Prehistoric poo discovered in Argentina

A museum of poo is likely as scientists have excavated a field of dinosaur excrement in Argentina.

SCIENCE December 3, 2013

Comet ISON is wait, it's wait, it's dead

Comet ISON was supposed to be dead, then briefly re-appeared and is now finally dead after taking scientists on a roller-coaster ride the past few days.

SCIENCE December 3, 2013

China launches moon rover Jade Rabbit

China has successfully launched its moon rover Jade Rabbit (Yutu), which is expected to make a soft-landing on the moon's surface on December 14.

SCIENCE December 2, 2013

India's Mars spacecraft leaves Earth's orbit, heads for the Red Planet

India's Mars spacecraft has left Earth's orbit and is now on its way to Mars.

SCIENCE December 3, 2013

Females' life may be shortened by mere presence of males (in case of roundworms)

A new study reveals that the mere presence of male roundworms can reduce the lifespan of female roundworms.

SCIENCE December 1, 2013

China set to launch lunar rover on Monday

China will launch the Chang'e-3 lunar rover on Monday.

SCIENCE December 1, 2013

Unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft delivers supplies to ISS team

Progress 53, an unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft has delivered supplies and holiday gifts to the ISS team.

SCIENCE December 1, 2013

Scientists left baffled by incredibly bright black hole

The black hole in the ULX-1 system is a lot brighter than what scientists had anticipated.

SCIENCE December 1, 2013

Sex starved males live shorter (fruit flies, at least)

A new research suggests that sex-starved fruit flies have shorter life span.

SCIENCE December 1, 2013

Scientists crack mystery behind Whirling Dervishes skirts

A group of scientists looked into the math involved in producing the shapes of the Whirling Dervishes skirts.

SCIENCE November 29, 2013

Can windshield wipers be used to gauge rainfall? Yes, say researchers

Besides clearing the windshield of dirt, debris and water, scientists have found out a new use for the wipers - measure the intensity of rain.

SCIENCE December 1, 2013

Did the sun just gobble up comet ISON?

No trace of the tail of the "sungrazer" comet ISON. Did the comet disintegrate?

SCIENCE November 29, 2013

Google Earth reveals perils of over-fishing in Persian Gulf

Researchers used images captured from Google Earth to understand the impact of over fishing in the Persian Gulf.

SCIENCE November 29, 2013

Seahorses are cunning and deadly predators: Study

A recent study indicates that the docile seahorses are actually cunning and deadly predators.

SCIENCE November 29, 2013

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket again fails to take off

The Falcon 9 rocket from Space X has failed to take off again after being rescheduled.

SCIENCE November 29, 2013

SpaceX reschedules Falcon 9 rocket launch for Thursday following technical glitch

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket has been rescheduled for a November 28 launch, following a technical glitch.

SCIENCE November 28, 2013

Weather-maker mushrooms shock scientists

A recent research indicates that mushroom can make their own wind, shocking scientists.

SCIENCE November 27, 2013

Scientists make cheese from human bacteria

Eating cheese derived from cows and goats have long been one of humanity's strange habits that have no end in sight. So, how about cheese from human bacteria?

SCIENCE November 26, 2013

Seawater discovered in giant crater is over 100 million years old, say scientists

Scientists have discovered seawater, which is estimated to be over 100 million years old, in a giant crater in the Chesapeake Bay.

SCIENCE November 26, 2013

Why are sky gazers going gaga over Comet ISON?

Sky gazers are going gaga over the comet of the century - Comet ISON- which is a "sungrazer."

SCIENCE November 26, 2013

Monster gamma ray burst fails to create any Hulk

Scientists have spotted a powerful gamma ray burst in the near universe.

SCIENCE November 26, 2013

Mount Etna reveals its fury again, raining ash on neighboring towns

Mount Etna erupted again on November 23, barely a month after its eruption on October 26 this year.

SCIENCE November 24, 2013

Meet the dinosaur that made T-Rex quake in fear

Scientists discovered fossils of a monster dinosaur that probably made even the T-Rex quake in fear.

