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All-glass iPhone, iPad, and TV? New Apple patent suggests its possible

Apple patent teases the possibility of an all-glass iPhone, iPad. Is Apple on its way to making the future clear?

Smart Home July 11, 2014

Intel, Dell, Samsung and the Open Interconnect Consortium

Companies including Intel, Samsung, and Dell have founded the Open Interconnect Consortium. The organization seeks to create communication standards for the Internet of Things.

Smart Home July 8, 2014

Intel, Samsung, and Dell form coalition to establish standard for smart home devices

A number of technology companies decided to form a new group dubbed as Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC). The goal is to set the new compatibility standards for interconnected smart devices.

Smart Home July 8, 2014

Wink smart home products hit Home Depot stores

Making the not-so-smart home a smart home is only a trip to Home Depot away, as Wink has begun shipping more than 60 smart home products to thousands of Home Depot stores in the U.S.

Smart Home July 8, 2014

Microsoft jumps on Internet of Things bandwagon

Microsoft joins an alliance to push Internet of Things. The AllSeen Alliance welcome's Microsoft multi-platform capabilities as the consortium seeks to standardize a language for all devices and applications.

Smart Home July 3, 2014

GE rolls out cheaper Link smart light bulb

GE launches a new LED light bulb called the Link as part of a smart home line of appliances. This smart bulb is more affordable at $15 and is expected to compete with Philips Hue wireless light bulb.

Smart Home July 2, 2014

Nest taps developers with 'Works with Nest' API: Prepping for a connected future?

Nest has launched a developer program to allow its smart home technology to connect and interact with other devices. Several companies have already signed on.

Smart Home June 25, 2014

Nest ready to control your smart home, invites developers to join in

Nest is integrating with other smart devices to automate your home. Six developers are ready to show off how their products can team up with Nest to make your life better.

Smart Home June 24, 2014

Nest Labs launches developer program. Smart homes will be smarter.

Nest Labs wants its smart thermostat to become the center of the smart home of the future. The Google-owned company has already enlisted several developers to create smart appliances that work with Nest.

Smart Home June 24, 2014

Google's Nest buying Dropcam for $550M in smart home monitoring push

Dropcam's surveillance products and apps set to complement Nest's programmable thermostats and smart smoke detectors. Nest reassures Dropcam customers Google will keep its hands off user data, unless customer consent given.

Smart Home June 23, 2014

Google-owned Nest acquisition of Dropcam for $555 million triggers privacy concerns

Google's Nest announced it has acquired Dropcam to streamline the smart home revolution. Still, the purchase is raising privacy concerns even before official details are released.

Smart Home June 21, 2014

Nest buys Dropcam for $555 million. No, Google will not spy on you

Nest just acquired Dropcam for a whopping $555 million, combining two of the most loved brands under a single banner that is Google. The home automation wars have just begun.

Smart Home June 24, 2014

Nest Protect hits shelves for $30 less, minus Nest Wave

Nest has resumed selling the recalled Nest Protect smoke detector. The devices are priced lower than before, but the Nest Wave feature that caused the problem is disabled.

Smart Home June 18, 2014

Google Nest smoke alarm back, but it's waveless

Nest smoke detector and CO alarm is back on the market, but it won't have the Wave function. The company says it is working to fix the problem, but wants to keep pushing forward with sales.

Smart Home June 17, 2014

This treadmill is not just for burning calories but for washing clothes

An eco-friendly treadmill designed by Si Hyeong Ryu is looking to break barriers and redefine how we wash clothes. The Wheel will not only help runners burn calories, but will also clean dirty laundry.

Smart Home June 17, 2014

Nest Protect back on sale after recall, now cheaper at $99

Nest Labs’ smart smoke detector is back from the dead with a $20 price cut, after a two-month break prompted by a faulty safety feature.

Smart Home June 18, 2014

Honeywell Lyric looks to ruffle Google Nest with new smart thermostat

Honeywell's new Lyric thermostat presents a fitting rival for Google's Nest. It connects with smartphones and automatically sets the temperature.

Smart Home June 14, 2014

Honeywell Lyric is one smart home thermostat that adjusts to your lifestyle thanks to GPS capability

Honeywell aims to get back to the top of the smart home sector. And the company's new Lyric smart thermostat hopes to do just that.

Smart Home June 10, 2014

Cisco: Video, Internet-of-Things, mobile are prime drivers of Internet use

More users with more devices to push Internet traffic into the zettabuty range by 2018, survey finds. Video, the "Internet of Things" to lead the increase.

Smart Home June 11, 2014

The smart home is the next battleground: What to expect from the top 3 tech companies?

The battle for our living rooms is still ongoing, but the battle for our entire home is about to begin. The smart home is clearly the future, and it is closer than you think.

Smart Home June 8, 2014

WWDC 2014: Apple unveils iOS 8 with HealthKit, HomeKit and more

The iOS 8 will be released to the public in the fall. It is now currently available to developers.

Smart Home June 3, 2014

Apple to shake up smart home market? iPhone could become your life's remote control

The smart home space that Apple is looking to make a play in is one of the larger components of the IoT. You can expect all the major players to grab for a piece of this pie as the category evolves.

Smart Home May 28, 2014

Will Apple turn the iPhone into a universal remote control for your smart home?

