CVS To Sell Generic Version Of EpiPen Competitor At 80 Percent Cheaper Price

CVS will sell a generic version of an EpiPen competitor. The generic Adrenaclick two-pack is priced at $109.99, which is far cheaper than the cost of Mylan's epinephrine autoinjector.

Medicine January 12, 2017

Your Appendix Is Not Useless: New Study Suggests It Could Save Your Life

Researchers have found the importance of the appendix among mammals, discovering that, during the evolutionary process, once it appears in a species, it won't disappear. The study suggests gut bacteria has something to do with it.

Medicine January 13, 2017

New Hope For Breast Cancer Treatment In 2017: Potential Drug Against Metastasis Identified

Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered a class of drugs that could prevent cancer metastasis. The group found that CDK 4/6 inhibitors may be used to prevent breast cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.

Medicine January 10, 2017

Will This Alzheimer’s Drug Help Regrow Damaged Teeth and Put An End To Tooth Fillings?

Researchers from King's College London have found in a mice study that one could facilitate the natural repair of teeth using a sponge soaked in a potential Alzheimer's drug and possibly eliminate the need for tooth fillings.

Medicine January 9, 2017

FDA To Speed Up Review Of Roche Tecentriq As Immunotherapy Treatment For Bladder Cancer

The FDA will have to review Roche's immunotherapy treatment Tecentriq within six months. The drug is a potential treatment for a particular group of patients with metastatic urothelial carcinoma, the ninth most common cancer worldwide.

Medicine January 9, 2017

‘Click-Chemistry’ Produces Antibiotic Spider Silk For Drug Delivery, Wound Healing

A U.K. based team of researchers has successfully created synthetic spider silk and attached antibiotics to it. The results of this research could change the way we use bandages, as well as diminish the time necessary for the wound to cure.

Medicine January 8, 2017

Cannabis Cookies? Mother Shares How Medical Marijuana Helped Her Son With Autism

Marie Myung Ok-Lee shares how cannabis use has changed the life of her son with autism and a painful gut disease. She calls it a 'miracle' after seven years of successful treatment.

Medicine January 7, 2017

9-Year-Old Girl Dies After Getting Her Tonsils Removed In Routine Surgery

A girl in Detroit died just a few hours after having tonsillectomy, a common childhood procedure for sleep-disordered breathing and tonsillitis. The medical report suggests of possible reasons behind the child's untimely death.

Medicine January 6, 2017

This Blood Test Can Detect How Well You Are Aging

The process of aging varies from one person to another. Researchers have now found a way to detect through a blood test how well an individual is aging.

Medicine January 7, 2017

The Upside To Anemia: Iron Deficiency Protects Children From Malaria, Says Study

Iron deficiency, the most common condition worldwide associated with poor nutrition, was found to be interestingly beneficial against malaria. The research suggesting this correlation also implies a genetic mechanism for this process.

Medicine January 8, 2017

Promising Malaria Vaccine Works By Disabling Key Parasite Genes

New research found a way to stop malaria from attacking the liver, which is the first stage of the process the infection follows once installed into the body. Researchers believe they have reached a critical milestone.

Medicine January 6, 2017

Skin Cancer Treatment 2017: New Chemical Compound Promises To Stop Spread Of 90 Percent Of Melanoma Cells

Researchers from Michigan State University have developed a new chemical compound capable of stopping the spread of melanoma. The drug has been shown to curb the spread of up to 90 percent of malignant cells.

Medicine January 6, 2017

In Depth: After Scientists Classify The Mesentery As An Organ, What Now? Here's A Closer Look At Mesenteric Science

Scientists have discovered a new organ in the body, bringing the total to 79. The mesentery, which is composed of membranes located in the digestive system, has been reclassified as an organ.

Medicine January 5, 2017

Membrane In Digestive System Identified As New Organ Of The Human Body

The mesentery is previously thought to be a fragmented structure in the digestive system but evidence suggests it is one continuous organ. What is the significance of recognizing the membrane as an organ?

Medicine January 4, 2017

Researchers Urge Caution Around Psilocybin Use, Warn About Bad ‘Magic Mushroom’ Trips

Psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms can give quite the trip, and when it’s bad, it’s bad, according to a survey carried out by researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Medicine January 4, 2017

CAR-T Cell Therapy Effective Against Aggressive Brain Tumors, Say City Of Hope Researchers

New case study published reported regression in brain cancer patient after a CAR-T based treatment. The patient, who was a 50 year old man with methastasis, now has a chance at surviving the disease.