SCIENCE November 24, 2013

ISS celebrates 15th birthday: Top 10 interesting facts

Here are some things you should know about the International Space Station (ISS) as it celebrates its 15th birthday.

SCIENCE November 21, 2013

Virginia high school students launch satellite into space (with a little help from NASA)

A small satellite built by high school students from Virginia was sent to orbit on Tuesday.

SCIENCE November 21, 2013

No takers for dueling dinosaurs at Bonhams auction

The "Montana Dueling Dinosaurs" failed to sell during an auction in New York City.

SCIENCE November 21, 2013

Egyptian mummies got to chow on meat mummies in afterlife

Experts look into how ancient Egyptians preserved meats that they buried with mummified humans and pets.

SCIENCE November 21, 2013

Scientists invent self-healing battery electrode, promises less charging time

Researchers have invented self-healing battery electrodes that will require less charging time.

SCIENCE November 21, 2013

Ancient Canaanite city in Israel was built on top of even older city: Archaeologists

Archaeologists exploring an ancient city in Israel have discovered another Biblical city lying beneath it.

SCIENCE November 20, 2013

Battle of the noses: Why men's noses are bigger than women's?

For people wondering why males have bigger noses, researchers from the University of Iowa might have an answer.

SCIENCE November 20, 2013

NASA MAVEN starts historic journey to Mars

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft has begun its journey to Mars.

SCIENCE November 20, 2013

Massive volcano discovered under Antarctic ice sheet

A new study has discovered a massive active volcano under Antarctica's ice sheet.

SCIENCE November 19, 2013

Scientists accidentally kill 507-year old Ming the Mollusc

Scientists accidentally killed the world's oldest living creature.

SCIENCE November 19, 2013

Domesticated dog's ancestry traced to European wolves

Researchers have traced European ancestry for the domesticated dogs.

SCIENCE November 18, 2013

Fossil of dinosaurs locked in combat to be auctioned in NYC

Fossils of dueling dinosaurs discovered in Montana will be put on auction. Scientists are hoping a good soul will buy them and donate it to a museum.

SCIENCE November 17, 2013

NASA video walks us through Mars 4 bn years ago

An animation produced by NASA gives everyone a peek of what Mars could have looked like billions of years ago when it had ideal atmospheric conditions.

SCIENCE November 15, 2013

Say cheese: Cassini takes photo of Saturn and smaller siblings

NASA's Cassini spacecraft takes pictures of Saturm, Earth and more.

SCIENCE November 14, 2013

Mars Curiosity rover recovers from software glitch

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has recovered from software glitches after going into safe mode for around three days.

SCIENCE November 13, 2013

Space Ferrari chooses Atlantic Ocean as its final resting place

The GOCE satellite of the European Space Agency burned on its way back to earth. The debris of the spacecraft splashed into the waters near Falkland Islands.

SCIENCE November 12, 2013

NJ biologists remove arrow from injured deer's head

Biologists from New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife have successfully removed an arrow that had pierced both sides of a deer's head.

SCIENCE November 13, 2013

New scorpion species spotted in Turkey, bite as deadly as mosquito's

A new species of scorpion was discovered in Turkey. It might look frightening but it might not be as dangerous as people might think.

SCIENCE November 13, 2013

Human pee could power future environmental robots

Thanks to a new mechanism, human pee can power future environmental bots.

SCIENCE November 13, 2013

Chelyabinsk-type meteors more common than you thought, warns scientists

Scientists have warned that Chelyabinsk-type meteors are more common than thought.

SCIENCE November 13, 2013

Montreal Protocol (Ozone Treaty) helped slow global warming

Per a new study, the Montreal Protocol helped slow down global warming. Albeit inadvertently.

SCIENCE November 13, 2013

Peccaries lead scientists to ancient cave drawings in Brazil

Scientists chasing Peccaries in Brazil, stumbled upon ancient cave drawings.

SCIENCE November 13, 2013

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