than 700 Migrants Drown In Three Mediterranean Shipwrecks

Officials report that an estimated 700 migrants have drowned in three different shipwrecks since Wednesday. Many of the victims were from Libya and were trying to cross the Mediterranean in order to get to Italy.

Life & Style May 30, 2016

Coke Debuts New Patriotic Cans For Memorial Day

Coca-Cola launched limited-edition Memorial Day Coke cans to honor U.S. military service members and the 75th founding anniversary of the United Service Organizations. This is what the Coke patriotic cans look like.

Life & Style May 29, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend: The Biggest Bargains Of 2016

For a lot of people, Memorial Day weekend is not complete without some shopping. Deals abound but if you’re looking for the biggest savings, it’s best to know where the best bargains are being offered.

Life & Style May 28, 2016

A Time To Remember: 7 Memorial Day Facts To Keep In Mind

Memorial Day weekend brings a flurry of activity for many Americans. It's important to remember that the holiday is specifically set as a time to honor the great men and women who died in service of the United States.

Life & Style May 29, 2016

Superheroes Are Using Instagram To Show They Have #Superhands In The Kitchen

This video series called #Superhands features recipe videos with our favorite superheroes showing off their powers in the kitchen.

Life & Style May 28, 2016

It's National Hamburger Day: Here Are Some Of The Weirdest Burgers In The World

May 28 is National Hamburger Day, so for those burger lovers looking for something a little different on Memorial Day weekend, here are some of the world's weirdest and wackiest burger combinations.

Life & Style May 28, 2016

Most US Adults Get Their News From Social Media

The majority of adults in the United States get their news from social media. As expected, Facebook is the top social media source for news based on a recent survey.

Life & Style May 27, 2016

PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel Bankrolls Hulk Hogan Privacy Lawsuit Against Gawker

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel confirmed on May 25 that he had helped fund Hulk Hogan's legal battle against Gawker. The tech billionaire said it is a way to help people defend themselves against the news website's attack.

Life & Style May 26, 2016

London To Become A Megacity By 2024 As Population Continues To Surge

London is predicted to become a megacity with more than 9 million in population by 2024. The data also showed that the UK population is aging as well.

Life & Style May 26, 2016

The Best Ways To Honor Memorial Day In America's National Parks

Memorial Day is more than just a long weekend; it's a chance to honor fallen soldiers. U.S. National Parks offer many events to bring family and friends together to do just that.

Life & Style May 26, 2016

Bro, You Need To Download This New Emoji App

Bromoji is the emoji keyboard app made specifically for guys who want to bro out over texts. The app is available now for iOS users.

Life & Style May 25, 2016

Wear Your Favorite Instagram Photo On Your Shirt By Using The Printing Platform Blank

Instagram and Facebook users can print their own personal photos onto a T-shirt to show off their skills or increase brand visibility using the platform Blank.

Life & Style May 26, 2016

BBC Documentary To Spotlight Unreleased Music From David Bowie

Undeniably, David Bowie made a lot of music in his lifetime. However, some of them will be officially heard for the first time in a BBC documentary set to come out in July.

Life & Style May 25, 2016

Teen Fan In Hospice Misses Florence And The Machine Concert, Gets Visit Instead From Florence Welch

When a fan in hospice care was unable to attend their concert due to sickness, Florence + the Machine’s Florence Welch and Rob Ackroyd went the extra mile and took the concert to her.

Life & Style May 24, 2016

Study Reveals Why Men Find Submissive Women Attractive

Men find submissive women more attractive, while women like dominant men better, a new study has found. The explanation for this can be attributed to genetics.

Life & Style May 24, 2016

New 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Snapchat Filters Turns Users Into The Cast Of Superheroes - And Supervillain

Snapchat users can transform into the superheroes and supervillain from the movie 'X-Men: Apocalypse' in celebration of its theatrical release on Friday.

Life & Style May 24, 2016

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor: What Excites Fight Fans About This Boxing And MMA Clash?

There have been speculations that UFC star Conor McGregor will step into the boxing ring with retired unbeaten champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. What are fans dreaming for the match, and will it happen?

Life & Style May 23, 2016

Girl Barred From Prom For Wearing Suit Attends Another School's Dance

Aniya Wolf, a junior student at a Catholic high school, was kicked out of her own prom for wearing a tuxedo. Wolf, who considers herself a lesbian, got an invitation from another school and finally attended prom on May 21.

Life & Style May 23, 2016

This Hotel Lobby Door Thinks It's R2-D2 [Video]

An entrance to an unknown hotel lobby makes the same sound as the astromech droid, R2-D2, from 'Star Wars.'

