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Jurassic Fossil Tail Could Be Missing Link In Crocodile Family Tree

A fossil tail dug up from a mountain in Hungary may have belonged to an intermediary species of crocodile that lived during the Jurassic period. What are this species's features?

Animals May 12, 2018

Time Travellers Welcome To Attend Stephen Hawking's Memorial Service

Those born between 2019 and 2038 have a chance to attend the memorial service of Stephen Hawking. What were the late scientist's thoughts on time travel?

Feature | Science May 12, 2018

Experimental Ebola Vaccine May Help Halt New Outbreak In Congo

In trials, the experimental Ebola vaccine rVSV-ZEBOV provided protection against the killer virus. What makes the vaccine particularly difficult to use to contain the new outbreak in Congo?

Public Health May 12, 2018

Melanoma On The Rise Among Young Women: Factors That Can Increase Your Risk For Skin Cancer

Melanoma is now the second most common form of cancer in women between 15 and 29 years old. Here are some factors that can up a person's odds for sun damage and skin cancer.

Public Health May 12, 2018

Salmonella Outbreak Sickens 12 More: How To Handle Eggs To Prevent Salmonella Infection

Twelve more people were sickened by salmonella in an outbreak linked to recalled eggs produced by Rose Acre Farms' Hyde County farm. Here are the proper ways of handling eggs and egg dishes to avoid contracting salmonella.

Public Health May 12, 2018

NASA Astronaut Receives Honorary Degree From Purdue University Aboard The International Space Station

Purdue University connected live to the International Space Station to award NASA astronaut Andrew Feustel an honorary Doctor of Science degree. Feustel is a veteran spacewalker despite having a mild fear of heights.

Space May 12, 2018

Woman Dies After Contracting Flesh-Eating Bacteria During Vacation: How To Protect Yourself From Necrotizing Fasciitis

Carol Martin may have contracted flesh-eating bacteria from a hot tub during her vacation. Experts advise ways to avoid contracting necrotizing fasciitis particularly when using hot tubs and swimming pools.

Public Health May 12, 2018

Exiled Asteroid May Have Been Kicked Out Into Kuiper Belt By Young Gas Giants

Gas giants such as Saturn and Jupiter may have thrown out the carbon-rich asteroid 2004 EW95 into the Kuiper Belt, beyond Neptune during the early stages of the Solar System’s formation. How did this happen?

Space May 11, 2018

Stephen Hawking's Hunt For Alien Life Gets Big Boost With Expanded Survey Of Milky Way Stars

Stephen Hawking was part of a project that collects deep space data to find signs of alien life. A new hardware used by the Parkes Radio Telescope used by the Breakthrough Listen Initiative expands survey of the sky.

Space May 9, 2018

Now Is The Best Time To Find A Job: US Employment Opportunities Hit Record High

The Labor Department revealed on Tuesday that there was about one job opening for every unemployed American in March. What industries posted the highest number of job vacancies?

Life & Style May 8, 2018

Trained Regal Jumping Spider Unveils Secrets Of Arachnid Species' Extraordinary Leaps

The Regal jumping spider nicknamed Kim can leap six times the length of her body from a standing start. Here are the reasons why scientists trained her to jump on demand.

Animals May 8, 2018

State Department Of Health Suspends License Of Nurse Suspected Of Spreading Hepatitis C

Cora Weberg is reportedly the only nurse at the Good Samaritan Hospital who treated both of the patients who tested positive for hepatitis C. Her license is now suspended.

Public Health May 8, 2018

Sodium In Hot Saturn WASP-96b Suggests Exoplanet Has Cloud-Free Atmosphere

A complete fingerprint of sodium in hot Saturn WASP-96b suggests that the exoplanet has a cloud-free atmosphere. What is the significance of studying clouds in atmospheres of planets?

Space May 8, 2018

Woman's Runny Nose Turns Out To Be Leaking Brain Fluid

Kendra Jackson's runny nose was caused by cerebrospinal fluid leaking from her brain, which could lead to meningitis if left untreated. How did the doctors plug the source of the CSF leak?

Public Health May 7, 2018

Health Experts Push To Prescribe Exercise As Part Of Routine Treatment For Cancer Patients

The Clinical Oncology Society of Australia are calling for exercise to be prescribed to people with cancer. What are the benefits of including exercise in routine cancer treatment?

Public Health May 7, 2018

More Than One Hour Use Of Social Media Daily May Harm Women's Self-Esteem

Spending more than an hour daily on social media may result in low self-esteem in women. It is, however, possible that insecure women are also drawn to social media, which they use to to make themselves feel better.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 7, 2018

Man Infected With Hepatitis C After ER Visit Files Suit Against MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital

One of the patients who had contact with a hepatitis-C infected nurse at MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup filed a lawsuit over hospital negligence. The suit was filed after the arrest of the nurse, Cora Weberg.

Public Health May 6, 2018

California Now The 5th Largest Economy In The World, Bigger Than United Kingdom

The Golden State now has the biggest economy in the world surpassing that of the United Kingdom. All of California's economic sectors contributed for its higher GDP except one.

Business Tech May 6, 2018

Retired Prison Guard Eats His 30,000th Big Mac

Don Gorske has already eaten 30,000 Big Macs since the early 1970s, when he first tried McDonald's signature burger. Does consumption of Big Macs daily make him sick?

Life & Style May 6, 2018

Woman Hospitalized Due To Microblading Infection: Other Health Risks Posed By Tattooed Eyebrows

A woman was hospitalized for three days due to an infection linked to eyebrow microblading. What are the other dangers of getting makeup tattoos and other cosmetic procedures?

Public Health May 5, 2018

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