Terminator-style super muscle from fishing line and thread? Possible!

Researchers have discovered a method of creating artificial muscles using ordinary fishing line and sewing thread. This new type of artificial muscle is both cheap and powerful.

Robotics February 22, 2014

Bat-inspired flying robot? Watch out, Batman! You've got competition

Flying robots may learn a thing or two from bats. Researchers are looking at the possibilities of using the flying animals as a basic design for a new generation of flying devices.

Robotics February 20, 2014

Amazon black ghost knifefish teaches robots a thing or two about underwater locomotion

The Amazon black ghost knifefish has inspired scientists to build underwater robots with similar capabilities. This new robot uses a new type of locomotive strategy never before seen.

Robotics February 19, 2014

3D printer and PS3 camera magically transform into formidable air hockey robot

A designer built an impressive air hockey robot out of 3D printer parts and a PlayStation 3 camera. No prizes for guessing - the air hockey robot usually wins.

Robotics February 12, 2014

First FDA-approved bionic eye implant could cure blindness

The first bionic eye implant has taken place. As it's FDA-approved, it could be a big step forward towards curing blindness.

Robotics February 7, 2014

Bionic hand lets you be touchy, feely (Video)

A new sensory feedback-enabled artificial hand gives the wearer the ability to identify shapes and textures as well as adjust grasp.

Robotics February 6, 2014

Lockheed Martin successfully tests self-driving military trucks

The U.S. military has come a step closer to autonomous warfare with the successful testing of a new technology that makes driverless convoys possible.

Robotics February 3, 2014

Electronic tongue may soon make robots replace humans as beer tasters

Spanish researchers have developed an electronic tongue composed of 12 different electrodes that can distinguish between different brews of beer and detect their alcohol content. It could soon leave professional human beer-tasters out of job.

Robotics February 3, 2014

Bird-like drone can now perch on trees

A robotics company has helped equip a drone of the U.S. Air Force with robotic legs that can help it perch on trees and other surfaces.

Robotics January 29, 2014

Robots now grow whiskers to sense their surroundings

Scientists are now experimenting with new whisker-like tactile sensors for robots.

Robotics January 23, 2014

Tiny sperm-like bio-bots explore uncharted world of aquatic micro-organisms

Engineers have come up with tiny bio-hybrid robots that can swim in a manner similar to sperm cells.

Robotics January 20, 2014

Human muscle sensors will make robots in manufacturing plants safer

Thanks to a new technology developed by researchers at Georgia Tech, robots and humans can work together in a safer environment.

Robotics January 17, 2014

RoboSimian by JPL favorite to win DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals 2014: Here's why

RoboSimian created by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory has advanced to the finals of DARPA's Robotics Challenge.

Robotics January 15, 2014

MakerBot's 3 new Replicator series 3D printers good for both home and office

MakerBot has unveiled three new 3D printers at the 2014 International CES. The new models come with a host of new features such as wireless connectivity, a built-in camera and compatibility with MakerBot's new tablet app.

Robotics January 10, 2014

Parrot shows off new jumping, rolling and flying robots at CES 2014 (Photos)

AR.Drone maker Parrot is showcasing two new toys at CES 2014 - the MiniDrone and the Jumping Sumo.

Robotics January 7, 2014

Gecko-inspired robot is better than Spiderman, may serve as space repairbot one day (Photos)

Scientists have created a robot that can walk on vertical surfaces. The gecko-inspired robot may one day serve onboard spacecraft as maintenance and repair robots.

Robotics January 3, 2014

Terminator-style robotic muscle becomes reality

Researchers have built a robotic muscle that is 1,000 times more powerful than a human muscle. Terminator-style.

Robotics December 27, 2013

NASA may launch tensegrity rovers in future (Video)

New rover design using rods and cables may hold the key to small, light-weight and low-cost missions.

Robotics December 27, 2013

Japanese biped robot wins DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials 2013

Japanese company SCHAFT dominated the DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials with a 7 point lead over runner up IHMC Robotics.

Robotics December 22, 2013

Watch this robot cube balance itself on its edge

This cube-shaped robot not only can walk, but also it can balance itself on its edge.

Robotics December 22, 2013

Scientists create spermbot...what?!!?

Scientists have created the world's first robotic sperm, dubbed spermbot, that can be controlled by magnetic fields.

Robotics December 15, 2013

Deutsche Post shows off drone delivery service in Germany

Amazon took the first step but it seems Deutsche Post has beaten it to the game by actually carrying out drone delivery tests.

Robotics December 9, 2013

Can Andy Rubin make Google's robot dream a reality?

Google is quietly building a foundation for a future full of robots.

Robotics December 7, 2013

Amazon bets on drone deliveries

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed over the weekend that the online retailer may use autonomous aerial drones in the near future to deliver goods.

Robotics December 2, 2013

Turtle-like robot invented to explore shipwrecks

Scientists are testing a turtle-like robot that may help archaeologist explore underwater shipwrecks in the near future.

Robotics November 30, 2013

Tongue-controlled wheelchairs could be boon for quadriplegics

Tongue-controlled wheelchairs may enable quadriplegics to perform multiple tasks just with simple tongue movement.

Robotics December 1, 2013

Jellyfish-inspired flying robot developed by NYU team

Engineers at the New York University (NYU) have built a jellyfish-inspired flying robot.

Robotics November 27, 2013

Carnegie Mellon's NEIL project teaches common sense to computer

While we struggle to supplement our common sense, there is a computer program called NEIL that's running 24 hours a day building up its common sense in image processing.

Robotics November 25, 2013

Telemedicine robots allow doctors to 'teleport' next to hospital patients

Patients hundreds of miles away can tap the services and expertise of doctors via remote presence robots now making their way to healthcare providers.

Robotics November 19, 2013

IBM lets Watson AI hang out with all developers

IBM said it will make available Watson AI technology available to third party software developers.

Robotics November 18, 2013

Mars Curiosity rover recovers from software glitch

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has recovered from software glitches after going into safe mode for around three days.

Robotics November 13, 2013

Human pee could power future environmental robots

Thanks to a new mechanism, human pee can power future environmental bots.

Robotics November 13, 2013

Biohacker implants computer chip inside arm to record body data

Humans entering the age of cyborgs? A man from Pittsburgh implanted a biometric device in his forearm without help of a doctor and without using anesthetics.

Robotics November 5, 2013

Cyborg bugs may lead search-and-rescue missions in future

Cyborg insects carrying radio transmitters could lead search-and-research missions in the future.

Robotics October 18, 2013

Prosthetic limbs will soon offer advanced sense of touch

A group of researchers from the University of Chicago were able to come up with a set of sensory instructions to help develop artificial limbs with sensory inputs in the future.

Robotics October 15, 2013

Wildcat unleashed: No, it does not belong to Skynet

The quadruped WildCat is the latest military-grade robot from Boston Dynamics. Yes, not Skynet.

Robotics October 5, 2013

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