Microsoft Ditching Nokia Translates To 1,850 Layoffs In Smartphone Unit, $950M Hit

Microsoft announced layoffs for a solid batch of its smartphone business employees. No less than 1,850 people will get axed, with the company focusing more on enterprise-level services than phone manufacturing.

Microsoft May 25, 2016

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Devices Can Now Be Up To 9 Inches

Microsoft rolled out an updated list of minimum specs for manufacturers running its OS. Windows 10 Mobile will be compliant with 9-inch screens, while the desktop OS has a different approach.

Microsoft May 23, 2016

Microsoft Cracking Down On Terrorist Content Across Its Services

Microsoft announced that it is taking steps to crack down on online terrorist content. The company will block terrorist posts on its services such as Xbox Live, Outlook and others, and will come up with additional measures to clean up the online environment.

Microsoft May 22, 2016

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update Will Come With More Promoted Apps, Advertising

Microsoft also wants users to 'discover and engage with high quality and locally relevant apps.'

Microsoft May 16, 2016

Microsoft Gets Rid Of Controversial Wi-Fi Sense Password Sharing Feature In Latest Build

Microsoft will be removing a controversial Wi-Fi feature from Windows 10.

Microsoft May 11, 2016

Microsoft Issues its Latest Patch To Address ‘Severe’ Windows Vulnerabilities

Affected software includes everything from Windows Vista to Windows 10, encouraging Microsoft to mark the update as 'critical' for its users.

Microsoft May 11, 2016

Windows Store For Business Now Offers Apps In Bulk So Organizations Can Get Volume Discount

Microsoft is allowing developers to better sell their apps to businesses while at the same time allowing businesses to get discounts when they buy apps in bulk. It all happens via Windows 10 and the Windows Store for Business.

Microsoft May 6, 2016

Microsoft HoloLens Full Processor, RAM And Storage Specs Revealed: All You Need To Know

Full details about the technical specs of Microsoft's HoloLens just surfaced, and it's worth a look. Augmented reality fans can learn all about the expensive computer’s CPU, RAM, storage space and more.

Microsoft May 4, 2016

Annoying Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt Strikes Again, Takes Weather Forecast By Storm On Live TV

A KCCI weather report was interrupted by a Windows 10 Upgrade notification, but the meteorologist did a quick save. Metinka Slater approached the incident in a lighthearted fashion, something not many Windows users are capable of.

Microsoft April 29, 2016

Microsoft Acquires 10 Million Strands Of DNA For Digital Storage Experiment

Microsoft is buying 10 million strands of DNA from startup Twist Bioscience, a company that makes storage-ready synthetic DNA. Microsoft will be using the DNA strands in experiments pertaining to data storage.

Microsoft April 29, 2016

Windows 10 Redstone Update Feature Similar To Apple OS X Handoff Leaks Online

Microsoft will give its Windows 10 users a feature similar to the existing Handoff from OS X. The Redstone update should pack a feature allowing users to be more productive across platforms, pushing data from mobile to PC and vice-versa.

Microsoft April 27, 2016

Microsoft Internal Email Reconfirms Commitment To Windows 10 Mobile, Own-Brand Smartphones

Microsoft devices chief Terry Myerson sent an email to company executives and partners, reassuring them of Microsoft's commitment to the Windows 10 Mobile platform. The company has a device roadmap, and more Windows 10 devices will hit the scene, both from Microsoft and OEM partners.

Microsoft April 27, 2016

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