Jimmy Carter's Immune Drug Keytruda Helps Cancer Patients Live Three Years Longer

Merck's Keytruda drug was shown in a new study to help about 40 percent of advanced melanoma patients stay alive for three more years. Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter used the medication after he was diagnosed with cancer last year.

Medicine May 19, 2016

Medicine For Epilepsy, Pain Linked To High Risk Of Birth Defects When Taken During Pregnancy

A widely prescribed drug used to treat pain or epilepsy has been linked to an increased risk of birth defects. Researchers gathered data from hundreds of women in different countries.

Medicine May 19, 2016

Magic Mushroom Curbs Symptoms Of Depression: Could It Revolutionize Treatment?

A psychedelic substance found in magic mushrooms has been found to lift depression in volunteers. Could this drug revolutionize treatment?

Medicine May 18, 2016

Cancer Charities Express Concern Over Changes To Cancer Drugs Fund

Cancer charities in the UK are concerned about the impending changes in the Cancer Drugs Fund. The groups believe it would be much more difficult to get approval for innovative medicines from NICE.

Medicine May 18, 2016

Non-Narcotic Nerve Blocker Can Reduce Pain, Shorten Hospital Stays For Children

Pectus excavatum causes the breastbone to sink into the chest but it can be remedied with surgery. Using a non-narcotic nerve-blocking drug has been found to reduce pain effectively after the procedure and shorten hospital stays for children.

Medicine May 16, 2016

WHO Releases New Recommendation To Test, Treat Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

The WHO released on Thursday a speedier and more affordable treatment plan for curbing multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, which affects about 480,000 globally. The TB treatment could be completed in a year and costs less than $1,000 per patient.

Medicine May 15, 2016

Side Effects Of Common Antibiotics Outweigh Benefits In Some Infections

Antibiotic dependence and overuse are becoming huge problems, and the situation is getting worse. The FDA said the side effects of common antibiotics outweigh the benefits in some infections.

Medicine May 14, 2016

Prince Charles Uses Homeopathic Treatments For Farm Animals To Curb Dependence On Antibiotics

In the battle against antibiotic dependence, Prince Charles shared that he uses homeopathic treatments for his farm animals. Homeopathy theorizes that a disease can be treated by a substance that coaxes similar symptoms among healthy individuals.

Medicine May 13, 2016

Popular Club Drug Could Be Key To Fighting Depression, Suicidal Tendencies

Ketamine could hold the key to fighting suicidal attempts and depression in people. The drug is capable of triggering out-of-body experiences and hallucinations, which earned it the moniker 'club drug.'

Medicine May 12, 2016

Acetaminophen And Empathy: Popular Painkiller May Reduce Your Ability To Feel Pain Of Others

Pop a pill, lose your empathy. A study has found that taking a popular painkiller reduces your empathy. Acetaminophen is the most common ingredient in drugs found in the U.S. such as Tylenol.

Medicine May 11, 2016

Study Reveals How Popular Heartburn Drug May Harm Arteries

Proton pump inhibitors were linked to accelerated aging of blood vessel cells, which could pave the way for issues such as heart disease and stroke. How are these heartburn drugs potentially associated with adverse health effects?

Medicine May 10, 2016

Anesthetic Ketamine May Reduce Suicidal Thoughts In Depressed People

The anesthetic ketamine was shown to cut risk for self-harm in individuals with long-standing depression. Use of the drug was also associated with mild side effects that lasted only between one and two hours.

Medicine May 11, 2016

Switching To Generic Drugs Instead Of Brand Name Ones May Save Billions Of Health Care Dollars

Researchers found that inefficient giving of drug prescriptions cost patients millions of dollars. They recommend substituting generic drugs instead of branded drugs to reduce spending.

Medicine May 11, 2016

Monitoring Heart Rhythm With Smartphone App May Help Atrial Fibrillation Patients Take Blood-Thinning Drugs As Needed

Monitoring heart rhythm using a smartphone app may help atrial fibrillation patients limit daily blood-thinner intake. Positive clinical results were seen after 18 months.

Medicine May 8, 2016

New Antibody Therapy May Provide Long-Term HIV Treatment

Scientists are developing a new antibody-based drug therapy that may provide long-term control over HIV. A single dose of the therapy can help patients make better antibodies against the virus.

