Scientists Create Cyborg Roach -- Is Cyborg Tech The Way Of The Future?

Scientists have successfully created a cyborg cockroach that will be able to make its way through disaster zones and let scientists know when it finds a human. What else have scientists done with cyborg technology?

Robotics March 5, 2015

'Are You Satisfied With Your Care?' New 'Gentle' Caregiver Robot From Japan Enters Experimental Stage

Scientists at the Riken institute and Sumitomo Riko Company in Nagoya said they have developed a new experimental nursing care robot with a human-like 'gentle touch.'

Robotics March 3, 2015

Japanese Company Creates Tomato Dispensing Robot For Athletes: Why Web Believe It's a Great Idea

Who knew that a robot chugging tomatoes down our throats would have turned out to be a great idea. Now only if Kagome can make it smaller than it is now.

Robotics February 24, 2015

Universal Robots: Robotic Arm Used By BMW Is Making Life Easier

Universal Robots' UR5 and UR10 robot arms are used in BMW's assembly and production lines, working side by side with humans to streamline processes. How could using these safe, uncaged robots change the future of production?

Robotics February 13, 2015

Do-It-Yourself Robotic Arm: Easton LaChappelle Teaches You To Build Your Own Prosthetic

At age 19, Easton LaChappelle's website, Unlimited Tomorrow, holds the instructions for how you can build your own robotic arm using a 3D printer.

Robotics February 13, 2015

Don't Shoot Down Drones: NoFlyZone Allows You To Declare No-Fly Zone Over Your Property will aid people in securing the airspace above their homes by creating no-fly zones as anti-drone sentiments continue to rise. The service is free and is the initiative of several drone manufacturers.

Robotics February 12, 2015

Konnichiwa! IBM Watson Will Learn Japanese In Partnership With SoftBank

Watson starts to learn Japanese and will begin to understand the intricacies of the language, thanks to IBM's partnership with SoftBank. IBM and SoftBank are working together to drive Watson deeper into Japan's enterprise, strengthening each others' presence in the country while doing so.

Robotics February 11, 2015

Google's Boston Dynamics Unleashes Kick-Proof Robot Dog: What Can It Be In the Future?

It's called Spot and the robot dog, uncanny like a real one, reacts in a similar way to obstacles and challenges.

Robotics February 14, 2015

DJI Wants Phantom 2 Drone Owners To Roll Back To Firmware v3.08: Here's Why

DJI had to pause rolling out the Phantom firmware v3.10 update and advised the Phantom pilots to stick to the previous firmware v3.08. Those who are running an older Phantom firmware version are also advised to update to v3.08.

Robotics February 7, 2015

From Robot Receptionists To Porter Robots: Say Hello To Henn na Hotel - World's First Robot-Managed Hotel

A hotel in Japan is using robots as receptionists, bellhops, and maintenance workers, allowing the hotel to keep costs very low. Not only that, but it will also use facial recognition for room entry and solar panels for energy.

Robotics February 6, 2015

Star Wars Fan Makes Millennium Falcon Drone Out of Quadcopter And It Looks Amazing [Video]

Watch this video of a miniature Millennium Falcon soaring over a snowy environment in a flight reminiscent of the Rebels’ evacuation from Hoth.

Robotics February 5, 2015

DARPA Trains Robots To Cook By Watching YouTube Videos: Why It's Significant

Study suggests a day when humans won't have to teach a task to a robot; the robot will learn by itself. All it needs is a video of the intended task, researchers suggest.

Robotics February 1, 2015

Bill Gates, Like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, Worries About Artificial Intelligence Being a Threat

In his most recent Reddit Ask Me Anything session, Gates echoed the concerns of Musk and Hawking that the scenarios unfolding in science fiction movies such as the Terminator could become reality.

Robotics January 29, 2015

DALER: This Bat-Like Robot Is No Batman But Just As Useful

A robot inspired by vampire bats could carry out search and rescue operations in areas that most vehicles can't reach. How does it work?

Robotics January 25, 2015

Swiss Engineers Build Drone That Can Fly and Walk: Meet DALER

The DALER's design was inspired by the vampire bat and, just like the flying mammal, the robot can both fly and walk, making it useful in search and rescue operations.

