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Scientists Discover A Way To Create Carbon Nanotubes With A Chemical From Household Cleaning Products

Researchers discovered that a chemical called cresol can be used to help produce carbon nanotubes. Previous attempts have resulted in the nanotubes twisting and clumping together.

Material Science May 16, 2018

Inhalation Of Common Manufacturing Material May Lead To Brain Damage, Says Study

A new study shares the adverse effects of inhaling a common manufacturing material i.e. carbon nanotubes. The study links inhalation of carbon nanotubes, which is used in building tennis rackets, to severe brain damage.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 9, 2017

NASA Developing New Material For Stronger Vehicles And Mars Habitats

NASA has approved the formation of two multi-disciplinary, university-led research institutes to develop carbon nanotube-based materials for making Mars habitats and transit vehicles which will be highly durable yet lightweight for long-term crew based missions.

Space February 23, 2017

Graphene ‘Nano-Chimneys’ Offer Cooling Solution For Nano-Electronics

Researchers at the Rice University have discovered a way for releasing the heat accumulating at graphene-nanotube junctions. They devised a cone-like ‘chimney’ between the duo by tweaking graphene and removing some atoms to vent the heat at the junctions.

Material Science January 8, 2017

Water Should Be Boiling But Turns Solid Instead In Carbon Nanotubes

Inside the confines of carbon nanotubes, water behaves differently. According to researchers, this unusual behavior gives rise to unusual applications like ice-filled wires that are highly conductive.

Earth/Environment November 30, 2016

Nanobionic Spinach Plants Engineered To Detect Buried Explosives

MIT engineers embedded the leaves of the spinach plant with carbon nanotubes to detect explosives that are hidden in the soil. How does plant nanobionics work?

Robotics October 31, 2016

Carbon Nanotubes Self-Assemble Into Wires Thanks To Tesla Coil

A Tesla coil can drive carbon nanotubes to self-assemble into wires capable of lighting LEDs. What technologies could be developed through this new advance?

April 16, 2016

Wonder Material Carbyne Produced In Bulk For First Time - What Could This Mean?

Carbyne has been produced in long chains for the first time. What are the possible uses of this remarkable "one-dimensional" material?

April 14, 2016

Environmentally Friendly Battery Burns Carbon Nanotubes To Generate Power

MIT researchers developed a system for generating electricity sans use of toxic materials such as lithium. The carbon nanotube-based power system uses ordinary table sugar as combustible material to produce power.

Energy March 15, 2016

Boron Nitride Nanotubes Hold Key To Fuel-Efficient Fighter Planes, Space Shuttles

Boron nitride nanotubes are believed to help produce better, more efficient fighter planes and space shuttles in the future. Researchers credit the outstanding strength of BNNT-epoxy interfaces for this possibility.

FUTURE TECH January 8, 2016

Scientists Create Blackest Material Ever Made: Nanostructures Absorb 99 Percent Of Light

How dark is the deepest shade of black? Just in time for Halloween, scientists have created the blackest material to date. It's so dark that it destroys all light, well almost.

Energy October 27, 2015

Carbon Nanotubes Found In Lungs Of French Children: What You Need To Know About This Potentially Harmful Material

Researchers at the University of Paris-Saclay have found traces of carbon nanotubes in the lungs of French children with asthma. Experts believe these microscopic materials have the potential to trigger similar immune reactions in humans caused by exposure to asbestos.

October 22, 2015

Carbon Nanotubes Have Been Found In Human Lungs For The First Time Ever

Researchers have found carbon nanotubes in the lungs of 64 asthmatic children in Paris, representing the first time that carbon nanotubes have been found inside the human body. It's possible they could be linked to asthma.

Animals October 21, 2015

IBM To Ditch Silicon For Carbon Nanotubes To Make Ultra-Powerful, Ultra-Efficient 1.8-Nanometer Chips

IBM is paving the way into a future of non-silicon electronics with a research breakthrough that allows Big Blue to develop faster, smaller chipsets with 1.8-nanometer nodes.

Computers October 3, 2015

New Designer Carbon Means Better Energy Storage And Better Batteries

A team of researchers at Stanford University recently created a new and versatile form of designer carbon, which could lead to better energy storage, as well as longer-lasting batteries and supercapacitors.

Energy June 11, 2015

Microcombing Could Make Carbon Nanotube Films Stronger And More Conductive

Carbon nanotube sheets could be made stronger and faster using a simple technique, a new study reveals. What could this mean for materials science and home electronics?

May 5, 2015

Pen Draws Actual Circuits Using Carbon Nanotube Ink

Nantube fibers can be applied to any surface using a simple pen. How could this change the future of electronics?

February 23, 2015

Space elevator will be reality in 2050, promises Japanese construction firm Obayashi

Obayashi, a Japanese firm, says that a space elevator can become reality by 2050. The elevator will be able to complete its journey from the Earth to space in about seven days.

Space September 25, 2014

Pure carbon nanotubes created: Get ready for smaller, faster electronics

Method of growing carbon nanotubes from "seed" molecules allows control of their electronic properties, European researchers say. Technique could begin advances in electronics, optics.

FUTURE TECH August 8, 2014

Boron buckyball beguiles Brown boffins

A new form of buckyball, made of boron, has been developed at Brown University. Will it lead to similar advances to its predecessor?

July 15, 2014

Graphene and carbon nanotube ultracapacitors boast high performance and low cost

Two different carbon nanostructures when combined make for efficient energy-storage devices, researchers say. Result could be smaller, more powerful electronic devices.

Energy April 23, 2014

Carbon nanotubes may reduce stem cells reliance on human or animal cells

Stem cells can now be grown, using a microscopic scaffolding of carbon, in the form of nanotubes. This small structure could revolutionize medicine.

Life February 7, 2014

Intel, Berkeley engineer carbon nanotubes to prevent microprocessor chips from losing their cool

A team of researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have teamed up with Intel engineers to come up with carbon nanotubes that could be used to cool microprocessors in the near future.

Gadgets January 27, 2014

MIT develops hot carbon nanotubes that lets solar panels draw more sun

MIT researchers are currently testing a new type of solar cell using carbon nanotubes to increase efficiency.

Energy January 20, 2014

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