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Mysterious Company Offers Mobile Private Islands: Perfect For Supervillains

Migaloo, which has a few other designs for private submersible yachts, is offering the mobile private island named Kokomo Ailand. The island includes a penthouse, a jungle deck complete with waterfalls and a shark-feeding station.

Smart Home September 25, 2015

iRobot’s Wi-Fi-Equipped Roomba 980 Gives Rosie The Robot A Run For Her Money

iRobot has unveiled a beefed up version of its famous vacuum-cleaning robot, the Roomba 980. Here is what homeowners can expect from the company’s newest Roomba.

Smart Home September 19, 2015

Logitech Harmony Elite: Make Your Smart Home Come To Life In A Touch

Not everyone's house is filled with smart home devices. For those who are techie or rich enough to collect the most recent releases, Logitech Harmony Elite is the best way to organize technology.

Smart Home September 18, 2015

Sony Expands 4K TV Lineup With HDR Support, Teams Up With Amazon To Bring More Content

Sony is bringing HDR to a greater range of 4K Ultra HD TVs and has partnered with Amazon to provide HDR content. Both companies are giving away free titles to buyers of HDR-compatible TV models.

Smart Home September 17, 2015

Samsung Unveils New SmartThings Internet Of Things Kit That Works Even Without Internet

The new SmartThings kit includes a smart home hub, four sensors and a free companion app that work on Android and iOS. Here is what homeowners can do with the new smart home kit.

Smart Home September 3, 2015

This LG Smart Sensor Can Turn Your Low-Tech Appliances To Smart Home Appliances

LG has announced plans to showcase a neat new sensor called Smart ThinQ at the upcoming IFA 2015, designed to turn regular home appliances into smart ones. A Smart Lightwave Oven and Smart Air Conditioner will also star at the trade show, boasting AllJoyn compatibility.

Smart Home August 31, 2015

Google’s Next-Generation Nest Smart Thermostat Purportedly Spotted In Leaked Images

Following an FCC filing for what is believed to be the next-generation Nest learning thermostat, new photos have surfaced online showing what the upcoming smart home hub will look like.

Smart Home August 28, 2015

Butterfleye Is A Home Security Camera That Captures Moments That Matter (Less Creepy Style)

The Indegogo campaign for Butterfleye, a new smart home security camera, already exceeded its $100,000 funding goal by 326% over the first 10 hours.

Smart Home August 26, 2015

Metering Company NWP To Start Testing Smart Apartments With Smart Locks, Thermostats and Connected Lighting

Smart metering and billing company NWP has plans to test apartments equipped with technology including smart locks and connecting lighting that could cut costs on utility bills and allow owners to charge more for units with these amenities.

Smart Home August 25, 2015

Alexa Is Ready To Help: Amazon Echo Now Supports SmartThings [Video]

Amazon has teamed up with SmartThings to add more options to its Echo Internet-connected smart speaker, offering a range of neat home automation features.

Smart Home August 22, 2015

The Egg-Shaped Ecocapsule Is Now Entering Production Phase

A tiny home called the Ecocapsule is ready to enter its production phase. The Ecocapsule includes solar panels and a wind turbine to generate energy, battery storage and a water filtration system for rainwater.

Smart Home August 17, 2015

iRobot Gets FCC Approval To Make Robotic Lawn Mowers

The Roomba may not be just for the home anymore. On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission cleared iRobot to make and sell robotic lawn mowers.

Smart Home August 13, 2015

This Transforming House Adds Or Sheds Layers Based On The Weather

Motus is a design concept for a new kind of energy-efficient house that is shape shifting, self-regulatory and responsive to its surroundings.

Smart Home August 5, 2015

This Domestic Elevator Looks Like The Elevators Used In 'Star Trek'

A UK-based company has created an elevator that can be installed in your home — and also happens to resemble the elevators on the USS Enterprise.

Smart Home August 3, 2015

No Surprise: Apple Stops Sale Of Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is no longe rlsited on Apple's online store and physical retail locations. The device is compatible with iOS devices, but not with Apple's HomeKit.

Smart Home July 24, 2015

Hive’s New Thermostat And Smart Home Devices Look The Part

British Gas has made design a priority in its new, sleek mirror-finished Hive 2 thermostat. The company is also releasing a range of smart home devices including motion sensors, smart lightbulbs and plugs.

Smart Home July 15, 2015

Apple HomeKit-Compatible Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat Goes On Sale

The ecobee3 will be the first smart thermostat to showcase Apple's HomeKit smart platform.

Smart Home July 7, 2015

Shape-Shifting Laminate Can Change According To Weather

A student at the Royal College of Art has designed an architectural laminate that reacts to rain, sunshine, and more.

Smart Home July 3, 2015

Oomi Wants To Make Smart Home Tech More Accessible To The Average Joe

Oomi is hoping to change the way home automation is programmed with their secret weapon: a tablet that will usurp the use of a smartphone.

Smart Home June 24, 2015

Sengled Shows That Lightbulbs Can Do Much More Than Just Brighten Your Home

Lightbulbs are a staple of any American household. However, Sengled serves up lightbulbs with a twist that do so much more than just help you see.

Smart Home June 24, 2015

Amazon Drops The Invitations, Makes Echo Smart Speaker Available To Everyone

You can now order Amazon's Echo speaker / personal assistant for $180, with it set to ship July 14th.

Smart Home June 23, 2015

American Standard's Elaborate New 3D-Printed Faucets Are Real, But Expensive

American Standard brings 3D printing to kitchen and bathroom faucets with some impressive results.

