Microsoft And Boeing Team Up To Store Aviation Data In Azure Cloud Platform

Boeing partners with Microsoft to store large amounts of data in Azure cloud platform. The deal will help Boeing to improve various aspects of aircraft efficiencies.

Microsoft July 19, 2016

Microsoft Unveils Video Streaming Service, And It Looks Like The YouTube For Businesses

Microsoft is heavily focused on providing more enterprise-oriented services for current and future business subscribers. Its latest offering features a video streaming service, Microsoft Stream, dedicated to internal workflows in a corporate system.

Microsoft July 19, 2016

Microsoft Confirms 2 TB Xbox One S Release On Aug. 2, Other Versions Still Pending

Microsoft officially announced that its 2 TB Xbox One S console will hit retail and start shipping to preorder customers on Aug. 2. The console will be available in 'limited quantities' in a number of regions, at a $399 price point.

Microsoft July 19, 2016

Microsoft Store Offering Free Laptops - Under Certain Conditions

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops in its continued bid to have as many as people as possible running Windows 10 on their devices before July 29. The company is now offering free laptops to those who meet certain conditions.

Microsoft July 18, 2016

Microsoft Forecasts Failure For Its 1-Billion-Or-Bust Goal For Windows 10

Microsoft has revealed it won't be making its goal of having 1 billion devices running Windows 10 by mid-2018 — and its struggling phone business is to blame.

Microsoft July 17, 2016

Microsoft Confirms $7 Monthly Subscription Fee Is Just For Enterprise Customers, Not Consumers

Microsoft recently announced a $7 per month subscription fee, but the good news is that it only applies to enterprises. The company confirmed that the tier will not affect consumers at this point.

Microsoft July 16, 2016

Microsoft Wins Against The US Government In Foreign Data Access Case: Why This Is A Win For The Tech Industry Too

A federal appeals court ruled that Microsoft could not be forced to hand over data that is stored in overseas servers. Other tech companies have a strong interest in the case, which would affect the entire industry.

Microsoft July 15, 2016

Microsoft Unwraps Professional Degree Program, Lets Graduates Earn A 'Résumé-Worthy Credential'

Microsoft will launch a new Professional Degree Program that lets interested individuals garner a certified online degree from highly demanded tech fields. The program equips applicants with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them excel in related fields.

Microsoft July 16, 2016

Microsoft Pushes Windows 10 Enterprise Subscription: $7 A Month, $84 A Year Per User

Microsoft took the veils off its new subscription options for Windows 10 Enterprise. Beginning this fall, companies can get so-called enterprise-grade security and management capabilities for $7 per user per month.

Microsoft July 13, 2016

Microsoft, GE Team Up To Develop Industrial IoT Cloud

The first of the efforts made by the newly established partnership between Microsoft and GE has been unveiled to the public. Both companies are in the works of targeting industrial sectors by providing IoT capabilities to these fields.

Microsoft July 12, 2016

Microsoft Rewords Xbox Play Anywhere Details, Changes Its Promise

Microsoft previously announced its plans to launch a feature that lets consumers buy any future game once and play it on either Windows PC or Xbox One, interchangeably. Somewhere along the way, though, a few key words have been changed.

Microsoft July 11, 2016

Microsoft Aims To Build Best Windows Yet For Gaming, Asks PC Gamers For Help

Microsoft is serious about building the best Windows for gaming. To achieve it’s goals, the company is turning to those who best know gaming on Windows: PC gamers.

Microsoft July 9, 2016

Skype Chatbots Get New Features And Group Chat Support

Microsoft announced that the Skype chatbots will be upgraded with new capabilities, making them apt for group chats. The feature is part of the biggest slew of improvements since the Microsoft Bot Framework launched.

Microsoft July 9, 2016

Microsoft Invites 'Bae Interns' To 'Get Lit' And Enjoy 'Hella Noms' At Its Beer Pong Party

'Hey bae intern,' wanna party? Microsoft does, and it's got beer pong, 'hella noms' and 'lots of dranks,' because 'getting lit on a Monday night' is hella cool.

Microsoft July 7, 2016

Xbox To Get Wheelchair User Avatars, First Look Teased

In an effort to expand its inclusion of all gamers, Xbox will be releasing avatar customization options that include wheelchairs. The new feature brought generally positive reactions from the Xbox community, which is eagerly waiting for its formal launch.

