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Mirai Botnet Creators Plead Guilty: Here's What The 3 Hackers Did And What Awaits Them

Three hackers have pleaded guilty to the creation and operation of the Mirai botnet. The botnet, a collection of internet-connected devices, was sued to take down large parts of the internet in October 2016.

Security December 14, 2017

Malware Apps On Google Play Added Devices To A Botnet, Proving Google Is Still Terrible At Reviewing Apps

Malware has managed to bypass and penetrate Google Play yet again, posing as 'Minecraft' skins apps this time, which connected devices to a botnet. Google has shut down the infected apps, but its impaired app review process deserves significant scrutiny.

Security October 20, 2017

Vending Machines Lead Attack That Held University Internet Hostage: Verizon Report

A hacker used vending machines and other internet-connected devices to carry out a botnet attack on a still unidentified U.S. university. Using a malware, 5,000 IoT devices were corrupted to do the culprit's bidding.

Security February 14, 2017

Hackers Hijack Army Of Cameras And DVR To Launch Massive DDoS Attack

Hackers are now employing hijacked IoT devices to create massive DDoS attacks. Traffic attacks coming from botnets composed of IoT devices are projected to go beyond 1 Terabit per second, which correlates to a recent reported case where the traffic was charted at a record-breaking 799 Gbps.

Internet October 3, 2016

Source Code For World's Largest DDoS Attack Out In Public: Mirai Botnet Will Allow More Hackers To Unleash Mayhem

The source code for the malware known as Mirai was uploaded on a hacker website. The malware was the one that powered the DDoS attacks that were recently launched against Krebs on Security and OVH.

Security October 2, 2016

Google Play Store Apps Sneakily Infected With New DressCode Android Malware

Check Point reports that more than 40 Google Play store apps are infected with a new malware called DressCode. More than 400 more apps from third-party app stores are also infected.

Security September 3, 2016

Hacker Group Threatens To Knock 'Pokémon GO' Offline On Aug. 1

A hacking collective called 'PoodleCorp' has threatened to take 'Pokémon GO' offline on Aug. 1, using a massive botnet of 600,000 devices. Why? Just for kicks.

Internet July 21, 2016

Microsoft And FBI Team Up To Take Out Dorkbot Botnet

Microsoft has teamed up with the FBI and a number of other law enforcement agencies to take down the growing global Dorkbot botnet threat. This particular malware is able to give hackers a range of personal information about the user that it targets.

Apps/Software December 4, 2015

Danger: Linux Botnet Strikes With 150Gbps DDoS Attacks

A Linux botnet, supported by the XOR DDoS malware, has become so powerful that it can launch attacks at more than 150 Gbps. This is many times over what the typical infrastructure of companies would be able to withstand.

Internet September 30, 2015

US And European Cyber Squads Take Down International Beebone Botnet

The sophisticated malware worm botnet infected thousands of PCs and while it's now been shut down, all the PCs must be cleaned. The cybercrime operation was a global unified team effort.

Geek April 11, 2015

Hackers Release 13,000 Passwords, Credit Card Information from Amazon, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and More

A group of hackers released a file allegedly containing about 13,000 password and username combinations stolen from a number of sites. It also included information such as credit card numbers and card expiration dates.

Internet December 28, 2014

OS X malware Mac.BackDoor.iWorm piggybacks Reddit to infect 17,000 Macs: How about yours?

While looking to see what new viruses were threatening Mac OS X, a Russian security firm discovers a virus that has affected at least 17,000 Mac computers. Mac.BackDoor.iWorm connects infected computers' command and control servers. Botnet, anyone?

Internet October 6, 2014

Feds: We beat down Cryptolocker malware, but creator remains at large

The Department of Justice says it has neutralized the Cryptolocker ransomware program. The botnet that distributed it has been secured.

Internet July 15, 2014

U.S., global operatives dismantle cybercrime ring responsible for Gameover Zeus botnet

The FBI is on a manhunt for a 30-year-old Russian cybercrime ringleader responsible for stealing millions of dollars from unknowing users by installing malicious software into their computers.

Internet June 4, 2014

FBI, DOJ bottle GameOver Zeus botnet, Cryptolocker ransomware

Malware is unfair to businesses and consumers. But a two-year-old botnet and ransomware scheme have been crippled by the FBI and international law enforcement organizations.

Computers June 2, 2014

Kaspersky rubbishes Symantec VP's claim that antivirus is 'dead', calls it marketing stunt

Symantec VP Brian Dye thinks that antivirus software is dead, but Kaspersky Lab head, Eugene Kaspersky, disagrees. He thinks that antivirus scanners should continue to be used alongside other methods for security.

Apps/Software May 9, 2014

Indiana University researchers make app to unmask fake Twitter accounts

Researchers from Indiana University have developed a tool that can weed out bots spamming Twitter with fake accounts. The tool is called BotOrNot and analyzes various aspects of an account using predictive analytics.

Apps/Software May 8, 2014

Microsoft cracks down on botnet ZeroAccess

Microsoft has disrupted botnet ZeroAccess, but says it cannot wipe it out.

Internet December 7, 2013

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