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Plastic Pollution Makes Corals More Susceptible To Diseases

A new study revealed that plastic waste in the oceans harms the health of coral reefs. These aquatic habitats are already in danger because of climate change.

Earth/Environment January 27, 2018

NOAA Study Reveals Why Coral Reefs Are Dying

Coral reefs are starving at a faster rate than in the 1980s, with 70 percent of the world's reefs severely bleached. What could have caused such ecologic catastrophe?

Earth/Environment January 5, 2018

Baby Corals Can Stimulate Coral Growth In The Great Barrier Reef

Researchers found a new way to stimulate corals into forming and growing in Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The new technique is called 'larval reseeding' and researchers said it is less expensive and more effective than other reef restoration techniques.

Earth/Environment November 28, 2017

Corals Are Eating Plastic Because They’re Delicious, Study Says

Oceans continue to be polluted with factory-made plastic because of human neglect, causing great danger to marine life, such as corals. A new study suggests an even more problematic scenario in which corals think plastic is delicious.

Earth/Environment November 1, 2017

Great Barrier Reef Avoids UNESCO's 'In Danger' Status: Is This A Good Thing?

Australia’s heavily bleached world heritage site is not ‘In Danger’ but is the status really a big win? Here are the pros and cons of UNESCO’s decision.

Earth/Environment July 9, 2017

NOAA Says 3-Year Global Coral Bleaching Event Is Ending, But It's Too Early To Celebrate

A massive bleaching event that damaged coral reefs across the globe now appears to be easing after three deadly years, NOAA revealed. However, an expert warns it's still too early to celebrate.

Earth/Environment June 19, 2017

Is The Great Barrier Reef Dead? Experts Warn It Can No Longer Be Saved In Its Current Form

Experts have said that the Great Barrier Reef can no longer be saved in its present form because of the extent of climate change. What are the recommendations for the World Heritage Site?

Earth/Environment May 30, 2017

Dead Zones May Pose Further Threat To World’s Coral Reefs

Hypoxia in oceans, or low oxygen levels, can create large dead zones that snuff out marine life and threaten coral reefs worldwide. Learn how dead zones affect coral reefs worldwide, even in tropical regions.

Earth/Environment March 22, 2017

Cooler Ocean Needed To Save Great Barrier Reef From Coral Bleaching

Cooler ocean is needed to save Australia's Great Barrier Reef from coral bleaching, says a new study. Other measures to protect the coral reefs can only do so much, but ultimately, the need is even more urgent for a global action to address global warming.

Earth/Environment March 17, 2017

Cruise Ship Destroys Indonesian Coral Reef: How Sea Vessels Damage Marine Life And Ecosystems

A UK cruise ship's destruction of pristine coral reefs on Raja Ampat in Indonesia calls for action that goes beyond compensation. It reminds of the need to develop ways to prevent massive destruction of coral reefs by similar incidents in the future.

Earth/Environment March 15, 2017

UK Cruise Ship Crashes Into Coral Reefs Off Indonesia, Recovery Of Marine Life Expected To Take Decades

The MS Caledonian Sky damaged 17,222 square feet of coral reefs in Raja Ampat in Indonesia last March 4 as it ran across them at low tide. The affected reefs are estimated to recover in a matter of decades.

Earth/Environment March 14, 2017

Ingenious Solution To Coral Bleaching Crisis: 3D-Printed Reefs Could Repopulate The Ocean

As conservationists struggle to save endangered reefs worldwide, 3D-printed corals seem to offer a viable solution for the protection of marine ecosystems. This technology enables scientists to engineer perfect replicas of natural reefs, providing homes for new coral polyps.

Earth/Environment March 13, 2017

How 50 Reefs Project Plans To Stop Decline Of World's Coral Reefs

A new global initiative called 50 Reefs Project has been announced at the Economist World Ocean Summit in Bali. The project aims at protecting world’s coral reefs from extinction, which are expected to mostly disappear by 2050.

Earth/Environment February 24, 2017

Deep Reefs Cannot Help Restore Destroyed Shallow Reefs

Scientists have long wondered whether deep coral reefs could become sources of new larvae to restore damaged shallow reefs. Now, a new study in Queensland has found that deep reefs cannot ultimately recover destroyed shallow reefs.

