Blizzard unveiled Wrecking Ball, the next Overwatch hero who will join the massively popular multiplayer shooter's roster of colorful characters as the sixth tank.

Wrecking Ball is none other than Hammond, who was on the Horizon Lunar Colony with Winston according to Overwatch lore. However, unlike Winston, Hammond went on a different path after he returned to Earth.

Wrecking Ball: Hammond The Hamster In A Rolling Mech

Blizzard recently started teasing the new Overwatch hero, who many believed to be Hammond. The speculation was that Hammond was a chimpanzee who lived on the Horizon Lunar Colony. Hammond turned out to be Overwatch hero 28, but apparently, he is a hamster, not a chimpanzee.

According to official Overwatch lore, while most of the test subjects in the Horizon Lunar Colony were gorillas and other primates, Hammond was one of the exceptions. The hamster, like the others, showed exceptional growth in intelligence. Hammond frequently escaped and went to different parts of the moon base, which the scientists did not know was his way of learning how to become a mechanic.

When the gorillas rose and took control of the Horizon Lunar Colony, Winston made plans to escape and return to Earth. Hammond took the opportunity to secretly get on board Winston's craft in an attached capsule and broke off to land in a different location. The hamster found himself in the Australian Outback, the home of Junkrat and Roadhog and depicted as the Overwatch map Junkertown.

Hammond modified his escape pod to join the Scrapyard's mech battle as Wrecking Ball. He rose up the ranks, accumulating enough money to upgrade his mech to finally make his way out of the Australian Outback.

Wrecking Ball Skills And Abilities

Hammond, now known as Wrecking Ball, offers a unique set of skills and abilities that takes advantage of his mech's form.

Wrecking Ball's primary weapon is the Quad Cannons, which are machine guns attached to the rolling mech.

Wrecking Ball has a skill named Adaptive Shield, which grants him a number of temporary shields, depending on how many opponents are nearby. He also has the Roll skill, which transforms the mech into a rolling sphere with faster speed. While in that form, he can launch the Grappling Claw skill, which can be using to attach to surfaces and swing around, deal damage, and knock back enemies.

There is also the Piledriver skills, which will have Wrecking Ball slam down and pull enemies to the center of the impact, while dealing damage.

Lastly, Wrecking Ball's ultimate skill is the Minefield, which covers the ground with proximity mines that deal significant damage.

Wrecking Ball is now available on the Overwatch PTR for PC players.

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