Microsoft July 6, 2016

Microsoft Releases Xbox One Preview Update With A Slew Of Fixes

Microsoft unveiled another update to the Xbox One Preview, and it comes with a slew of improvements and fixes. A few rough edges remained, but upcoming updates should take care of those, as well.

Microsoft July 5, 2016

Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade Notification Going Full Screen So It's Even Harder To Ignore

Microsoft has offered a full year of free upgrades to Windows 10, but that's coming to an end on July 29. To remind you that the offer expires soon, the company is now pushing full-screen Windows 10 upgrade notifications to get your attention.

Microsoft July 4, 2016

Xbox Play Anywhere Confirmed To Launch On Sept. 13

Microsoft’s latest project to launch Xbox Play Anywhere marks the first time in history for PC and console platforms to crossover. Players can start playing their favorite Microsoft titles on any platform once Sept. 13 arrives.

Microsoft July 5, 2016

New Surface Coming Soon, 2017 Lineup Gets Confirmed

There’s been a lot of salts being passed around lately as rumors continue to speculate that Microsoft will be releasing newer models of its Surface lineup. It was unknown when these will be exactly released, until now, probably.

Microsoft July 4, 2016

1 TB Microsoft Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book Expand Beyond US And Canada To Hit 10 More Markets

Microsoft has finally launched its 1 TB Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 outside the U.S. and Canada. The devices are set to hit 10 additional markets worldwide, with more to follow this summer, so here's the deal.

Microsoft June 30, 2016

Microsoft Briefly Leaks Business App Marketplace: Coming Soon?

AppSource, Microsoft's business app marketplace meant for assisting businesses, has leaked online. The website was live for only about an hour before it was taken down.

Microsoft June 30, 2016

Get A Free Xbox One When You Buy A Surface Pro 4 Or Surface Book: Here's How

Microsoft is offering a limited deal for consumers who purchase the company’s newest tablet, the Surface Pro 4, or a Microsoft Surface Book. An Xbox One will be bundled with this purchase completely free of charge.

Microsoft July 1, 2016

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Confirmed For Aug. 2: What To Expect

Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will roll out on Aug. 2, and the update brings a slew of consumer and enterprise features. From security to mobile device appeal, the improved Windows 10 is better, stronger and faster.

Microsoft June 29, 2016

Microsoft Developing Hand Tracking Technology: VR Gaming Without Gamepads Coming?

While it isn't believed to be working on a virtual reality headset, Microsoft continues to build infrastructure around the sector. Microsoft's Handpose may have been in development before VR's rebirth, but the gesture tracking tech is maturing at just the right time.

Microsoft June 29, 2016

Woman Wins $10,000 Judgment Against Microsoft Over Unauthorized Windows 10 Upgrade

Teri Goldstein, a travel agent in California, has won $10,000 in court after she proved Microsoft's unauthorized update of her OS to Windows 10 debilitated her computer. She lost $17,000 because of the mishap.

Microsoft June 28, 2016

Microsoft Surface Phone To Come As High-End Smartphone For Enterprise

Windows might still have something to say in the smartphone sector. According to Kevin Gallo, the corporate vice president at Windows, the Surface Phone will take the enterprise market by storm.

Microsoft June 27, 2016

Microsoft PC Sale: You Can Save Up To $1000 On Alienware, Razer Blade, Lenovo, Dell And Other Brands

If you’re looking for the latest desktop and laptop sales online, look no further than Microsoft Stores’ current PC Sale. The company is offering up to $1,000 price cuts off the leading brands in today’s market.

Microsoft June 20, 2016

Microsoft Testing New Windows 10 Tool To Get Rid Of Bloatware

Microsoft is testing a new tool, known as Start Fresh or Refresh Windows, which removes bloatware or crapware from computers. The tool will be included in the upcoming Anniversary Update for Windows 10.

Microsoft June 19, 2016

Microsoft Enters The Marijuana Business With Plant Tracking Software Partnership

Microsoft announced a partnership with a technology startup to provide government agencies plant tracking software from 'seed to sale' as it enters the marijuana business.

Microsoft June 17, 2016

Xbox Project Scorpio, 4K Gaming And High-End VR: What You Need To Know

Microsoft is preparing to dominate the console world with Project Scorpio. Phil Spencer explained that the six teraflop carrying hardware will be 4K compatible and will allow top shelf VR entertainment, but it will not launch soon.