Medicine January 1, 2017

Cancer Research In 2016: Obama, Silicon Valley Pledge Support In The Fight Against Cancer

Influential people stepped up in 2016 to join the fight against cancer. Find out just how much these influencers invested in cancer research.

Medicine December 31, 2016

Diabetes, Hypertension Drugs May Be Used To Fight Cancer, Says Study

Widely used type 2 diabetes medication metformin may be combined with antihypertensive drug syrosingopine to help fight cancer, reported a recent study. The drug cocktail that had adverse impact on the key functions of mitochondria destroyed tumor cells that require abundant energy for growth and metabolic activities.

Medicine December 31, 2016

Sugar Molecule That Reduces Inflammation In, Slows Down Progress Of Emphysema Identified

New research suggests that sugar molecule could be employed in treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, an illness which ranks fourth on the top of leading causes of death worldwide.

Medicine December 30, 2016

Superbugs Are Developing Antibiotic Resistance Faster Than We Can Keep Up

Superbugs are growing in number while new antibiotics being developed have dwindled in number and potency. Research shows this trend could lead to 10 million deaths by the year 2050.

Medicine December 28, 2016

Experimental Drug Shows Promise Restoring Cardiac Function After Heart Failure

Heart failure affects millions of adult Americans. It may still be in its experimental stages, but new drug cimaglermin is showing incredible promise in restoring cardiac function for heart failure patients based on a first-in-man study.

Medicine December 28, 2016

Pill To Treat Type B Hemophilia Underway: Goodbye Weekly Injections?

A team of researchers at University of Texas at Austin’s Institute of Biomaterials, Drug Delivery, and Regenerative Medicine is working to develop a pill to treat hemophilia B. This pill in the making is expected to be a breakthrough in the treatment of hemophilia B since it will put an end to the administration of weekly injections.

Medicine December 28, 2016

Ebola Vaccine rVSV-EBOV Gives 100 Percent Protection But Comes With Flaws: What Are Its Side Effects?

The new Ebola vaccine rVSV-EBOV shows promise in preventing the next outbreak of the disease but it comes with side effects. It also only works against one subtype of the hemorrhagic virus.

Medicine December 24, 2016

Biogen’s Spinraza Receives FDA Approval, Becomes First Drug For Spinal Muscular Atrophy

The United States now has its first spinal muscular atrophy drug. The FDA has approved Biogen’s Spinraza (nusinersen) on Dec. 23 as treatment for the rare and often fatal genetic disease affecting both children and adults.

Medicine December 24, 2016

Ocrelizumab Shown Effective Against Relapsing, Progressive Forms Of Multiple Sclerosis

Roche’s drug ocrelizumab was found effective against both relapsing multiple sclerosis and primary progressive multiple sclerosis. Using magnetic resonance imaging, researchers found that ocrelizumab was 95 percent more effective in reducing the inflammatory lesions in the brain than interferon beta-1a.

Medicine December 25, 2016

New Ebola Vaccine Offers Up To 100 Percent Protection Against Deadly Virus

The experimental Ebola vaccine rVSV-EBOV was up to 100 percent effective in providing protection against the deadly hemorrhagic disease but it is far from perfect. What are the flaws of the vaccine?

Medicine December 24, 2016

Protein Inhibitor Drug Shows Promise Preventing Artery Disease In High-Risk Individuals

A protein inhibitor drug could help in preventing diseases like stroke and heart attack, reports a new study. The research team experimented on mice and established that the drug hindered the movement of cultured coronary artery smooth muscle cells and stopped the jamming of arteries and bypass implants.

Medicine December 25, 2016

New Clinical Trial Aims To Reduce Risks Of Long-term Cardiac Damage In Survivors Of Childhood Cancers

A new trial is testing medication designed to cure leukemia without affecting the patient's heart. According to the data, those who survive cancer battle with heart diseases as a side effect of chemotherapy treatments.