Medicine May 9, 2016

OxyContin 12-Hour Prescription May Have Helped Fuel America's Opioid Epidemic

A new report suggests Purdue Pharma contributed to America's opioid epidemic. How does the drugmaker's 12-hour dosing prescription for painkiller OxyContin drive addiction?

Medicine May 7, 2016

Skin-To-Eye Stem Cell Transplant Partially Restores Eyesight Of Woman With Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Japanese scientists successfully completed, for the first time, a skin-to-eye stem cell transplant to partially restore the vision of a 70-year-old woman with age-related macular degeneration. Researchers are now conducting further studies to include pluripotent stem cells in treatment of other degenerative diseases.

Medicine May 7, 2016

Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Statin May Protect People With Peripheral Artery Disease From Amputation

High doses of statin reduced risk of amputation in patients with peripheral artery disease by 33 percent. The cholesterol drug also lowered death risk by 29 percent.

Medicine May 6, 2016

Human-Derived Antibody Can Kill Cancer Cells Without Harming Healthy Cells

Human-derived antibodies can attack cancer cells without damaging healthy ones. Researchers found that certain antibodies prevent cancer cells from developing on cell surfaces.

Medicine May 6, 2016

Painkiller Percocet Found In Prince's Body When He Died: Report

The results of the autopsy and toxicology tests are not yet complete to determine the real reason why Prince died. A source, however, said that the painkiller Percocet was present in the musician's body when he was found dead.

Medicine May 6, 2016

Use Of Heart Drug Warfarin Linked To Dementia Risk In Patients With Atrial Fibrillation

Patients with atrial fibrillation who were treated with blood thinner warfarin were found to have higher rates of dementia. How can patients reduce risks?

Medicine May 6, 2016

Breakthrough In Human Embryo Research To Shed Light On Birth Defects And Pregnancy Loss

For the first time, researchers were able to grow human embryos outside the womb for almost two weeks. The breakthrough may provide scientists insight on why birth defects and miscarriage occur.

Medicine May 5, 2016

Over-The-Phone CPR Instruction Could Save Lives: Report

Researchers have found that giving cardiopulmonary instructions over the phone improves survival rates of cardiac arrest patients. Immediate performance of chest compression by a bystander before emergency medical services arrive also improves functional outcomes.

Medicine May 5, 2016

Newly Discovered 'Network Drugs' Could Treat Resistant Prostate Cancer

Researchers from The Institute of Cancer Research found that Hsp90 inhibitors were effective in treating aggressive prostate cancer. The drug could target a network of cancer cell signals simultaneously.

Medicine May 2, 2016

Cancer Drug Prices Up By 600 Percent: What Drives Increase In Medication Costs?

The prices of cancer drugs administered orally have increased over the past decade and a half. The reason for the price hike is not clearly identified, but analysts have determined some possible causes.

Medicine May 2, 2016

Risk For General Anesthesia In Infants Is Same With Local Anesthesia

The risk of administering general anesthesia to babies is the same with giving local anesthesia at two years of age, a new interim study based in Melbourne revealed. Researchers said there was no difference in the effects in babies.

Medicine May 2, 2016

Ozone Gas Treatment Used To Sterilize Medical Implants Can Save Money, Time

An existing sterilization technique holds so much promise for surgeries performed with polymer medical devices. Not only can ozone gas save time, it may also save money.

Medicine May 1, 2016

Researchers Want To Repurpose Old Drugs To Prevent, Treat Zika Virus

Medical scientists are exploring the potential of existing drugs to treat and even prevent Zika infection. One such drug that is typically used to treat Alzheimer's has been shown to have promise protecting cells from the virus.

Medicine May 3, 2016

First Drug To Treat Psychosis Linked To Parkinson's Gets FDA Approval

FDA approves the first Parkinson’s-related psychosis drug. Nuplazid (pimavanserin) tablets are designed to treat psychosis-related delusions and hallucinations among some patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Medicine April 30, 2016

GSK Reformulates Mouthwash Into Antiseptic Gel To Prevent Infection In Newborn Babies

Antiseptic chlorhexidine gel Umbipro from GlaxoSmithKline was endorsed by the European Medicines Agency for use against umbilical cord infection in newborns. The product developed from GSK's mouthwash is targeted to address omphalitis in developing countries.

