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AT&T Digital Life Will Let You Control Your Home From Your Car's Dashboard

AT&T aims to give consumers control of the home from anywhere, such as the car dashboard. Its newest tech platform connects car services to home and security services.

Smart Home March 2, 2015

Privacy Advocate Group Prods FTC To Investigate Samsung Over Smart TV Issue

EPIC, a nonprofit advocacy group, claims Samsung violated federal privacy law because of its Smart TV's ability to collect and transmit recorded conversations.

Smart Home March 1, 2015

IBM, ARM Unveil Internet Of Things Starter Kit

IBM and ARM want to secure their places in the upcoming Internet of Things revolution by supplying businesses with IoT starter kits.

Smart Home February 25, 2015

Samsung Smart TV Doesn't Encrypt Voice Data: Hackers' Delight?

A security researcher claims that Samsung is not encrypting collected voice data from its smart TVs as it policy claims is supposed to be happening. The issue could draw rogue firmware snooping, says the researcher.

Smart Home February 19, 2015

Is Your Samsung Smart TV Really Spying On You? Hush

Samsung Smart TVs may have a feature that could cause privacy advocates to react and feel skeptical. The company's privacy policy indicated that their TV's voice recognition feature could transmit captured data to a third party.

Smart Home February 10, 2015

FTC Tells IoT Players: Shore Up Data Security, Consumer Privacy Protection

Federal agency issues recommendations stating Internet of Things vendors and service providers have a responsibility to protect consumers. Trust is paramount for the IoT to flourish, says FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez.

Smart Home January 27, 2015

The Stir M1 Smart Desk is One Techie Furniture for Your Wish List at $2,990

Stir has just unveiled a new version of its smart electronic desk. Dubbed as the Kinetic M1, the new desk boasts of a number of the same features found from the original model albeit at a more pocket-friendly price point.

Smart Home January 23, 2015

CES 2015: August Connect Gives You Remote Access to Lock, Unlock Your Doors

August Connect is a device that will provide the company's previously released August Smart Lock with a sustained connection to the Internet.

Smart Home January 8, 2015

CES 2015: The 'Ring' to Control Them All? How Logbar Gesture Control Ring Works

Logbar showcased its new Ring at CES 2015. The device allows users to operate appliances by waving their finger in the air.

Smart Home January 7, 2015

CES 2015: FTC Chairwoman Raises Concerns About User Privacy with IoT Boom

The increasing number of connected machines could pose a threat to personal privacy by creating a “deeply personal” picture of a person’s lifestyle, warns FTC chair.

Smart Home January 7, 2015

CES 2015: Sleep Number SleepIQ Kids Bed: This Smart Bed Does More Than Keep Monsters Away

Sleep IQ Kids bed is a smart bed designed to help kids get a good night's sleep and allow parents to monitor their children's sleeping patterns. It is also the only bed that grows with a child.

Smart Home January 8, 2015

Tech Times Announces 2015 CES Best of Innovation Honorees

Tech Times announces its inaugural 2015 International CES Innovation Award winners, highlighting technology advancements across a wide range of electronic products and devices.

Smart Home January 5, 2015

The Year Ahead: 5 Videos Illustrating Top Tech Segments to Track

It's an understatement to say technology had a big year in 2014, given advancements in everything from wearables to driverless cars. As the new year arrives, with tech players likely to birth a rash a new tools and products in January, we offer these videos illustrating what's to come in the new year.

Smart Home January 2, 2015

CES 2015: Fun Facts About the Largest Consumer Electronics Show in the World

CES 2015 is right around the corner and is sure to include some showstoppers. However, there are a few things you might not know about the show, so here are some fun facts about CES.

Smart Home December 22, 2014

Home Automation at CES: What to Expect

Home automation is a product category that is growing increasingly popular, and that trend is set to continue at CES 2015, which will begin in just a few weeks. Here is a rundown of categories that will be most present at CES 2015 in home automation.

Smart Home December 22, 2014

Scientists Develop Smart Window that can Tint or Brighten Itself and Function as Battery

Scientists develop a smart window that can automatically block or allow light when needed. The smart window can reduce light penetration by 50 percent.

Smart Home December 21, 2014

You Can Now Control Your Nest Learning Thermostat with Your Voice. Here's How

Google-owned Nest has released a new feature that allows users to use "OK, Google"-powered voice commands to operate the Nest Thermostat.

Smart Home December 17, 2014

Sony Tries Crowdfunding for its Qrio Smart Lock. How is it Different from Your Doorknob? [Video]

Sony turns to crowdfunding yet again to introduce a smart lock to keep homeowners and business owners safe -- only that Sony and security aren't exactly synonymous these days.

Smart Home December 13, 2014

LittleBits DIY Smart Home Kit Will Make You Feel Smart: Here's How

The startup company littleBits has released a new electronic DIY kit that can make old home appliances work smarter. The kit includes a number of easy-to-assemble projects with brand new littleBits modules.

Smart Home November 19, 2014

Nokia Prepping New Hardware? Rumors Swirl as Former Handset Maker Launches Teasers

'We're up to something' says Nokia of a teaser image that depicts what appears to be a set-top box. The timing of the teaser and the use of Nokia's logo suggests the former handset maker had some role in the development of the box, though Nokia's CEO recently said the company had no licensing deals in the works.

Smart Home November 17, 2014

Life After Nokia: Finland Oulu's Second Miracle Takes Shape

Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia dealt a solid blow to Finland's technology industry, but the country to the east of the Baltic Sea is poised for another economic boom. Tech Times speaks with the CEO of BusinessOulu to find out how the Nokia buyout affected Oulu and what the city's future looks like. This is part one of a two-part series on Finland's tech industry rebound.

