Skype Insiders Program Rolling Out: Available To Android, iOS, Mac And Windows Users

Microsoft announced that Skype will have its own Insiders Program in the tradition of insider initiatives that the company has implemented for Windows 10, Microsoft Office and Bing. The launch of Skype program closely trailed Xbox's own Insider Program roll-out.

Microsoft November 10, 2016

Can't Wait For Black Friday Deals? Microsoft Offers Surface Pro 4 Discounts Where You Can Save Up To $150

Microsoft has knocked down the price of its Surface Pro 4 tablet before Black Friday 2016. If you've been looking to snag one, now is the perfect time to do so as Microsoft is offering nearly $150 off as part of the limited-period promo.

Microsoft November 7, 2016

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 New Release Date Rumors And Features We Want To See

Microsoft is anticipated to debut its Surface Pro 5 tablet in early 2017, possibly January. We round up all the information we know about the upcoming tablet, as well as features we would like it to sport.

Microsoft November 7, 2016

Microsoft Selfie App Heads To Android And The Web

Microsoft has brought all of the Selfie features available for iOS devices into the Android platform. These include a sophisticated machine learning technology that ensures that enhancements made on a photo look more natural.

Microsoft November 7, 2016

331 Million Microsoft Internet Explorer, Edge Users Moved To Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox This Year

Microsoft browsers have lost an insane number of users, with millions abandoning them on a monthly basis. In October alone, the exodus included 40 million users who flocked to rival browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome.

Microsoft November 6, 2016

'Windows Tips Notifications' Push Users To Switch To Edge: Microsoft Says These Aren't Ads

A number of Chrome users in Windows 10 complain of persistent notifications that promote the Edge browser. Microsoft argued that it is part of the system's Tips Notification provided to help users have enhanced experience.

Microsoft November 5, 2016

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14959 Brings Good News: Microsoft Making Future Windows Updates Smaller And Lighter

Microsoft rolled out the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14959 to the Fast Ring and it has a neat treat: the Unified Update Platform (UUP), which aims to make updates smaller and more seamless.

Microsoft November 4, 2016

Microsoft HoloLens Heading To The Battlefield: Tech To Be Used By Ukraine Military Tank Commanders

Microsoft's augmented reality headset, the HoloLens, is heading to the battlefield after Limpid Armor created a helmet that utilizes the tech for tank commanders. Named the CRS, the helmet looks to increase the effectiveness of the war machines.

Microsoft November 3, 2016

Microsoft Teams Gunning For Slack: Here's What The New Workplace Chatroom Has To Offer [Video]

Microsoft Teams just hit the scene as a new Slack rival, aiming to serve as the go-to place for office collaboration and organization. Leveraging the power of Office 365 and Skype, Microsoft Teams has some cool tricks up its sleeve.

Microsoft November 2, 2016

Windows 7 Gets Another Nail In Its Coffin: Microsoft Stops Selling World's Most Popular OS To OEMs

Microsoft has officially stopped selling Windows 7 Professional licenses to OEMs, which means that new PCs can no longer have the OS preloaded. Windows 8.1 is in the same boat.

Microsoft November 3, 2016

Microsoft Surface Studio vs. Dell XPS 27: Is The New All-In-One Worth The Price?

Microsoft's Surface Studio was released with several innovative features that set it apart from existing all-in-one touchscreen computers. Several PCs are directly on its path including the Dell XPS 27 Touch, which could possibly get obliterated in a head-to-head match.

Microsoft October 30, 2016

Microsoft Will Give You $650 To Drop Your MacBook For A Surface Pro 4 Or Surface Book

Microsoft has launched a new limited period 'trade up' promotion where consumers can trade in their MacBook for a Surface Book or Surface Pro 4. Microsoft will offer up to $650 in credit for those trading in their MacBook.

Microsoft October 29, 2016

Microsoft's Windows 10 VR Headsets Start At $300: Here's What You Need To Know

Microsoft's VR headset range are manufactured in partnership with Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo. Each device offers unprecedented flexibility because of its unique sensors and the requirement for conventional computing setup.

Microsoft October 27, 2016

Microsoft Surface Dial Is The Little Big Thing During The Microsoft Surface Event: Here's What It Can Do

Microsoft has introduced a new peripheral dubbed the Surface Dial, a handy companion for its Surface tablets, especially the new Surface Studio. The compact accessory offers a seamless experience while navigating, scrolling and zooming on Surface devices.

