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Google smart thermostat in the works?

Forget user data. Google now wants to take a peek at how consumers use electricity with a smart thermostat called EnergySense.

Smart Home December 18, 2013

MyLIFTER lets you lift heavy objects with just a finger

An app-controlled device allows users to lift up to 50 pounds of heavy object.

Smart Home December 16, 2013

Birdi smart air monitor may pose threat to Nest Protect

Birdi, which has hit Indiegogo, claims to be better than a smoke detector. It monitors levels of pollutants in the air and can also send notifications about pollution, fire and battery levels straight to your smartphone.

Smart Home December 14, 2013

AllSeen Alliance working to make the Internet of Things a reality before 2020

With the new AllSeen Alliance, the Internet of Things could be a reality before the year 2020.

Smart Home December 10, 2013

LG promises update to end Smart TV spying charges

LG has promised to release a software update to address allegations that its Smart TVs were collecting user data without permission.

Smart Home November 23, 2013

LG Smart TV is really smart - it spies on you

LG Smart TVs are collecting detailed logs of data and sending them to South Korean factory unencrypted.

Smart Home November 22, 2013

Nest Mobile 4.0 gets new look, support for Nest Protect

Popular thermostat controller app Nest Mobile for iOS and Android gets update and Nest Protect support.

Smart Home November 17, 2013

New Roomba promises to keep your floor dirt-free

iRobot's Roomba 880 is faster, quieter and more efficient than its predecessor.

Smart Home November 13, 2013

Chromecast rival PLAiR 2 unleashed: What you should know

Chromecast has a new rival, the PLAiR 2.

Smart Home November 5, 2013

65-inch ultra-HD Apple TV likely in 2014: Analyst

A 65-inch ultra-HD Apple TV will likely launch in Q4 2014.

Smart Home October 24, 2013

Apple iWatch: More of home automation, less of smartwatch?

Apple iWatch may be able to control various electronic gadgets at home.

Smart Home October 13, 2013

Nest Protect smoke alarm - Why the media is going gaga over it

There's good reason why the media is going gaga over Nest Labs' Nest Protect smoke alarm.

Smart Home October 12, 2013

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