Microsoft June 16, 2016

Microsoft Surface Membership Makes Devices Available With Monthly Installments For Small Businesses: Here's The Deal

Microsoft wants to expand its presence in the enterprise sector, and small businesses are next on its list. The company rolled out a Surface Membership Plan that allows tiny ventures to get monthly installment plans for the tablet PCs.

Microsoft June 8, 2016

Microsoft Garage App Sprightly Hits iOS: Create Stylish, Professional Designs On Your Smartphone

Sprightly for iOS recently rolled out thanks to the developers at Microsoft Garage. The app brings new catalogs, colors and options for users to create professional-looking graphics on the go, packed with social media sharing support and more.

Microsoft June 8, 2016

Microsoft's New Outlook HoloLens Trick Lets You Check Your Email In Augmented Reality

Microsoft is placing its bets on both productivity-enhancing apps and augmented reality. That is why the company rolled out HoloLens support for Outlook Mail and Calendar, as the two apps join other AR-compatible Office software.

Microsoft June 4, 2016

Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14342.1004 Hits The Slow Ring: Here's What It Brings

Microsoft’s slow ring members recently received Windows 10 Mobile build 14342.1004. The new build comes with features users have been waiting for, as well as a few surprises to boot.

Microsoft June 1, 2016

Microsoft Ditching Nokia Translates To 1,850 Layoffs In Smartphone Unit, $950M Hit

Microsoft announced layoffs for a solid batch of its smartphone business employees. No less than 1,850 people will get axed, with the company focusing more on enterprise-level services than phone manufacturing.

Microsoft May 25, 2016

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Devices Can Now Be Up To 9 Inches

Microsoft rolled out an updated list of minimum specs for manufacturers running its OS. Windows 10 Mobile will be compliant with 9-inch screens, while the desktop OS has a different approach.

Microsoft May 23, 2016

Microsoft Cracking Down On Terrorist Content Across Its Services

Microsoft announced that it is taking steps to crack down on online terrorist content. The company will block terrorist posts on its services such as Xbox Live, Outlook and others, and will come up with additional measures to clean up the online environment.

Microsoft May 22, 2016

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update Will Come With More Promoted Apps, Advertising

Microsoft also wants users to 'discover and engage with high quality and locally relevant apps.'

Microsoft May 16, 2016

Microsoft Gets Rid Of Controversial Wi-Fi Sense Password Sharing Feature In Latest Build

Microsoft will be removing a controversial Wi-Fi feature from Windows 10.

Microsoft May 11, 2016

Microsoft Issues its Latest Patch To Address ‘Severe’ Windows Vulnerabilities

Affected software includes everything from Windows Vista to Windows 10, encouraging Microsoft to mark the update as 'critical' for its users.

Microsoft May 11, 2016

Windows Store For Business Now Offers Apps In Bulk So Organizations Can Get Volume Discount

Microsoft is allowing developers to better sell their apps to businesses while at the same time allowing businesses to get discounts when they buy apps in bulk. It all happens via Windows 10 and the Windows Store for Business.

Microsoft May 6, 2016

Microsoft HoloLens Full Processor, RAM And Storage Specs Revealed: All You Need To Know

Full details about the technical specs of Microsoft's HoloLens just surfaced, and it's worth a look. Augmented reality fans can learn all about the expensive computer’s CPU, RAM, storage space and more.

Microsoft May 4, 2016

Annoying Windows 10 Upgrade Prompt Strikes Again, Takes Weather Forecast By Storm On Live TV

A KCCI weather report was interrupted by a Windows 10 Upgrade notification, but the meteorologist did a quick save. Metinka Slater approached the incident in a lighthearted fashion, something not many Windows users are capable of.

Microsoft April 29, 2016

Microsoft Acquires 10 Million Strands Of DNA For Digital Storage Experiment

Microsoft is buying 10 million strands of DNA from startup Twist Bioscience, a company that makes storage-ready synthetic DNA. Microsoft will be using the DNA strands in experiments pertaining to data storage.

Microsoft April 29, 2016

Windows 10 Redstone Update Feature Similar To Apple OS X Handoff Leaks Online

Microsoft will give its Windows 10 users a feature similar to the existing Handoff from OS X. The Redstone update should pack a feature allowing users to be more productive across platforms, pushing data from mobile to PC and vice-versa.

Microsoft April 27, 2016

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