Empowering Drones With Insectlike Eyes

An ‘artificial eye’ modeled off those of insects could lead to big advances for small drones. The tiny sensors weigh just a couple of milligrams, far smaller than any digital camera that is available today.

Robotics August 3, 2015

New Robotic PlayGround Can Actually Search For Kids To Play With

Most of the time, you have to bring your kids to the playground ... but what if it could come to you? That's the idea behind a mobile robotic playground being developed in London.

Robotics July 31, 2015

New Facial Recognition System Works In The Dark

For years, the biggest hurdle that facial-recognition software has had to overcome is bad lighting. That might not be the case for much longer, thanks to a new, thermal imaging-based system.

Robotics July 27, 2015

Soccer Robot Thor Takes Home 2015 RoboCup Trophy

Robots take soccer as seriously as humans. A robot named Thor has won the 2015 robotic World Cup of soccer, known as the RoboCup, during matches recently held in China.

Robotics July 24, 2015

Searching For Life On Mars With Stephen Gorevan Of Honeybee Robotics

Stephen Gorevan, chairman of Honeybee Robotics, a Brooklyn-based company best known for the work it’s done to equip NASA’s Mars rovers with robotic life-detection components, talks about aerospace technology and the future of space exploration.

Robotics July 23, 2015

‘Smart Wires’ In Bionic Hand Contract The Same Way Natural Muscles Do

A chief goal of prosthetic appendages is to resemble the natural body parts they replace as closely as possible. Equipped with new 'smart wire' technology, this bionic hand mimics the system that natural muscles use to move, allowing it to be more lightweight and flexible.

Robotics July 22, 2015

Study Finds 'Nonnegligible' Number Of Complications During Robotic Surgery, 144 Deaths Since 2000

Researchers have linked 144 deaths and more than 1,000 injuries to robotic surgery over a 14-year period, and suggest areas for improvement.

Robotics July 21, 2015

POTUS Meets Robot Guest In The White House For The First Time

Using Beam Pro, Alice Wong - the founder of the Disability Visibility Project - has become the first person ever to meet POTUS in the form of a robot.

Robotics July 21, 2015

Canada's HitchBOT Begins Its Trek Across The United States, One Ride At A Time

The hitchhiking robot hopes to make it from Boston to San Francisco in one piece.

Robotics July 17, 2015

Robot Swans Swim Singapore River To Test And Monitor The Waters In Real-Time

Researchers will start testing robot swans in the waters of South China that will test and monitor the waters for things like pH level and oxygen to prevent contamination.

Robotics July 13, 2015

A Pixar Employee Creates Peek-A-Boo Robot That Acts Like A Baby

A technical director at Pixar developed a companion for his desk that can respond to human emotions, such as reacting like baby while playing peek-a-boo.

Robotics July 13, 2015

The Vortex Robot Toy Lets Kids Program It

A new Kickstarter projects aims to produce a robot toy for kids called Vortex, which not only allows them to play games via mobile app, but also teaches them how to program it.

Robotics July 9, 2015

Swiss Post Is Testing Deliveries By Drone This Month

Switzerland's postal service is partnering with Matternet to test the feasiblity of drone deliveries.

Robotics July 7, 2015

Interview With Mike Slee, Director Of National Geographic Documentary 'ROBOTS 3D'

National Geographic's new documentary 'ROBOTS 3D' introduces viewers to some of the most incredible humanoid robots around today, including iCub. Tech Times spoke interviewed director Mike Slee about his insights into humanoid robot development.

Robotics July 8, 2015

MegaBots And Suidobashi's Giant Robots Will Face Off In Robot Duel Challenge

The U.S. challenge of a Transformers-like giant robot duel has been accepted by the Japanese. American and Japanese robots will go hand-to-hand until one is left standing, their makers say.

Robotics July 7, 2015

Japan Accepts USA-Based MegaBots Robot Duel Challenge

Let the battle of the giant killer robots commence.

Robotics July 6, 2015

'Next-Generation Robots' Set To Be Introduced Into Japanese Airport

Robots made by Cyberdyne are set to be introduced into the Haneda Airport in Japan. Robots will take care of cleaning. Exoskeletons will also be provided, helping workers be able to lift more.

Robotics July 3, 2015

Scientists Find Latest Inspiration To Build Flexible And Tougher Robots From Seahorse's Square Tail

Seahorse-inspired robot technology is just the latest in a series of robot designs inspired by nature. Birds, turtles, cats and even cockroaches have inspired designers in their quest for more versatile robots.

Robotics July 2, 2015

Drawn Wants To Print Furniture With Robotic Arms For Fun And Profit

A robotic arm that once assembled cars is now being used to 'print' furniture.

Robotics July 1, 2015

USA-Based MegaBot Challenges Japan To The Ultimate Bot Battle

MegaBots takes on Suidobashi Heavy Industries with a tongue-in-cheek video invitation.

Robotics July 1, 2015

A Singing Robot Is Starring In A Berlin Opera

Meet Myon, the opera-singing, showboating robot, who scientists are studying to find out if robots can learn to feel emotions.

Robotics June 30, 2015

New '3D' Microphones Could Help Robots Improve Audio Sensing Capabilities

Scientists are developing a higher-end technology in microphones, making it possible for robots to 'listen in' and isolate conversations amid noise.

