The Apple HomePod Reportedly Begins To Ship After Being Delayed: Here’s Why It Took So Long

An insider from Taiwan claimed that a small shipment of Apple Homepod speakers is on its way. Meanwhile, sources revealed that the smart speakers were delayed due to some extra calibration and testing for quality control.

Tech January 18, 2018

Meizu’s New M6S Phone: Price, Release Date, And Specs

Meizu announced its newest phone called the M6S. Here's everything you need to know, including M6s phone price, release date, and specs.

Tech January 18, 2018

Google Is Rolling Out A Fix For The Cast Bug That Kills Your Wi-Fi

Google is rolling out an update that will solve the Wi-Fi network crashes caused by the Chromecast and Google Home devices. The bug fix will deploy as an update to the Google Play Services software found on all Android devices.

Tech January 18, 2018

2018 Winter Olympics: How To Watch The Winter Games Live Stream Online And On Mobile Devices

The 2018 Winter Olympics is right around the corner. Here's a guide on how to watch the Winter Games live stream online and via iOS and Android devices.

Tech January 18, 2018

Apple, Google Buses For Employees Attacked In San Francisco: Windows Smashed By Pellet Guns

Buses for Apple and Google employees have been attacked in San Francisco, forcing the tech companies to change the route of the shuttle services. The unknown assailants may be using pellet guns to smash the windows of the buses.

Tech January 18, 2018

Twitter’s Anthony Noto Thinks Streaming Devices Such As Google Chromecast Will Become Obsolete In 5 Years

Anthony Noto offered his insight regarding media streaming devices like the Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, and more. The Twitter COO predicted that the aforementioned gadgets will lose their relevance in the next five years.

Tech January 18, 2018

Apple CEO Tim Cook: You’ll Be Able To Turn Off CPU Throttling In Future iOS Update

Tim Cook revealed in an interview that the upcoming battery monitoring tool is not the only solution to the iPhone slowdown problem. The developer will reportedly include an option for users to completely turn off the performance-affecting program.

Tech January 18, 2018

Beginning July, Google Will Factor In Page Speed Into Mobile Search Rankings: What This Means For You

Google has announced a significant change to its search results ranking system. Websites that are slow and clunky will be downranked beginning this July, favoring pages that are fast.

Tech January 18, 2018

Apple Rolls Out Sixth iOS 11.2.5, tvOS 11.2.5 Beta Builds To Developers

Apple has released beta 6 of iOS 11.25 and tvOS 11.2.5 that mostly consist of low-key feature enhancements and bug fixes. The OS beta versions are available to developers and public testers, hinting of an upcoming release date.

Tech January 18, 2018

Apple Employees Get $2,500 Bonuses In Stock Following New Tax Law

Apple will give out $2,500 bonuses in the coming months that will come in the form of restricted stock units. Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that 'all individual contributors' to the company business will be eligible for the stock award.

Tech January 17, 2018

Can't Use Google Arts & Culture's Selfie-Matching Feature In Illinois Or Texas? Here's A Workaround

The selfie feature of Google's Arts & Culture app that lets users match their selfies to faces in artworks is the latest craze, but it's blocked in Illinois and Texas. There's a workaround, though.

Tech January 17, 2018

World Of Warships Blitz Lands On The App Store And Google Play

New combat strategy game, 'World of Warships Blitz,' has been released for iOS and Android devices. Similar to the PC version, users will take command of their own naval warships and fight epic battles.

Tech January 19, 2018

Google Project Fi Unlimited Data Plan Now Available, But Here's The Catch

Google has released a Project Fi unlimited data plan through the new Bill Protection feature. Individual users will only have to pay $80 per month no matter how much data is consumed, but there is a catch.

Tech January 18, 2018

Samsung Wants Athletes To Capture The Best Moments Of The 2018 Olympic Winter Games

Samsung will provide athletes performing in the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games with a limited edition of the Galaxy Note 8 so they can capture their favorite moments. See what the special 2018 Olympic Games Note 8 phone looks like.

Tech January 17, 2018

Facebook Watch Party: Everything To Know About Shared Video Watching Feature

Facebook unveils a new feature that is being tested to users called Watch Party. The new feature allows users to watch videos with friends or group members together to create more user interactions.