Want to turn up the thermostat, turn on the lights and lock the door all at the same time? You’d need three remote controls for that, but Apple is planning to make your iPhone a universal remote control for all three appliances and more.

Smart Home May 28, 2014

Smart home bug bites Apple: Expect to see new smart home platform at WWDC

At next week's WWDC conference, Apple is expected to unveil new smart home platform. The idea is to integrate it with the new iPhone 6.

Smart Home May 27, 2014

Roombots: Check out the house robot that can transform itself into any furniture

Need 'smart' furniture that knows where you want it and at what height? Say hello to furniture-creating Roombots

Smart Home May 24, 2014

Why Nest is recalling 440,000 Smoke Protect and what you should do

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission orders Nest to recall 440,000 of its Nest Protect Smoke + CO alarms, but it will be back on sale in the market in just a few weeks.

Smart Home May 23, 2014

Chromosonic is a new fabric that can turn you into chameleon. Here's how

Fashion is going to the next level. A newly-invented fabric called Chromosonic can "dance" to the tune of the user's playlist and can even change colors when touched.

Smart Home May 17, 2014

Tado Cooling can make any air conditioner smart and save you some money

Tado has a new Internet-connected cooling device, one that can track your whereabouts so your air conditioner can turn itself on or off depending on where you are.

Smart Home May 13, 2014

Feeling lonely? LG lets you chat with your smart appliances

Want to talk with your smart fridge? LG has already made this a possibility in South Korea, and soon folks from the United States will get to enjoy it in the coming months.

Smart Home May 9, 2014

Internet of Things may spark data overload: Are IT systems ready?

The IT systems of the past 20 years won't be able to handle the emerging Internet of Things market.

Smart Home May 7, 2014

Dropcam gets smarter with new Tabs sensors. Stick-on accessory will let you know what's closed, open

Dropcam makes its Wi-Fi-connected surveillance camera even better by adding people detection and motion-detecting Dropcam Tabs. Updates will be available in August.

Smart Home May 7, 2014

Want a Nest Learning Thermostat? It's now on Google Play for $250

The Nest Learning Thermostat was earlier reported to be up at the Play Store but was eventually taken down. Now, it's officially on sale just in time for the Earth Day.

Smart Home April 24, 2014

Cybercriminals, computer viruses may soon invade your smart TVs: Eugene Kaspersky

A security expert reveals that cyber threats are continuously evolving and cybercriminals may soon come into our homes through our TV screens, as the latter are now being connected to the Internet. Read what he has to say.

Smart Home April 23, 2014

Sweden’s WizzCom makes 3D TV without the glasses, possible

Sweden's WizzCom 3D has launched a series of monitors delivering 3D imaging without the need for those pesky glasses.

Smart Home April 12, 2014

Get ready for your sixth sense: Mobile tech and Internet of Things entering next phase

Our mobile devices may soon be interacting with just about every other device in our lives as the Internet of Things readies for take-off.

Smart Home April 8, 2014

Google plans to disrupt smart TV market with Android TV

Rumors are abounding that Google is preparing to launch a new smart TV, dubbed Android TV, that aims at easier content accessibility and user friendliness.

Smart Home April 7, 2014

Google is working on Android TV for the living room: Is it similar to Amazon Fire TV?

Google wants the living room, and it is willing to make another bold attempt to make it happen. Android TV may be its best bet yet.

Smart Home April 6, 2014

Faulty Feature: Google Nest faces hiccups

As Google Nest recalls its smoke alarms, questions and hopes abound over the home safety company.

Smart Home April 5, 2014

Nest Labs halts sales of Nest Protect smoke alarm due to faulty Wave feature

Nest Labs has stopped the sale of its Nest Protect smoke alarm after the discovery of an erroneous feature. Here's what we know so far.

Smart Home April 4, 2014

Google launches Nest Learning Thermostat in the UK, sells for £249 with installation

Google has hatched another product for UK homeowners. It has launched its Nest Learning Thermostat and this is how it did it.

Smart Home April 2, 2014

Philips expands Hue line of smart lighting: 3D-printed lamp, Lux, and Tap

Representing the cutting edge of smart lighting, Philips has unveiled three new additions to their line of smart lighting products. The new additions take advantage of the latest technologies blending together both form and function.

Smart Home March 29, 2014

Turning water to wine: Say hello to Jesus-inspired Miracle Machine

At a time of 3D printers, wearable technologies, and the Internet of Things, who would have ever thought the Biblical tale of Jesus' first miracle of turning water into wine during a wedding in Cana can take place today? However, this time it's not Jesus who's performed the miracle; this time it is all about science and high-tech gadgetry.

Smart Home March 10, 2014

Nest CEO promises Google won't get to peek at your personal data (at least for now)

NNest CEO, Tony Fadell, has promised that he would allow users to opt-in if Google should make any changes to Nest's privacy policy. He also promised all users that he will be transparent about such changes, if and when they happen.

Smart Home January 22, 2014

CES 2014: Top 3 crazy tech you shouldn't miss

2014 International CES always has the wow factor. Before the world's largest consumer electronics show draws to a close on Friday, we've listed three of the most outrageous technology creations the show has to offer. Don't forget to check them out.

Smart Home January 10, 2014

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