Montreal Protocol (Ozone Treaty) helped slow global warming

Per a new study, the Montreal Protocol helped slow down global warming. Albeit inadvertently.

SCIENCE November 13, 2013

Peccaries lead scientists to ancient cave drawings in Brazil

Scientists chasing Peccaries in Brazil, stumbled upon ancient cave drawings.

SCIENCE November 13, 2013

Asteroid with 6 comet tails spotted

Astronomers have spotted an object that seems to have six comet tails.

SCIENCE November 11, 2013

Don't look up now but satellite debris may crash on your head

European Space Agency's Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer is getting closer to earth's atmosphere after running out of fuel. And, it's all set to crash onto terra firma on Sunday.

SCIENCE November 10, 2013

We are not alone: Kepler telescope finds numerous Earth-like, habitable planets

Billions of habitable planets in outer space. Which one of them contains life?

SCIENCE November 7, 2013

Starfish graveyard along California coastline found, mysterious disease blamed

Starfish along the California coastline are getting infected by a baffling disease that turns them into slime.

SCIENCE November 6, 2013

Flesh-eating giant platypus fossil found in Australia

A modern-day platypus might be considered by a lot of people as cute, but a newly discovered extinct species of the animal might not fit the description.

SCIENCE November 6, 2013

India joins Mars mission race

India's Mars Orbiter Mission is being considered as a well thought-out and a key milestone. Former ISRO Chairman K. Kasturirangan said that it will help boost New Delhi's credentials to join future collaborative international deep-space missions.

SCIENCE November 6, 2013

Bees, Dinos wiped out same time: Is there a connection?

Bees and dinosaurs were wiped out at the same time nearly 66 million years ago.

SCIENCE October 28, 2013

Astronauts warn UN dangers posed by NEOs and ways to protect Earth

Astronauts have warned the UN about the dangers of near-earth objects (NEOs) and ways to protect Earth from their impact.

SCIENCE October 28, 2013

Grasshopper mouse gobbles stinging scorpion: How?

The grasshopper mouse can eat the bark scorpion, thanks to evolution without any signs of pain.

SCIENCE October 28, 2013

NASA laser communication shot at moon sets new speed record

NASA has a new laser beam communication technology that could allow the transfer of high definition content from space.

SCIENCE October 24, 2013

Gold does grow on trees (at least on eucalyptus leaves)

Scientists in Australia have confirmed that there are gold particles on eucalyptus leaves. The trees tap into underground ore deposits as its roots search for water and nutrients.

SCIENCE October 24, 2013

Space-tourism company offers balloon ride to stratosphere for $75k

People who can spare $75,000 can fulfill their lifelong dream of reaching space,almost, thanks to World View.

SCIENCE October 24, 2013

US gasoline price plunges to record nine-month low: Lundberg survey

A recent Lundberg survey suggests that price of regular gasoline in the U.S. has dropped to a record nine-month low.

SCIENCE October 22, 2013

Pacific Ocean temperatures, US tornado activity link found

Researchers from the University of Missouri have found a link between temperatures in the Pacific Ocean and tornadoes in the United States.

SCIENCE October 22, 2013

Amazon rainforest home to nearly 400 bn trees but very few tree species: Study

A new study gives an estimate of the number of trees in the Amazon and paints a picture of how the ecology is dominated by hyperdominant trees.

SCIENCE October 22, 2013

Hit or miss? Asteroid 2013 TV135 may peck Earth in 2032

A 1,350-ft-wide asteroid will brush by Earth in 2032.

SCIENCE October 21, 2013

Get your own real dinosaur skeleton for £500k

Bones of a Diplodocus longus, a dinosaur from the Late Jurassic era, will be put on sale in Britain in November.

SCIENCE October 20, 2013

Scientists stumped by whacky planetary system

A recent discovery of tilted orbits in multi-planetary system has stumped scientists.

SCIENCE October 20, 2013

Saturn's glory fully captured by NASA

The Cassini-Huygens mission of NASA recently snapped a set of images of Saturn. After processing, the mosaics produced footprints of what could be some of the most amazing images of the ringed-planet.

SCIENCE October 20, 2013

Yeti mystery solved? British scientist claims it's real and cousin of polar bear

A British scientist has suggested that the legendary Yeti could be a hybrid of the polar and brown bears.

SCIENCE October 18, 2013

Biggest star in Milky Way in death throes, say fascinated scientists

W26, the largest known star in the cosmos, is nearing its end, per scientists.

SCIENCE October 18, 2013

Rare saber-tooth whale found dead in California shore

A rare saber-tooth whale washed ashore and was found dead at the Venice Beach in Southern California.

SCIENCE October 17, 2013

Amaze 3D printing project to help European Space Agency build rocket parts

The European Space Agency (ESA) has revealed that it plans to "take 3D printing into the metal age" which it hopes to achieve by constructing parts for spacecrafts, jets and fusion projects.

SCIENCE October 17, 2013

Divers salvage Chelyabinsk meteor chunk from bottom of Russian lake

Scientists have found a huge fragment of the meteorite that hit the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia in February.

SCIENCE October 17, 2013

Found: Fossil of 46-million-year-old mosquito with tummy full of blood

A fossilized mosquito with preserved blood components inside its belly has been discovered in northwest Montana.

SCIENCE October 16, 2013

18-foot-long carcass of oarfish found off California coast

A staff member of the Catalina Island Maritime Institute has found a dead 18-foot oarfish in the waters off Toyon Bay.

SCIENCE October 16, 2013

Diamonds strewn in Jupiter and Saturn's atmospheres: Research

Jupiter and Saturn may have diamonds in their atmosphere. Lots of them.

SCIENCE October 15, 2013

NASA ban on Chinese scientists heavily criticized

A ban by NASA on Chinese participants to attend the Kepler conference has been heavily criticized by Chinese, as well as U.S. scientists.

SCIENCE October 14, 2013

Jupiter probe Juno wakes up after short nap

Jupiter probe Juno is now fully active after it went on a safe mode unexpectedly.

SCIENCE October 14, 2013

What News: Physicist Peter Higgs wins Nobel prize

Physicist Peter Higgs has been awarded the Nobel Prize along with colleague Francois Englert.

SCIENCE October 13, 2013

Post 2047, crazy climate will destroy cities worldwide, warns new study

See-sawing temperature and erratic climatic conditions will destroy cities worldwide.

SCIENCE October 12, 2013

Astronomers discover lost and lonely planet in Milky Way

Astronomers in Hawaii have discovered a free-floating planet in the Milky Way, which is not orbting any star.

SCIENCE October 12, 2013

Billionaire rocketeers duke it out for shuttle launch pad

The mothballed launchpad at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, which dispatched Neil Armstrong and his crew on their historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969, is the focus of a battle of another sort, between two billionaire techies seeking to dominate a new era of private space flight.

SCIENCE October 3, 2013

NASA finds plastic on Saturn's Titan moon

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has found propylene, a chemical used to make household plastic containers, on Saturn's moon Titan, the space agency said.

SCIENCE October 3, 2013

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasts off from California

An unmanned Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from California on Sunday to test upgrades before commercial satellite launch services begin later this year.

SCIENCE October 3, 2013

Termites' powerful weapon against extermination? Their own poop

Scientists trying to understand why destructive wood-eating termites are so resistant to efforts to exterminate them have come up with an unusually repugnant explanation.

SCIENCE October 3, 2013

Government shutdown cripples America

A string of cancelations and delays caused by thefederal government shutdown rippled across the United States on Wednesday.

SCIENCE October 2, 2013

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