Robotics January 23, 2015

Scientists Upload Mind of Roundworm in Lego Robot: Nearing Artificial Intelligence?

Robot with software modeled on a worm's neurons can replicated worm's behavior, researchers announce. Project may bring AI one step closer.

Robotics January 21, 2015

DARPA Upgrades ATLAS: Humanoid Robot Gets Better Functionality, Shiny Chest Plate

DARPA unveiled the newly upgraded Atlas, its search and rescue humanoid robot, in time for the upcoming DARPA Robotics Challenge in June. Except for the lower legs and feet, 75 percent of the robot has been overhauled.

Robotics January 21, 2015

For Sale on Amazon Japan: 13-Foot Kuratas Mech Suit for $1 Million

The Kuratas robot suit weighs 5 tons and can reach top speeds of 10 kilometers per hour. The robot also has BB Gatling gun that is capable of firing 6,000 rounds per minute.

Robotics January 20, 2015

Elon Musk Donates $10 Million to Stop AI Revolution: Is a Revolution Even Possible?

News that Elon Musk has donated money against the so-called artificial intelligence revolution has sparked a new wave of concerns about the technology. Should we be worried about such as revolution ever taking place?

Robotics January 19, 2015

MIT Cracks Algorithm for Robot Object Recognition: Will It Usher in Era of Household Robots?

Helping robots recognize common objects may bring household robot help one step closer. MIT researchers develop computer algorithm that can help such a robot quickly identify objects it would need to manipulate.

Robotics January 14, 2015

Volcanobot: Neither Autobot nor Decepticon but NASA Robot to Help Predict Volcanic Eruptions

NASA developed Volcanobots to explore deep into the crevices of volcanoes. The robots could help scientists better predict volcanic eruptions and also pave the way for a new technology that can be used in space missions.

Robotics January 10, 2015

CES 2015: Five Amazing Robots that Will Make You Say Wow

While smartphones, tablets and TV sets are par for the course at the consumer trade show, we take a look at the technology of the future: robots!

Robotics January 7, 2015

These Robots Learn How to Cook by Watching YouTube. Forget 'MasterChef'

Researchers have developed a way for robots to learn how to use tools by watching videos. The method is used to train a robot how to cook.

Robotics January 3, 2015

Nautical Robot That Looks Like a Fish Could Give Close Glimpse into Marine Life

Nautical robot with fish-like fins could prove ideal for close up study of marine life, its developers say. Unique four-finned craft has freedom of movement around every axis and in three dimensions, Swiss student team behind the robot says.

Robotics January 3, 2015

Robots Onboard ISS May Soon Roam Freely Using Wi-Fi

There are many things you can do with Wi-Fi. Now, NASA is looking into using the Internet access at the ISS as a means of controlling small robots called SPHERES to help the astronauts.

Robotics January 2, 2015

DARPA Wants Drones to be Swift as Hawks, Small as Insects

Defense Department seeks research help to develop small drones capable of swiftly navigating complex indoor environments. Project would take inspiration from nature's flying creatures.

Robotics December 30, 2014

FAA Airs Drone Safety Campaign Video 'Know Before You Fly'

The FAA has released a campaign video that it hopes would provide drone users ample information and guidance in flying safely and responsibly. The ‘Know Before You Fly’ video is the agency's proof of its commitment to safety.

Robotics December 24, 2014

Drones and Kangaroos Don’t Mix. Here’s Why [Video]

Drones may be one of the top items in this holiday season’s wish list but it’s certainly not among the kangaroos. In a video footage, a drone that seemed to be hovering over a troop of kangaroos was knocked down to the ground.

Robotics December 22, 2014

Watch Hector, the Giant Stick Insect Robot, Take its First Steps

A six-legged bot modeled on the stick insect has learned how to walk. The brainchild of German researchers, Hector will likely be able to aid scientists in the study of insect locomotion in the future.

Robotics December 20, 2014

Paralyzed Woman Gets Gift of Movement Back with Robotic Arm

Sensors implanted in brain of paralyzed woman gave her exquisite control of robotic arm. Paralyzed from the neck down, she was able to lift and manipulate a variety of everyday objects.