Smart Home June 19, 2015

This Pet Camera Distributes Treats While You Are Away

Petzi Treat Cam allows pet owners to check on and interact with their animals while they are away from home.

Smart Home June 19, 2015

Nest Announces Home Security 'Nest Cam' & Accompanying Recording Service

At an event today in San Francisco, Nest rolled out a refresh of its product line along with a brand new gadget called Nest Cam. The product of Nest's purchase of Dropcam, Nest Cam is a tiny security camera for your smarthome.

Smart Home June 17, 2015

RockPaperRobot Is Making Furniture That Captures The Wonders Of Physics

Jessica Banks, founder and CEO of the engineering and design firm RockPaperRobot, uses her training in robotics to develop products that go beyond the traditional role of furniture.

Smart Home June 17, 2015

Why Your Smartwatch Purchase Could Determine Which Car You Drive In The Future

A panel of experts discussing smartwatches argues the wearables market could be the first battleground to control the world of the Internet of Things and the tech of the future.

Smart Home June 12, 2015

Meet June, A Smart Oven That Serves Up The Perfect Meals

June, an intelligent oven, has a camera and Wi-Fi connectivity so that users can see a live video of food being prepared. The intelligent oven will be released in spring 2016.

Smart Home June 10, 2015

Researchers devise new method to use Wi-Fi for head counts

A team of researchers has found a way to count people using Wi-Fi, without relying on mobile devices.

Smart Home June 9, 2015

Hackers Could Remotely Send Fatal Doses To Patients Via Flawed Hospital Pumps

Security researcher Billy Rios has discovered a flaw in popular Hospira hospital pumps that could allow hackers deliver potentially fatal drug doses to patients over the Internet.

Smart Home June 9, 2015

Apple HomeKit Will Support Philips Hue This Fall

Apple confirmed at WWDC that its HomeKit platform will support Philips' Hue smart lighting range. Users will be able to use Siri to control the smart LED lights, made up of 16 million colors, at least before year's end.

Smart Home June 10, 2015

HomeKit introduced at WWDC 2015

The Disney movie 'Smart House' is becoming a reality - with Apple's HomeKit.

Smart Home June 8, 2015

Nest Sends Out Invites For June 17 Press Conference

Home automation company Nest is prepping for a press event on June 17 and has sent out invites for the same. It is supposed that Nest will launch its rumored Nest Audio at the event.

Smart Home June 5, 2015

First Smart Home Devices For Apple's HomeKit Are Released

The first HomeKit-compatible devices have been released by Lutron, iHome, Elgato, Insteon and Ecobee, just in time for WWDC 2015. They include smart lights, thermostats and plugs which can be controlled by Siri.

Smart Home June 2, 2015

Hands-On With Control4 And Interview With Smart Home Company's CEO Martin Plaehn

We chatted with Control4's Martin Plaehn to learn more about his company that manages your smart home all through a single app and what makes them unique compared to other options out there.

Smart Home June 2, 2015

Google's 'Brillo' Aims To Fix The Internet Of Things

Google's ready to tackle one of the messiest corners of modern technology: the Internet of Things. Today at the I/O conference, the search giant unveiled a brand new operating system for IoT called Project Brillo.

Smart Home May 28, 2015

Awair Is A Smart Home Air Quality Checker That Connects With Smart Thermostats, Purifiers, And Humidifiers

Bitfinder has launched Awair, which can track indoor air quality and connect with other smart devices to achieve optimal air conditions.

Smart Home May 29, 2015

Graphene Gets A Step Closer To Actually Being Useful With 3D-Printed Antenna

Buzz about graphene abounds, but the material has yet to show up in commercial products. A new method for creating graphene-based antennas could lead to one of the material's first commercial applications.

Smart Home May 27, 2015

Google Is Developing 'Brillo,' A New Android OS For The Internet Of Things

Google could be set to launch a new operating system designed for the Internet Of Things. The software code-named 'Brillo' could run on low-power devices like sensors with as little as 32 MB of RAM.

Smart Home May 21, 2015

Panasonic Outs World's First Firefox Smart TV

Six new smart TVs, including one that touts a curved LCD LED screen, will be available from Panasonic 'in the coming months.'

Smart Home May 17, 2015

ADT Partners With LG And Nest To Make Your Smart Home More Secure

ADT announced new partnerships and new enhancements on its product and platform to bring bolder home security solutions to customers.

Smart Home May 16, 2015

Let There Be Light ... And Sound: Sony Unveils LED Light Bulb With Bluetooth Speaker

Sony Japan has announced the release of an LED bulb that has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that will cater to customers who want to listen to music and have good lighting anywhere in the house.

Smart Home May 13, 2015

Meld Smart Stove Knob Automatically Adjusts Your Burner: Perfect Cooking All The Time

A smart kit promises to turn stovetops and cookware into smart things, allowing users to contol them via a companion app.

Smart Home April 8, 2015

Atmel’s ARM-Based Microcontroller Could Give Internet Of Things Devices Decades Long Battery Life

Atmel has released the world’s most power efficient microcontrollers. The ARM-based microcontrollers could give low power Internet Of Things devices like sensors a battery life of decades.

Smart Home April 1, 2015

Best Smart Locks To Protect Your Home: August, Goji, Kwikset Kevo, Samsung Digital Door, And More

Recent trends show there is a growing market for smart locks. In addition to their convenience, these devices solve a number of common security problems.

Smart Home March 28, 2015

Panasonic Opens Intellectual Property Porfolio To Boost Internet Of Things Development

Panasonic opens up much of its intellectual property for free as a way to help speed up the development of IoT software and services.

Smart Home March 24, 2015

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