Smart Home November 18, 2014

5 Videos for Tapping Tech to Secure the Home

Home security is important for any homeowner or renter, and there are many ways to ensure no one can enter your home without your permission. Here are five videos that will help you keep your home secure.

Smart Home November 20, 2014

Squair Box Uses Cold Plasma Technology to Purify Air, Now on Kickstarter Campaign

Plasma-powered air purifier promises to clear the air of dust, pollen and other pollutants. Unit can work in a home, office or in your car, inventors say.

Smart Home November 13, 2014

Samsung Intends To Be In The Thick Of Internet Of Things

Developers were invited to get aboard the Internet of Things bandwagon at the Samsung Developer Conference 2014. Samsung is betting big on its SmartThings and Tizen platforms, but it needs developers to produce apps that draw consumers.

Smart Home November 12, 2014

Amazon Echo is a cylindrical personal digital assistant for the living room [Video]

Amazon is taking an unexpected foray into the home automation industry with a cylindrical speaker that can do everything that Siri, Google Now and Cortana can do.

Smart Home November 9, 2014

Amazon Echo is here: Voice-controlled wireless speaker is cool and creepy

The Amazon Echo is a wireless, voice-controlled speaker that can play back music, set alarms, and fill out shopping lists. It will be sold for $199, but only $99 for Amazon Prime customers.

Smart Home November 7, 2014

Amazon Echo speaker gadget features Alexa, a Siri-like home presence

Amazon wants consumers to welcome Alexa into their homes and their daily routines. The digital voice assistant lives inside Amazon's new cloud-connected speaker unit.

Smart Home November 6, 2014

Netgear's Arlo security camera can battle harsh elements in smart home monitoring

Netgear has announced a smart home security camera system called Arlo, which offers a wireless camera system that lasts from four to six months on a single charge and can withstand wind and rain. It's likely just the first of many smart home devices coming from Netgear.

Smart Home November 5, 2014

Nest thermostat update drives efficiency, utility cost savings

Nest has released an update to its smart thermostat software, offering a number of new features. Nest claims the update will help users save up to 6 percent on heating and cooling bills.

Smart Home November 4, 2014

I3-year-old Braille printer inventor one of 16 startups Intel now backing

Intel's venture capital division pours $62 million in funding into 16 promising startups. The company expects to invest approximately $355 million in startups over the year.

Smart Home November 4, 2014

Nest software update makes it smarter, helps users lower utility bills

Nest releases a new Thermostat software update which features some interface tweaks and enhanced automation smarts. The Google-owned company says the update will help users lower heating and cooling bills.

Smart Home November 5, 2014

Want a perfect cup of coffee? There's an app-controlled coffeemaker for that

Coffee lovers in search of the perfect brew will love Bruvelo, an app-controlled coffeemaker. The gadget can be used with your smartphone and comes pre-configured with three 'Flavor Profiles,' which determine the strength of the coffee.

Smart Home October 28, 2014

Google Nest buys smart home automation startup Revolv only to stop selling its products: Here's why

Impressed by the startup's smart home platform, Google's Nest acquires Revolv. The talent at Revolv will be tasked with improving Nest's Works with Nest platform.

Smart Home October 26, 2014

Nest purchase of Revolv brings Google step closer to complete domination of smart home

Google's Nest has acquired smart home startup Revolv. Revolv will be joining the development of the Works with Nest platform, as Nest continues to grow into the dominant player in the industry.

Smart Home October 25, 2014

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight can protect your home while you're away. Here's how it works

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight not only detects smoke or carbon monoxide alert signals, but also calls and sends texts. It even tries to reach one's family and friends.

Smart Home October 22, 2014

Telecoms, services providers playing a niche role in the emergence of the smart home

The smart home race isn't only about hardware and software manufacturers. Telecoms and home security companies could help smart home products stay secure, connected and up-to-date.

Smart Home September 26, 2014

ARM Cortex M7 chip promises to give IoT a shot in the arm

ARM has a powerful, new chip made for everyday smart objects. Here’s to giving the Internet of Things a boost.

Smart Home September 24, 2014

Logitech debuts harmonious command hub for the home

Logitech wants to serve as the intermediary for smart home products built by different manufacturers. Logitech's Harmony line now includes a smart home hub.

Smart Home September 17, 2014

A thermostat that does a bit more than control temp, it knows when you leave a room!

Ecobee has announced its new Ecobee3 system, a smart thermostat that allows users to specifically control different areas of the house. It gets smarter each time a new sensor is introduced.

Smart Home September 16, 2014

Ecobee3 promises it's smarter than the Nest thermostat. Here's why

A comfortable home is a wonderful home. ecobee3 steps up to the challenge of being a smarter thermostat, intuitively making heating and cooling decisions for your optimum comfort.

Smart Home September 17, 2014

Withings' Home is no ordinary baby cam, it detects motion, crying and even monitors air quality

Consumer electronics company Withings rounds out its line of health products with the Home. The all-in-one monitoring station captures video, monitors air quality and analyses the environment for sounds of distress.

Smart Home September 4, 2014

IFA 2014: Elgato to showcase smart bulb Avea, Eve smarthome sensors

The products that Elgato will showcase in IFA 2014 are the Eve smarthome system and its sensors, the Avea smart bulb and the Smart Power portable power device.

Smart Home September 2, 2014

Broadcom hopes to woo IoT developers with $20 WICED development kit

Broadcom is looking to stimulate growth for Internet of Things applications. The company has come out with its $20 WICED Sense Kit that promises to make it easier for developers to create prototypes.

Smart Home August 29, 2014

Samsung spends $200M for a pretty smart thing: An open smart home platform

Samsung's reveals how it will approach the Internet of Things. The Korean tech titan acquires SmartThings, a home automation developer with a deep collection of smart products.

Smart Home August 15, 2014

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