Robotics December 17, 2014

Hello GhostSwimmer: U.S. Navy's New Underwater Drone Can Frighten Bejeezus Out of Swimmers and Enemies

The U.S. Navy's GhostSwimmer looks and moves like a fish and it can be used as a robotic spy to infiltrate enemy territory. It could be operational starting next year.

Robotics December 18, 2014

iRobot More Than a Floor Cleaner, it Could Be a Hacker's Dream Machine

iRobot says its iRobot Create 2 is aimed at students interested in robotics. The device is affordable and can be used to build anything from a Bluetooth-controlled DJ to a small security guard.

Robotics December 11, 2014

MIT Engineers Cheetah Robot That Runs, Jumps and Soon Will Gallop

MIT engineers and scientists have developed a robot inspired by the fastest land mammal in the world - the cheetah. The robot is able to run at speeds over 10 mph, clear obstacles in its path, and may eventually be used to save lives.

Robotics December 1, 2014

Amazon Robotic Workforce Doesn't Need Meal Breaks

Amazon reveals its fleet of robots working in its fulfillment centers has reached 15,000. While the ranks of its robots are up, the e-commerce company says it still expects to hire 14 percent more seasonal workers than it did last year.

Robotics December 1, 2014

Amazon Order Fulfillment More Efficient with its Fleet of Robots

Amazon is prepared for the massive number of orders coming in for Cyber Monday with the help of its Kiva robots, which are able to lift items as heavy as 750 pounds.

Robotics December 1, 2014

Dalek-like Knightscope K5 Robots May Soon Replace Human Security Guards in Silicon Valley

There’s a new fleet of robots about to take over Silicon Valley, and they look pretty much like the evil Dalek robots from 'Doctor Who.'

Robotics November 25, 2014

Knightscope Security Robots Are Keeping Microsoft Campuses Safe (and They Look Really Scary)

Microsoft unleashes a fleet of Daleks, um, 'robots' to police its campuses. The company behind the policing robots says the revolution has already begun and it hopes law enforcement agencies will begin to adopt the autonomous machines soon.

Robotics November 24, 2014

Robots Are Front Line of Security Patrol in Silicon Valley

Microsoft is using robots as part of its security force at its Silicon Valley campus. The K5 robots, made by Knightscope, can assess any given situation and alert human guards if the robot determines the situation calls for it.

Robotics November 21, 2014

Elon Musk Fears Artificial Intelligence? 'Something Seriously Dangerous' May Happen in 5 Years

Elon Musk, who has invested in companies that make self-driving cars and engage in space transport services, is critical of artificial intelligence and seems to fear unwanted A.I.-related events happening in the near future.

Robotics November 20, 2014

It's Not a Dalek. It's Knightscope's K5 Robot Security Guard

The Knightscope K5 robot security guard has been hired by Microsoft to patrol its premises in Silicon Valley. The robot stands 5 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds.

Robotics November 18, 2014

DJI Inspire 1 Shoots 4K Videos but it is Pricey

DJI Technology has unveiled the Inspire 1, a more upscale and powerful model compared to the successful Phantom commercial drones. The Inspire 1 comes equipped with a detachable 4K camera.

Robotics November 13, 2014

Not yet Karate Kid but Atlas Robot Comes Pretty Close [Video]

Google's Atlas humanoid robot has one more feat to boast: doing a karate move. Is the feared robot army near?

Robotics November 15, 2014

Dawn of Microbots: Electronic 'Muscles' can Automatically Rewire Themselves [Video]

Self-assembling chains of Janus particles may hold the key to building microbots that work autonomously. These microscopic robots could have important contributions in the future.

Robotics November 12, 2014

This Google Robot by Boston Dynamics can do the Crane Kick A La Karate Kid [Video]

The Atlas robot by Boston Dynamics stands 6 ft 2 in and weighs 330 lbs. It was ‘trained’ to stand on just one leg – reenacting that famous part from the ‘Karate Kid.’

Robotics November 12, 2014

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