Want a cold beer? Ask Intel's 3D-printed robot to get it for you

Intel builds a 3D printed robot and wants users to do the same. The chipmaker is, in fact, making available its hardware designs for free download by anyone who wants to make their own humanoid.

Robotics May 30, 2014

Google self-driving car boasts no brakes, steering wheel as prototype development begins

Google has revealed a prototype driver-less vehicle that boasts no pedals or a steering wheel. It plans on creating about 100 of these vehicles.

Robotics May 28, 2014

Six-legged Outrunner robot can, indeed, outrun an average human

An engineering firm has developed OutRunner, deemed as world’s fastest running robot. It is now raising funds over at Kickstarter page for its first production, but the project is still short of backers.

Robotics May 28, 2014

World Cup 2014: Paralyzed teen with min-controlled exoskeleton to kick off this year's biggest sporting event

Folks who are not fans of Football, have at least one reason to view the game on June 12, as a paralyzed teenager prepares to kick the first ball.

Robotics May 28, 2014

OutRunner robot is one of the fastest running robots out there: It joins the Cheetah

Robotics Unlimited is introducing the OutRunner robot, capable of traveling over rough terrain. Here is the story of what it can do.

Robotics May 27, 2014

Roombot modular robot can turn into any piece of furniture: Autobots, you have competition

Modular robots that can turn into any piece of furniture have been designed by a team of researchers from Switzerland. No need to start saving for one yet, however - here's why.

Robotics May 27, 2014

What drones may come: Experimental robots take inspiration from nature

Nature is truly a gift in many ways, and it is now giving inspiration to researchers-developers of drones or flying robots in terms of perfecting the flight control mechanism. Read how these researchers did it.

Robotics May 25, 2014

U.S. Navy trying to build robots with morals. Sense of right or wrong for $7.5 million?

Five universities will be funded by the U.S. Naval Research to build morally upright robots that may even outdo human's decision-making abilities in life-and-death situations.

Robotics May 18, 2014

Watch this robot arm with lightning-fast reflexes: Can you do that? (Video)

Robotic arm can catch almost anything thrown at it, be it a ball, a bottle or a tennis racquet. And it does it lightning-fast.

Robotics May 13, 2014

Parrot presents Bebop: Drone with 14MP HD camera, GPS and VR headset-support

The upcoming Parrot Bebop will come packed with new features that include a brand new 1080p camera and Oculus Rift VR support. The Oculus Rift glasses will allow their wearer to see the landscape below as if they were flying the drone themselves.

Robotics May 12, 2014

UN debates about the use of Terminator-like killer robots in warfare

Will there be a real-life episode of Terminator taking place years from now? One could only imagine but to the United Nations officials, it sounds like a serious matter.

Robotics May 13, 2014

Star Wars-inspired prosthetic arm 'Luke' approved by FDA, gives new hope to amputees

Prosthetic arm from the inventor of the Segway gets FDA approval for sale in the United States. The robotic arm may help restore the ability to perform complex tasks for some amputees.

Robotics May 10, 2014

Scientist develops cartwheeling Moroccan spider-inspired robot for Mars mission

Robot intended for rough terrain, like that on Mars, takes inspiration from a cartwheeling desert-dwelling spider. Dubbed Tabbot, the robot can walk or roll over the surface.

Robotics May 11, 2014

Rare Moroccan spider can cartwheel at astonishing speed

A newly-discovered spider from Africa can turn cartwheels to get out of the way of danger. Now, here comes a robot that can do the same thing.

Robotics May 7, 2014

46 percent of Britons think technology evolves too fast, 17 percent will have sex with robots

Almost a majority of Britons fear technology evolves too fast, while a significant portion believe robots will take over their jobs. 17%, though, won’t think twice about having sex with these job-stealing robots.

Robotics May 6, 2014

Honda ASIMO shows off skills to President Obama

While visiting Japan as part of his Asian tour this year, President Obama spent a few minutes playing soccer with Honda’s Asimo. The little humanoid robot welcomed the president at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

Robotics April 26, 2014

Asimo surprises Obama with its soccer skills

At a Tokyo science expo, the president exchanged greetings with a Japanese humanoid robot. Then a little soccer practice took place between the two.

Robotics April 25, 2014

Honda unveils the new ASIMO robot. Want it to dance, do chores? No problemo.

Honda is slowly bringing us into the future with the ASIMO robot by its side. Since its creation, the robot's latest iteration comes a step closer to what humans can do, in terms of mobility at least.

Robotics April 22, 2014

Americans think drones and wearables are scary. What else are they wary of?

Americans are definitely interested in futuristic technologies, but in some instances they are not.

Robotics April 21, 2014

Are Americans technophobes? They fear drones, robots and Google Glass, Pew report suggests

A new survey shows Americans both love - and fear - technology. What possible futures scare Americans the most?

Robotics April 19, 2014

Rodent robots having sex aid study of evolution: Believe it or not

Bypassing the limits of using live organisms, scientists in Okinawa have turned to rodent robots to understand evolution in action. Using robots allows scientists to simulate numerous generations in a conveniently observable time frame.