Robotics July 2, 2015

Hadrian, The Robotic Bricklayer, Can Put Down 1,000 Bricks Per Hour

Robots can do a lot of things, like water our lawns and vacuum our carpets, but one task they couldn't do is lay bricks. Now, however, that's about to change with a new robotic bricklayer.

Robotics June 26, 2015

Steve Wozniak Warns Humans Will Become Pets Of Robots

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes that humans will be the pets of robots someday, but it will be a good thing for us.

Robotics June 26, 2015

Watch Supersmall Self-Assembling Bloodstream Bots Deliver Drugs Directly Where Needed

Pills and shots are old-school methods of drug delivery. They've served us well in the past, but supersmall bloodstream bots are poised to revolutionize the way we administer medicine.

Robotics June 26, 2015

Ozobot Bit Makes Learning Block-Based Programming Fun

Evollve announced the launch of its second-generation Ozobot minirobot that teaches block-building programming skills.

Robotics June 24, 2015

New Robo-Mate Exoskeleton Can Make Its User 10 Times Stronger

The human body can only do so much - but what happens when you give someone a bit of robotic help? As it turns out, they get stronger, a lot stronger.

Robotics June 22, 2015

Pepper Humanoid Robot Sells Out In One Minute

The humanoid robot that can understand human emotion and interact with people from SoftBank and Alderbaran sold out in just one minute on Saturday.

Robotics June 22, 2015

Roach-inspired Robot Scuttles Through Clutter With Ease

Adding a cockroach-like outer shell to the design of a small robot improved its ability to negotiate obstacles. Similar robots could one day aid search and rescue operations.

Robotics June 23, 2015

UK Prosthetic Developers Create Advanced Bionic Hand That Is Controlled By An App

Touch Bionics developed the world's most advanced prosthetic that is partially controlled via an iPhone app.

Robotics June 19, 2015

Assembly Required (Sort Of): Autonomous Robot Assembles Birdhouse

What's not to love about a robot building a birdhouse?

Robotics June 22, 2015

Tiny Robots Will Be Able To Swim Through Your Bloodstream To Deliver Drugs

Tiny robots called nanoswimmers are being developed to deliver drugs to specific anatomical targets.

Robotics June 18, 2015

Lightweight Robotic Glove Could Improve The Lives Of Over 6 Million Americans

A lightweight robotic glove developed by a Harvard lab is poised to improve the lives of millions of people who have difficulty using their hands to pick up objects.

Robotics June 17, 2015

High Precision: Robot Tentacles Grab Ants By The Waist Without Crushing Them

A team of robot experts at the Iowa State University have discovered a new technique to allow robots to pick up and hold small and delicate objects without crushing them. Their soft robot design features limbs inspired by octopus tentacles.

Robotics June 13, 2015

Machine Beats Humans In IQ Test For The First Time Ever

For the first time in history, a deep learning machine has been able to beat a human in an IQ test when it comes to verbal reasoning, something that machines have traditionally not been very good at.

Robotics June 13, 2015

Future Robots Would Have Eyes As Powerful As Insect Eyes

A new algorithm developed by researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia allows robots to detect and track small targets as efficiently as dragonflies despite distractions from their environment.

Robotics June 12, 2015

DARPA Robot Showdown Winners Engineered To Save Lives: DRC-Hubo, Running Man, CHIMP

This year's winner of the DARPA Robotics Challenge is the team from South Korea that built and piloted the humanoid robot DRC-Hubo. The robots went through a series of challenges to see if they are good enough to be used in disasters.

Robotics June 11, 2015

Legendary Swordsman Isao Machii Trains Industrial Robot Motoman-MH24 To Become Super Samurai (Video)

Using motion-capture technology, a Japanese company programs an industrial robot to wield a samurai sword. Robot could exactly mimic the moves of a master swordsman, becoming a slicing and dicing machine.

Robotics June 9, 2015

DARPA Robotics Challenge: South Korean DRC-Hubo Robot Beats Rivals To Take Home $2 Million

South Korean robot successfully accomplishes tasks that could help deal with disaster situations. Competition was inspired by Japan's 2011 Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster, where robots could have helped in conditions too dangerous for humans.

Robotics June 8, 2015

Bipedal Disney Robots Now A Thing, Will Probably Take Over the World

Robo-Mickey Mouse is now closer to reality. A horrifying, horrifying reality.

Robotics June 1, 2015

Quick MIT Cheetah Robot Can Now Jump Over Hurdles: The Algorithms Involved

A cheetah robot developed by MIT researchers can jump over obstacles while running. The robot has been tested on hard surface and will soon be tested on softer terrain.

Robotics May 30, 2015

MIT Tiny Origami Robot Can Fold Itself And Self-Destruct: Perfect Profile For Future Micro Surgeon?

In a presentation held at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Seattle, scientists from MIT and TU Munich unveiled their newly developed shape-shifting robot that is capable of walking, folding itself and even self-destruction.

Robotics May 30, 2015

Robo-Cheetah Jumps Over Hurdles In A Single Bound - Maybe This Robotic Cheetah Is A Winner (Video)

A robotic cheetah developed at MIT is able to jump hurdles without human intervention. What's next for this team?

Robotics May 29, 2015

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