Tech January 17, 2018

New Apple Campus Coming Soon, Part Of $350 Billion Investment Into US Over Next 5 Years

Apple is looking to open a second campus, as part of a $350 billion contribution to the U.S. economy over the next five years. The plan, which will create 20,000 more jobs, received approval from U.S. President Donald Trump.

Tech January 18, 2018

Google Arts & Culture App’s Look-A-Like Feature Not Available In 2 States

Google Arts & Culture App's Look-A-Like feature is one of the first memes of 2018 but it is not available to all in the United States. Privacy laws in Illinois and Texas prevent residents from using the feature.

Tech January 17, 2018

Rounding Up The Theories For The Current Cryptocurrency Market Crash

Cryptocurrency has not had a good month. Fortunes seemed to be on the rise until an unexpected crash occurred at the end of last year, taking the winds out of the sails of the cryptocurrency market.

Tech February 1, 2018

Google AutoML Simplifies Machine Learning By Cutting Down On Coding

Google Cloud's new machine learning tool AutoML seeks to bring AI to every business. The tool allows for coders to cut down on busy work and program machine learning models without previous expertise.

Tech January 17, 2018

Samsung Announces Special Galaxy Note 8 Edition, But You Can't Buy It

Samsung announced a new Galaxy Note 8 limited edition for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. The company made only a few thousand units, however, and its availability will be very limited.

Tech January 18, 2018

Moto G6, Moto Z3, And Moto X5 Phones Leak Before MWC 2018: What To Expect

A massive leak revealed information about Motorola's upcoming smartphones, complete with images to show off their designs. The leak details the Moto G6 series, the Moto X5, and the Moto X3 smartphones.

Tech January 17, 2018

Nestlé Sells US Candy Business To Nutella Maker Ferrero In $2.8B Deal

Nestlé announced a new agreement to sell its U.S. confectionery business to Italian firm Ferrero. The deal is worth $2.8 billion in cash and it's expected to close by the end of the quarter.

Tech January 17, 2018

Google Chrome Hit By Malicious Extensions, Reached 500,000 Combined Downloads Before They Were Removed

Four malicious extensions have been detected recently on Google Chrome web browser that potentially exposed 500,000 users. The extensions were believed to have been used for a click-fraud scam operation, security firm ICEBRG reported.

Tech January 17, 2018

YouTube Introduces Tighter Requirements For Video Monetization Following Logan Paul Controversy

After the controversy surrounding Logan Paul's inappropriate behavior regarding an apparent suicide, YouTube updated its requirements for content creators to qualify for video monetization.

Tech January 17, 2018

Some Users Are Seeing A Dark Mode Option On YouTube App For iOS

YouTube is adding a Dark Theme option on the iOS version of its mobile app. It seems to be a slow rollout, and there’s no word yet whether Android users will receive it, too.

Tech January 17, 2018

Google's Arts & Culture App Goes Viral, But Raises Privacy Concerns

Google’s Art & Culture app has gone viral for its cool feature of matching ordinary user selfies with famous artworks. Its newfound popularity, however, came with concerns that the app could end up as a serious threat to privacy.

Tech January 17, 2018

Facebook Messenger Redesign Will Happen This Year Because The App Is 'Too Cluttered'

A Facebook Messenger redesign is coming this year, as the app was said to be 'too cluttered' by a Facebook executive. Will the new Messenger look more like Messenger Lite?

Tech January 17, 2018

Sorry, Google: Slack Offers The Best Software Products In The US In 2018

Slack has been rated the best software company with the top products in the US, according to G2 Crowd. Meanwhile, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter fell off the list.

Tech January 20, 2018

Anthony Levandowski Accused Of Stealing Trade Secrets From Tesla

Anthony Levandowski who was previously accused of stealing trade secrets from Google for Uber has now been charged again. In a lawsuit filed by his former nanny, he allegedly paid a Tesla employee for trade secrets.

Tech January 17, 2018

Ferrari SUV, Electric Supercar In The Works: Here's What We Know So Far

The Ferrari SUV will happen despite previous statements that the iconic brand will never make one. The Ferrari electric supercar, meanwhile, will challenge the new Tesla Roadster.