Life & Style May 22, 2016

Huawei Envisions 'The Matrix' Type Future Where We Can Interact With Dead People And Become 'Immortal'

Someday, people may willingly upload their consciousness into digital realms. Huawei thinks that it will happen in this lifetime.

Life & Style May 24, 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Expands Carbon Footprint By 8,000 Miles To Pick Up Environmental Award...But Don't Jump To Conclusions

Leonardo DiCaprio flew about 8,000 miles by private jet to pick up an environmental award and get back to Cannes. It's not what you think, says a source close to the actor.

Life & Style May 22, 2016

US Marine Veteran Becomes First Combat-Wounded Amputee To Reach Summit Of Mount Everest

Charlie Linville, who lost his foot after stepping on an unexploded bomb in Afghanistan in 2011, became the first combat amputee to conquer Mount Everest. He reached the summit of the world's highest mountain on May 19.

Life & Style May 22, 2016

Attractive, Well-Groomed Women Earn More Money Than Average-Looking Counterparts: Study

Attractive women have higher income compared with average-looking individuals. Beautiful women are perceived to have better personalities as well.

Life & Style May 23, 2016

Female WWII Pilots Can Now Be Buried At Arlington National Cemetery

President Obama has signed a law allowing female World War II pilots to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The move aims to bring back the honor due to these deserving service members.

Life & Style May 21, 2016

Channel Your Inner 'Dangerous Woman' With Snapchat's New Ariana Grande Filter

Snapchat released a new filter in celebration of the release of Ariana Grande's new album 'Dangerous Woman.' The filter lets users transform into the singer in her music video.

Life & Style May 20, 2016

Here's How To Get Snapchat's Secret Dalmatian Filter

Snapchat secretly released a dalmatian filter to go with the brown puppy dog one. Here's how to get this hidden feature.

Life & Style May 20, 2016

Beastie Boys Original Member John Berry Dead At 52

Beastie Boys original member John Berry was confirmed dead Thursday morning. He was one of the first four members of the band when it was formed in 1981.

Life & Style May 20, 2016

Never Too Young: Average Age Of Kid For Getting First Phone Is Now Only 10.3 Years Old

The average age for kids getting their first smartphone is 10.3 years old, according to a new report from market research firm Influence Central.

Life & Style May 20, 2016

This Is What Went Into Making The World's Longest Pizza In Italy

One hundred chefs in the city of Naples teamed up to cook a Neapolitan that measured up to 6,082 feet, landing a spot in the Guinness World Records for making the world's longest pizza.

Life & Style May 19, 2016

Elderly Polish Tourists Use Computer To Buy Online Tickets to London Club, Then Rave To EDM Till 5 A.M.

An elderly Polish couple purchased tickets to one of London’s hottest nightclubs online. The tourists, both in their 70s, proceeded to rave and party to house music until 5 a.m.

Life & Style May 21, 2016

Glassdoor Releases Best US Cities For Jobs

Employment website Glassdoor has unveiled its annual ranking of the best cities for jobs in the United States. Find out if your city was able to make the list.

Life & Style May 19, 2016

14-Carat Oppenheimer Blue Becomes Most Expensive Diamond To Be Sold At Auction

The rare 14.62-carat Oppenheimer Blue diamond has a new master. Apart from setting a new actual sale price record for an auctioned jewel, the Oppenheimer Blue also became the biggest Fancy Vivid Blue diamond sold at an auction.

Life & Style May 19, 2016

Mariah Carey Famous 'I Don't Know Her' Jennifer Lopez Diss Meme Lives On As She Says It Again On 'Watch What Happens Live'

Mariah Carey is responsible for one of the most popular Internet memes of all time, her 'I don’t know her' quote on Jennifer Lopez. In a new interview, Carey repeated her famous words yet again, along with a facial expression surely to become the fodder for many future GIFs.

Life & Style May 19, 2016

Happy International Museum Day: Here Are The Top Museums For The Geek In All Of Us

May 18 marks International Museum Day, which serves as a good day to visit museums and learn how they play a role in society. Here, though, are the top museums for geeks.

Life & Style May 17, 2016

Snapchat Slammed For Filters That Are Whitewashing Users' Faces

Snapchat is receiving backlash for its popular Coachella-inspired filter and others that appear to whitewash users' faces.

Life & Style May 17, 2016

TSA Plagued By Long Airport Lines And Security Breaches: Stranded Passengers Say Enough Is Enough

With hours-long lines at airports of passengers getting through TSA security screening, many are saying enough is enough. To alleviate the problem, the TSA plans on hiring more personnel and increasing enrollment in PreCheck, but many are saying this will not solve anything.

Life & Style May 17, 2016

Here's How To Change Back To The Old Instagram Logo On iOS

This hack can bring back the old Instagram logo on your iOS device without having to jailbreak your iPhone.

Life & Style May 16, 2016

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