Microsoft October 28, 2016

Windows 10 Creators Update: Best New Features, Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft has announced a new major update for Windows 10 dubbed the Creators Update, which will bring a gamut of exciting new features for users. These include 3D support, faster sharing and ability to broadcast games.

Microsoft October 27, 2016

Microsoft Surface Book i7 Doubles Down On Graphics And Battery Life, But It's Substantially Pricier

Microsoft has officially introduced its latest Surface Book i7, its 'most powerful Surface yet.' The new Surface Book i7 offers twice the graphics performance of its predecessor and a 30 percent battery life increase, but it's also notably pricier.

Microsoft October 26, 2016

Microsoft Oct. 26 Event: How To Watch The Livestream And What To Expect

Microsoft is getting ready for a big event in New York this Wednesday, where it is set to showcase new hardware and software. The event will be livestreamed, so you can watch it in real time from your home/workplace.

Microsoft October 26, 2016

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One Scorpio: Which Console Will Emerge The Most Powerful?

Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro is set for a November 2016 release with almost the same price tag as the standard PS4. Microsoft's Xbox One Scorpio, on the other hand, is coming in 2017, but other details are still to be confirmed.

Microsoft October 25, 2016

Microsoft Warns Users Of Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Installer: What You Need To Know

A new security threat looms over Windows users. The attackers are emulating the BSoD error screen in order to lure users into installing a fake copy of Microsoft Security Essentials and calling a scam support line.

Microsoft October 25, 2016

Microsoft Surface Book Bundle Price Cut: You Can Save As Much As $260

Microsoft announced that it is offering a $260 discount on its Surface Book 2-in-1 bundle, but it is a limited-time offer. Customers who avail of it will get additional perks, such as an extended guarantee and an Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft October 22, 2016

Windows 10: How To Fix Mobile Build 14951 Update Downloading Issue

Windows Insiders who tried to download the update for Windows 10 Mobile build 14951 report being unable to progress beyond 0 percent. Microsoft has now released four steps on how to bypass this issue.

Microsoft October 22, 2016

Microsoft's Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14951 Introduces Stencils, Adds Ink Improvements And More

The Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14951 introduces new updates and improvements to previously launched features, including a possible iPhone Live Photos rival. They are first released to Fast ring testers.

Microsoft October 20, 2016

After 17 Years, Microsoft Shares Finally Hit All-Time High: Thanks To Cloud Computing

Microsoft finally hit its first all-time high in 17 years, since December 1999. The company reported strong results for the first fiscal quarter, largely thanks to its growing cloud computing business.

Microsoft October 20, 2016

Microsoft's Premium Now Open To The Public In Preview Form: Buh-Bye Ads, Hello Personalized Email

Microsoft has partnered with GoDaddy to reintroduce custom email domain support in the paid Outlook premium service. It is now available to U.S. users although it is currently listed in its Preview form.

Microsoft October 19, 2016

Microsoft Achieves Human Parity In Conversational Speech Recognition Thanks To New System

Microsoft reaches human parity with new speech recognition system, an accomplishment that's a 'culmination of over 20 years of effort.' The reported word rate error is at an all-time low at 5.9 percent.

Microsoft October 19, 2016

Windows 10 Bloatware Cleanup Easier Than Ever: How To Use Refresh Windows Tool

Windows 10 features many neat tricks for PC users, but pre-installed bloatware can hold it back. Let us show you how to use Microsoft Refresh Windows tool, Microsoft’s solution to get rid of junkware.

Microsoft October 16, 2016

Windows 10 Mobile Will Bolster 36,000 Crime-Fighting Phones In New York

The NYPD announced that it will upgrade its 36,000 Windows phones to the latest mobile OS from Microsoft. Windows 10 Mobile will make the force an even more efficient organism in crime-fighting, with a slew of customized apps.

Microsoft October 16, 2016

Windows 10 Privacy Boosting Tips: Four Settings To Turn Off For Maximum Privacy

Windows 10 came with a slew of great features paired with privacy issues. We listed four main tips that should assure Microsoft only gets very little user data off your back.

Microsoft October 14, 2016

New Windows 10 Preview Adds Customization Options For Gestures Using Three, Four Fingers

The latest test build for Windows 10 revealed a new feature to customize touchpad gestures using three and four fingers. The build also includes a variety of other improvements and bug fixes but comes with two known issues.

Microsoft October 14, 2016

Scrapped Microsoft Band 3 Gets Leaked: Images Of The Fitness Tracker That Could've Been But Didn't

Leaked images show the purported Microsoft Band 3 prototype. Except for the clasp, there appears to be few changes when compared with the design language of the Band 2.