Medicine April 30, 2016

Not Like The Movies: Using Ballpoint Pen To Create Airway Passage Is Not Recommended

A study in Germany revealed that using ballpoint pens to establish airflow is not effective but can be dangerous. Researchers only recommend ballpoint pens as a breathing tube once airflow is present.

Medicine April 30, 2016

Orally Administered Cancer Drugs See Spike In Cost

Oral cancer drugs have become significantly more expensive compared with those from 15 years ago, according to a new study. The research provides insight into rising drug prices in the U.S., particularly among specialty medications.

Medicine April 29, 2016

Portable Testing Device Can Detect Ebola At Once

A new portable device the size of a smartphone may be the lifesaver we’ve been waiting. Not only does it produce results at once, it is also highly accurate and may be designed for diagnosis of other diseases.

Medicine April 30, 2016

93 Percent Of Advanced Leukemia Patients In Remission After Receiving Immunotherapy

When standard chemotherapy failed to eliminate cancer in leukemia patients, researchers turned to immunotherapy, using genetically engineered T-cells to fight the disease and achieve remission for 93 percent of participants in their study.

Medicine April 29, 2016

Antibody Shot Shields Monkeys From HIV-Like Infection For Months

A single injection of antibody was able to provide protection for monkeys against an HIV-like virus. The study brings hope that someday, antibodies may be used to prevent the disease.

Medicine April 28, 2016

Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Statin May Not Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk: Study

People who take the cholesterol-lowering drug statin have lower risk for colon cancer, according to a new study. The difference in risk between those who continued using the drug and those who stopped using it, however, was not significant.

Medicine April 28, 2016

FDA Panel Gives Thumbs Down To Sarepta Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Drug Eteplirsen

Sarepta, a pharmaceutical company that develops RNA-based treatments, fell short of providing substantial evidence that eteplirsen is effective in treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The gruelling 11-hour session was attended by patients, their families and drug advocacy groups.

Medicine April 27, 2016

Fat That Wraps Around Liver, Intestines Is Worse Than Belly Fat: Report

Researchers confirmed that visceral fat is more dangerous than subcutaneous fat. Further research pointed out that a regulatory molecule is responsible for insulin resistance and inflammation, which eventually lead to serious illnesses.

Medicine April 26, 2016

Eating Disorder Anorexia May Be Caused By Bacteria

One of the most common eating disorder, anorexia, may be caused by a bacteria. The physical infection triggers an immune response, but the antibodies attack the brain, causing feelings of personal disgust.

Medicine April 25, 2016

FDA Wants Advisory Panel To Vote On Sarepta Muscle Wasting Drug Eteplirsen

FDA staff wants the advisory panel to vote on Sarepta's eteplirsen wasting drug after reviewing its effectiveness. An advisory panel meeting will include the recommendations of the FDA.

Medicine April 26, 2016

Molecular Pathway Maintains Smooth Muscle Critical For Digestive System: Study

Using genetically altered mice, UMass researchers identified a molecular pathway that plays a major role in maintaining the smooth muscle tone of the digestive system. The study aims to help drug development target specific genes in the pathway.

Medicine April 24, 2016

Chemotherapy Drugs Not Linked To Fogged Mental Condition, Study Says

Chemotherapy is a two-faced cancer treatment as it kills cancer cells but posts other health problems. The chemo drug anthracycline has been said to cause fogged mental condition among breast cancer patients, but new research says otherwise.

Medicine April 24, 2016

AstraZeneca To Partner With Gene Pioneer Venter To Incorporate Genomics In Drug Research And Development

AstraZeneca will work with biotechnologist Craig Venter and other companies to incorporate genomics in drug research and development. The bold move is aimed at searching for new medicines that uses the advanced technology of genome sequencing.

Medicine April 22, 2016

Aggressive 'Mini Stroke' Treatment May Cut Risks Of Major Strokes In Half

Aggressive mini stroke treatments may help cut down stroke risks in half. A new study found that early therapy and urgent assessment for all patients may help spare them from suffering recurrent strokes.

Medicine April 23, 2016

Strengthening Blood Vessels Seen As A Way To Mitigate Sepsis

Sepsis is a serious problem that affects over 19 million people around the world every year. Researchers from the Institute for Basic Science are looking to address the condition by boosting blood vessel strength.

Medicine April 23, 2016

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