Robotics April 16, 2014

Robot aboard International Space Station to get legs, NASA says

New legs for robotic space station crewmember will make it mobile, able to move around both inside and outside

Robotics April 13, 2014

It's the Zuta mini robotic printer. Sorry, it's not your car freshener

Zuta Labs has started a Kickstarter project for a tiny, robotic printer. The diminutive device will be able to wirelessly interface with computers and mobile devices to print anywhere, anytime.

Robotics April 13, 2014

New DJI Phantom drone is faster and boasts longer battery life

DJI has introduced a faster, longer life drone with better video imaging and has much of the tech world excited.

Robotics April 12, 2014

Robo-roo - the bionic kangaroo that hops and hops and hops... [VIDEO]

A bionic kangaroo, developed by German researcher Festo, is able to hop for long periods of time without stopping. How does it do it?

Robotics April 3, 2014

MH370: How can unmanned submarines help in the search of the missing plane?

Search teams looking for the missing Malaysian Airlines aircraft may soon be joined by Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. These AUVs may be the perfect tools needed to finally solve the mystery of the missing MH370.

Robotics April 3, 2014

DARPA heads for robot/human hybrid - are cyborgs on the way?

DARPA announces the Biological Technologies Office (BTO) division, which will look at merging biological systems with electronics. Could cyborgs be next?

Robotics April 3, 2014

Takes one to teach one: Computers teach each other how to play video games

Computer can teach each other tasks, researchers say, in the same way human teachers and student interact.

Robotics April 2, 2014

Cool and creepy: SociBot Mini robot wears any face, recognizes gestures to liven up conference calls

SociBot Mini robot can make science fiction come true. Find out how this futuristic teleconferencing tool may transform the future.

Robotics March 31, 2014

Forget Google balloons: Facebook says drones are key to global Internet access

Facebook sees an opportunity to bring Internet to humans with drones, how does Google respond with Loons?

Robotics March 31, 2014

Zuckerberg, Musk and Kutcher want AI to think and learn like you, inject $40 million in startup Vicarious

Zuckerberg, Musk and Kutcher appears to have a common interest in artificial intelligence as they're all backing up a tech startup that's focused on developing a software with human-like intelligence.

Robotics March 24, 2014

Artificial intelligence firm Vicarious gets $40 million boost from Zuckerberg, Musk, other investors

Actor Ashton Kutcher, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and technology visionary Elon Musk of Tesla have two things in common -- a good amount of money to invest and interest on AI.

Robotics March 24, 2014

XPRIZE up for Artificial Intelligence that can give a TED talk

A robot that can give a talk, bringing an audience to its feet? That's the goal, if you want to win the newest XPrize.

Robotics March 21, 2014

This soft and squishy robot fish will fool you into thinking that it's a real fish

MIT researchers have developed a new aquatic robot, that acts and feels much like a real fish. But, what good is it?

Robotics March 14, 2014

This CUPID drone doesn't shoot love arrows - It tases you with 80,000 volts of pure electricity

Chaotic Moon Studios has demonstrated CUPID at the SXSW 2014 and it is far from being sweet. If love can be an electrifying experience, an encounter with CUPID can be quite crippling.

Robotics March 13, 2014

Eric Schmidt bets big on two things: 1. U.S. govt don't have access to your data 2. robots

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has disclosed that the search engine firm has completed its program to protect its users data from snooping U.S. intelligence agencies. He also sees (no, not dead people) robots everywhere in the future.

Robotics March 9, 2014

Terminator-style super muscle from fishing line and thread? Possible!

Researchers have discovered a method of creating artificial muscles using ordinary fishing line and sewing thread. This new type of artificial muscle is both cheap and powerful.

Robotics February 22, 2014

Bat-inspired flying robot? Watch out, Batman! You've got competition

Flying robots may learn a thing or two from bats. Researchers are looking at the possibilities of using the flying animals as a basic design for a new generation of flying devices.

Robotics February 20, 2014

Amazon black ghost knifefish teaches robots a thing or two about underwater locomotion

The Amazon black ghost knifefish has inspired scientists to build underwater robots with similar capabilities. This new robot uses a new type of locomotive strategy never before seen.

Robotics February 19, 2014

3D printer and PS3 camera magically transform into formidable air hockey robot

A designer built an impressive air hockey robot out of 3D printer parts and a PlayStation 3 camera. No prizes for guessing - the air hockey robot usually wins.

Robotics February 12, 2014

First FDA-approved bionic eye implant could cure blindness

The first bionic eye implant has taken place. As it's FDA-approved, it could be a big step forward towards curing blindness.

Robotics February 7, 2014

Bionic hand lets you be touchy, feely (Video)

A new sensory feedback-enabled artificial hand gives the wearer the ability to identify shapes and textures as well as adjust grasp.

Robotics February 6, 2014

Lockheed Martin successfully tests self-driving military trucks

The U.S. military has come a step closer to autonomous warfare with the successful testing of a new technology that makes driverless convoys possible.

Robotics February 3, 2014

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