Microsoft October 13, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics 365 To Arrive On Nov. 1: Intelligent Business Apps On The Way

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 banks on artificial intelligence to deliver efficient and agile CRM and ERP tools. The technology has been incubated in-house for several years, underscoring a seamless and working bundle of products.

Microsoft October 13, 2016

Microsoft Oct. 26 Event: No Surface Pro 5, But Surface Pro 4 Prices Starts Dropping

Microsoft announced its Oct. 26 event, and the company will discuss its Windows 10 developments, alongside new hardware initiatives such as the Surface All-In-One. However, no Surface Pro 5 devices are in tow, and for a good reason.

Microsoft October 12, 2016

Microsoft Redesigning Paint Tool For Windows 10: 3D Support, Interface Designed For Touch And Pen

Leaked preview videos show a rare and big update coming to Windows Paint. The application is said to be undergoing massive overhaul and will introduce changes such as 3D tools.

Microsoft October 8, 2016

What To Expect At Microsoft's October 2016 Event: New Surface All-In-One PC, Windows 10's Future And More

Microsoft's October 2016 event is going to kick off in a few weeks, and among the things to expect, it could unveil a new Surface all-in-one PC aside from outlining Windows 10's future.

Microsoft October 7, 2016

Why Are Xbox One Sales Suddenly On The Rise?

The sales of Xbox One have dramatically increased after the release of the 500 GB and 1 TB versions of the Xbox One S, leaving the PlayStation 4 behind in the console market race.

Microsoft October 3, 2016

Xbox Boss Hints At The Price Window Of Project Scorpio: It Will Not Be Cheap, But Not Insanely Expensive

In an interview with NZGamer, Xbox head Phil Spencer hinted at the price window for Project Scorpio. The figures are based on the Xbox One S and the highest price for recent video game consoles.

Microsoft October 2, 2016

Microsoft Dives Deeper Into Artificial Intelligence With New Microsoft AI And Research Group

Just one day after forming an AI partnership with Google, Facebook, IBM and Amazon, Microsoft is diving even deeper into artificial intelligence. The company announced a new Microsoft AI and Research Group, which will be led by veteran Harry Shum.

Microsoft September 29, 2016

Office Team Leader Qi Lu To Leave Microsoft Due To Health Reasons

Microsoft executive Qi Lu will be leaving Microsoft due to health reasons. His involvement in the Office 365 program has made a mark judging from the integration of artificial intelligence into its system.

Microsoft September 29, 2016

Microsoft Outs OneDrive Roadmap For Businesses: SharePoint Online Sync, Placeholders Coming Back And More

Microsoft announced sweeping changes to its OneDrive and SharePoint services during its Ignite conference. The company also released a roadmap of the changes for business users, including the schedule of their respective release.

Microsoft September 29, 2016

Microsoft To Lose A City Of Customers In Russia: Moscow To Replace Microsoft Products With Local Software

Moscow will soon be replacing Microsoft programs on thousands of computers in the city with homegrown software. The move is a response to the call of President Vladimir Putin to reduce Russia's dependence on foreign technology.

Microsoft September 28, 2016

Upcoming Windows 10 Update Will Run Edge In Virtual Machine To Keep User Data Safe

Microsoft aims to make its Edge browser the safest tool for enterprise internet surfing, and it taps Windows Defender Application Guard for that. The feature allows virtual machine browsing, which comes with an unmatched level of online security.

Microsoft September 28, 2016

400 Million Active Machines Now Running On Windows 10: Microsoft

Microsoft confirmed that 400 million active machines across the world are running on Windows 10 operating system. The latest operating system was released in July 2015.

Microsoft September 27, 2016

Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning Will Transform Microsoft, Says CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft’s leader, Satya Nadella, detailed how the machine learning and artificial intelligence deployed in the company’s products will shape the future. From the cloud to augmented reality, Microsoft said it will put AI to work.

Microsoft September 27, 2016

Microsoft Edge Users Are Safe From Hackers: Windows Defender Isolates Browsing Sessions To Keep Exploits At Bay

Microsoft announced a new security feature called Windows Defender Application Guard, which can keep Microsoft Edge locked away from the rest of the OS. Using virtualized containers, the feature would compromise system integrity even in case of an exploit.

Microsoft September 26, 2016

Microsoft Surface Phone Concept: A Peek Into What We Can Expect?

A Polish designer named Bartłomiej Tarnowski recently shared some concept images for the purported Surface Phone from Microsoft. The images show off what we can expect from the real deal.

Microsoft September 26, 2016

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