Medicine December 23, 2016

FDA Fast-Tracks Approval For Advanced Ovarian Cancer Drug Rucaparib

A new ovarian cancer treatment has been approved by the FDA. Rubraca (rucaparib) for women diagnosed with a certain type of advanced ovarian cancer received accelerated approval from the agency.

Medicine December 22, 2016

Living Bandage: Researchers Trial New Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Injuries On Humans

Meniscal tears are some of the most common injuries that affect sportsmen around the world. Due to a new treatment developed in the United Kingdom, these injuries could be treated by using stem cells, thus improving the recovery process.

Medicine December 18, 2016

Can Pets Benefit From Medical Marijuana?

The use of medical marijuana may still be a controversial topic for most people. But how will the conversation change when it comes to treating our beloved pets who are in pain?

Medicine December 17, 2016

MRI During Pregnancy Helps Detect Brain Defects In Fetus: Study

Ultrasounds are a standard for most expecting mothers. Now a UK based study suggests expecting mothers to go a step further and undergo an additional MRI scan for a more accurate diagnosis of fetal brain defects.

Medicine December 23, 2016

Regular Use Of Painkillers May Cause Hearing Loss In Women

Taking paracetamol or ibuprofen regularly over a long time is linked to increased risk for hearing loss in women. How do these painkillers compromise hearing?

Medicine December 15, 2016

Researchers Turn To RNA Nanoparticles To Overcome Treatment-Resistant Breast Cancer

New research showed that using nanoparticles in the treatment of breast cancer can stop the disease from spreading and make cancer cells respond to tamoxifen therapy. The nanodelivery system showed promise in overcoming treatment resistance among breast cancer patients.

Medicine December 16, 2016

Aspirin Found To Slow The Spread Of Colon, Pancreatic Cancer

Latest study shows that aspirin can be efficient in reducing the spread of colon and pancreatic cancer. The anti-platelet effect of the medicine prevents the growth of certain types of tumors.

Medicine December 15, 2016

Cholesterol-fighting Statins Lower Alzheimer’s Disease Risk: Study

Statins are effective at lowering cholesterol levels but researchers have also discovered that the drug also holds potential as treatment to lower risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Medicine December 15, 2016

Men To File Lawsuit Over Antipsychotic Drug Risperdal That Caused Them To Grow Breasts

Thousands of men who suffered from the side effects of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal prepare to file a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. The drug cause boys and men to grow breasts.

Medicine December 14, 2016

3D Imaging Technology Displays Details Undetectable To The Naked Eye During Brain Surgery

Brain surgeons have employed, for the first time in California, a 3D imaging technique in order to better scan the brain pathways during surgery. The technique has the potential to replace the traditional two-dimensional tools.

Medicine December 12, 2016

Researchers Develop Molecule That Could Be The First Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Antidote

New research in mice created an antidote for carbon monoxide intoxication. The research will have to be conducted before performing a trial on humans.

Medicine December 9, 2016

Researchers Turn To Math In Search For Type 2 Diabetes Cure

A new research involved the creation of a microchip that can stimulate the production of insulin in mice. The device could be employed in creating a permanent treatment for type 2 diabetes.

Medicine December 6, 2016

Malaria Drug Artemisinin Spurs Cells To Produce Insulin, Shows Promise As Type 1 Diabetes Treatment

Malaria drug was found to reverse alpha cells into beta cells, which contributes to the body's capacity to produce insulin. Future research will establish if this formula could treat type 1 diabetes.

Medicine December 3, 2016

High School Students Replicate Martin Shkreli's $750 Malaria Drug Daraprim For $2

Students from Sydney Grammar School in Australia were able to replicate the active ingredient in Turing Pharmaceuticals' malaria drug Daraprim in the school lab. The drug they produced costs only about $2 per dose.

Medicine December 2, 2016

Prostate Cancer Patient Cured After Being Given Male Hormone Testosterone To Shock Tumors

A patient with advanced prostate cancer did not show traces of the disease after receiving bipolar androgen therapy. The treatment involves flooding and starving the body with testosterone.

Medicine December 1, 2016

Platypus Venom May Be Key To Treating Type 2 Diabetes

A new study conducted by an Australian team of scientists suggests that a hormone found in both humans and animals could be changed in order to produce insulin. The research analyzed the evolutionary changes in the hormone's functions.

Medicine December 1, 2016

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