Tech January 17, 2018

Kodak Super 8 Camera Footage Looks Amazing, But Is It Worth $2,500?

Footage taken by the new Kodak Super 8 camera looks amazing, evoking nostalgia on the Super 8 film of the past. However, questions linger on whether the camera is still worth it at a price of between $2,500 to $3,000.

Tech January 17, 2018

Google Teams With Coursera To Launch New IT Program, Offers 10,000 Scholarships

Google partners with Coursera to launch a new IT program that will help people get into tech support jobs. The tech giant will also provide scholarships for the certificates for more than 10,000 people in 2018.

Tech January 17, 2018

Japan Goes Through False North Korean Missile Alert Similar To Hawaii

Japan faced a false alarm announcing that a missile strike was imminent. While it wasn't from the government like the Hawaii incident, the alert came through a public broadcaster.

Tech January 16, 2018

IBM And Maersk Teaming Up To Create New Blockchain Company

IBM and the Danish shipping company Maersk will be teaming up to start a New York-based blockchain company. Maersk will own 51 percent, while IBM will own 49 percent of the new company.

Tech January 17, 2018

Senate Democrats Say They're One Vote Shy Of Overturning FCC's Net Neutrality Repeal

Democrats in the Senate say that they now have 50 votes in favor of overturning the net neutrality repeal. This would put them one vote shy of overturning the FCC's decision.

Tech January 17, 2018

Google Adding New Undersea Cables To Expand Cloud Business

Google is trying to keep up with major rivals such as Amazon and Microsoft in cloud computing solutions. To gain a larger market share, Google will be adding undersea cables to bolster business in new areas of the world.

Tech January 17, 2018

Google Refutes Claims Of China-Optimized Maps Version, Confirms App Not Available

A Nikkei report claimed that a Chinese-optimized Google Maps app launched on iOS, which Google refuted. According to Google, nothing has changed and no Maps app is available in China.

Tech January 17, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Pre-Order And Release Dates Leak: MWC Unveiling, March Shipping

Samsung already confirmed its Galaxy S9 lineup for MWC 2018, and more details have now surfaced. Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus pre-orders should start on March 1 and start shipping on March 16, plus here's what to expect.

Tech January 17, 2018

Amazon Echo Spot Goes Up For Preorder In The UK: Pricing And Availability

The Amazon Echo Spot finally expanded its reach beyond U.S. borders, going up for preorder in the UK. The smart speaker will start shipping later this month, and Amazon is offering a discount when buying two units.

Tech January 16, 2018

Samsung To Use Metal 12 Magnesium Alloy To Make Phones Sturdy And Durable But Lightweight

A new alloy called Metal 12 was featured on the Samsung Notebook 9 2018. The company plans to use the new material on its future products to reduce weight and maintain durability.

Tech January 16, 2018

CVS To Stop Altering Photos For Beauty Products: CVS Beauty Mark To Counter Unrealistic Body Images

CVS announced a new initiative to drive more transparency regarding materially altered photos of beauty products. The company will implement a new CVS Beauty Mark in an effort to counter unrealistic body images.

Tech January 16, 2018

This Time, It’s China That’s Asking Apple For Information About Slowing Down Old iPhones

Chinese consumer groups demanded an explanation from Apple regarding the iPhone slowdown problem. The council also wanted the company to discuss its plans to address these complaints.

Tech January 16, 2018

Best Phones To Buy For Under $300

Looking to buy a budget phone? We've compiled a list of some of the best smartphones under $300, including BlackBerry Classic phone, Oppo F1, Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G, Moto G5 Plus, and Honor 6X.

Tech January 18, 2018

The Top 5 Best Android Games To Download On Google Play

Are you looking for new Android games to download on your phone or tablet? Be sure to check out our list of top 5 best new games for Android.

Tech January 16, 2018

Switching To Android? How To Transfer Data From iPhone To Android

Making the switch from iOS to Android? Here's a handy guide on how to transfer data, including contacts, music, and photos from iPhone to Android.

Tech January 27, 2018

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