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Diablo III's The Darkening Of Tristram Will Return To Kick Off 2018

Blizzard will relaunch The Darkening of Tristram in 'Diablo III' to kick off 2018. Players will again be able to explore a recreation of the cathedral from the original 'Diablo' as a 16-level dungeon, complete with a 'RetroVision' filter.

Video Games December 29, 2017

Starfish Population In California Recovers From Mysterious Disease That Wiped Them Out

The starfish population in the West Coast has started to recover from the mysterious illness that struck in 2013. The disease, known as Sea Star Wasting Syndrome, is still present, and researchers continue to study it to find a cure.

Animals December 29, 2017

Energous' Wireless Charging At A Distance Tech Receives FCC Approval: Check It Out At CES 2018

Energous received approval from the Federal Communications Commission for its WattUp Mid Field transmitter. The technology, which will allow users to charge multiple devices up to 3 feet away, will be demonstrated at CES 2018.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 28, 2017

Free PlayStation Plus Games For January 2018: Explosive Start For The Year With 'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' And Telltale's 'Batman'

'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' and 'Batman: A Telltale Series' will headline the free PlayStation Plus games for January 2018. Next month's lineup of free downloads for PlayStation Plus subscribers is arguably the best one in recent memory.

Video Games December 28, 2017

Nintendo Switch Online Rumored To Launch In Fall 2018: Will Gamers Really Have To Wait That Long?

A new rumor claims that Nintendo Switch Online will launch in the fall of 2018. That will mean that the paid online subscription service will be about one-and-a-half years delayed from the Nintendo Switch release in March this year.

Video Games December 28, 2017

The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Will Really Send Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster To Mars

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk previously said that the Falcon Heavy rocket will carry his own Tesla Roadster to Mars. New images reveal that Musk wasn't kidding, as the electric vehicle is being prepared to hitch a ride to space.

Space December 28, 2017

Nintendo Switch 64 GB Game Cards Delayed To 2019: Here's How Developers And Gamers Are Affected

The launch of Nintendo Switch 64 GB game cards has been delayed to sometime in 2019 due to technical issues. The decision largely affects developers and gamers, as physical releases of data-heavy titles may also be pushed back.

Video Games December 28, 2017

Is iPhone X Demand Really Slowing Down? Reports Are Wrong, Analyst Says

Recent reports claimed that iPhone X demand and production is slowing down, causing Apple shares to tumble. However, one analyst claims that the reports are not true and that iPhone X sales are still going strong.

Apple December 27, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S9 May Be Boring, But At Least It Will Keep The Headphone Jack

There have been conflicting rumors and reports on whether or not the Galaxy S9 will keep the headphone jack. The latest leaked image, however, proves that the upcoming Samsung flagship smartphone will retain the suddenly rare feature.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 27, 2017

Dogs Face The Highest Risk Of Chocolate Poisoning On Christmas

A study published in the British Medical Journal revealed that dogs face the highest risk of chocolate poisoning on Christmas. What are its symptoms, and what should owners do when dogs eat chocolate?

Animals December 27, 2017

Flesh-Eating Bacteria In Japan Mysteriously Spreading: Over 500 People Infected This Year

A potentially fatal flesh-eating bacteria is mysteriously spreading in Japan, with more than 500 people infected this year. The number of cases this year is the highest since 1999.

Public Health December 27, 2017

Video Game Addiction To Be Recognized As Mental Disorder: Here's What To Do If You Think You Have It

The World Health Organization will soon classify video game addiction as a mental health condition. Here is how to determine if you have gaming disorder and what you should do next if you think you have it.

Public Health December 27, 2017

Eating Fish Helps Kids Grow Smarter And Sleep Better

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania revealed that greater fish consumption among children resulted in higher IQ test scores and better sleep. The improvement is attributed to omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in many kinds of fish.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 27, 2017

The Next Major Android Version May Hide Carrier Signal Strength

Android Open Source Project commits spotted by XDA Developers revealed that carriers may hide signal strengths starting with Android 9.0 P. Why should this matter to Android smartphone owners?

Google December 26, 2017

Nintendo Switch Hidden 'Golf' Game Removed In Latest Update: Try It With A New Console

The Nintendo Switch 4.0.0 update overwrites the code for the hidden 'Golf' game in the hybrid console. The secret NES game was a tribute to the legendary Satoru Iwata, so why did Nintendo remove it?

Video Games December 26, 2017

No More 'The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild' DLC: Nintendo Already Working On The Next 'Zelda' Game

The game's producer revealed that there will be there will be no third 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' DLC. Nintendo, however, has already started working on the next 'The Legend of Zelda' game.

Video Games December 25, 2017

Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan Sits In Front Of A Fireplace, And 39,000 People Watched

Jeff Kaplan, the game director for 'Overwatch', sat in front of a fireplace on Christmas Eve doing mostly nothing. The quirky stream proved to be a very popular one, with 39,000 viewers at one point.

Video Games December 25, 2017

Artificial Intelligence In 2017: Skynet, Is That You?

Artificial intelligence research made great strides in 2017, with many new advancements and applications for the technology. There are concerns, however, that AI is forming into something like Skynet from the 'Terminator' franchise.

December 25, 2017

Nintendo Switch 2017: A Look Back At The First Year Of The Hybrid Console

The Nintendo Switch had its ups and downs since its March 2017 launch. Here's a look back at the hybrid console's first year, and what next year might hold for it.

Video Games December 25, 2017

'Catherine: Full Body' Western Release Confirmed: Watch The Already Controversial Game's Debut Trailer

Atlus confirmed the 'Catherine: Full Body' Western release on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The game's debut trailer has also been launched, and it is already generating controversy for the upcoming remake.

Video Games December 23, 2017

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