Earth/Environment February 16, 2017

Fingernail-Sized Baby Cardinal Fish Find Their Way Home At Night Thanks To Internal Magnetic Compasses

Scientists have found the answer to the puzzle as to how the larvae of tiny Cardinalfish in marine coral reefs swim back to native reefs even at night. The larvae are internally enabled by a compass-like mechanism, according to a new study.

Earth/Environment December 30, 2016

New Coral Reef Fish Species Found Only In Hawaii’s Papahanaumokuakea Named After President Obama

A new species of coral reef fish has been named after President Barack Obama. The naming of the Tosanoides obama acknowledges Obama’s initiatives in the preservation of the natural environment.

Animals December 23, 2016

NASA Launches Airborne Mission For Great Barrier Reef Study

NASA has teamed up with Australian researchers to study the Great Barrier Reef. The agency’s PRISM instrument has arrived in the country and is now ready for use.

Earth/Environment September 14, 2016

Secret 'Doughnut' Reef Structures Behind Great Barrier Reef Are Like Tree Rings

Scientists in Australia were in for a surprise when they discovered another massive reef just behind the Great Barrier Reef. Known as the 'doughnut' reef, the reef system has structures that are just like tree rings, experts say.

Earth/Environment September 4, 2016

Fish Urine Crucial To Health And Growth Of Coral Reefs

Many fish species benefit from the protection and shelter that coral reefs provide. In return, they give back to the ecosystem by offering their urine that provides vital nutrients for coral reefs to grow.

Earth/Environment August 16, 2016

War And Peace Underwater: Coral Kiss And Wage War

Coral has been examined under a microscope in the wild for the first time. What did researchers find when they looked at coral polyps up close?

Earth/Environment July 13, 2016

Marine Scientists Discover 15 'Bright Spots' In Threatened Coral Reefs

Researchers have identified 'bright spots' in the world's oceans where coral reefs are not dying out as quickly as what was initially thought. They believe that this could be the result of better fishery management conducted by local communities.

Earth/Environment June 20, 2016

NASA's New Coral Research Program Will Take Place From 23,000 Feet Above

NASA has launched a novel scientific program that aims to take coral reef study on a whole new level. The project aims to save the world's coral reef ecosystem.

Earth/Environment June 10, 2016

Turkey Sinks Airbus On Purpose To Turn It Into Artificial Reef

To keep its diving tourism afloat, Turkey has sunk a massive Airbus jet off the coast of the Aegean Sea on June 4. The Airbus is now an artificial reef for marine life.

Earth/Environment June 7, 2016

More Than One-Third Of Central, Northern Great Barrier Reef Corals Now Dead Due To Bleaching: Survey

More than a third of corals in the Central and Northern Great Barrier Reef may already be dead due to coral bleaching. The reason for this is most probably global warming, experts said.

Earth/Environment May 30, 2016

Thailand Halts Activity In 10 Diving Sites Because Of Coral Bleaching Crisis

Thailand has shut down 10 diving sites in its marine parks because of the widespread coral bleaching crisis. An official says tourists and divers are unaware of their effect on coral reefs.

Earth/Environment May 29, 2016

Deeper Waters Could Serve As Coral Refuge From Bleaching

Deeper waters may better help coral reefs deal with bleaching, according to a new U.N. report. Researchers have found that mesophotic coral ecosystems situated deep under the water may serve as a lifeboat for marine species.

Earth/Environment May 26, 2016

Coal Dust Can Kill Corals, Slow Down Growth Rate Of Fish And Seagrasses: Study

Coal dust from shipping activities poses new dangers to coral reef systems, fish and seagrass. High exposure to coal dust can kill corals in two weeks while those exposed to lower levels survived longer, but died after a month.

Earth/Environment May 18, 2016

Images Of Coral Reef Reveal Damage Caused By Bleaching

Coral bleaching is killing off vast populations in reefs around the world. What is the cost we pay for global warming?

Earth/Environment May 11, 2016

Coral Reefs Have Molecular Protection Similar To The Human Immune System

Scientists have signified that coral reefs have an immunologic molecule which protects them from damage. The specific molecule has a similar function as those found in humans.

Earth/Environment April 27, 2016

Unnoticed Amazon River Coral Reef May Already Be In Danger, Scientists Say

A 600-mile-long coral reef has been found thriving with marine organisms at the mouth of the Amazon River, going unnoticed until now. However, the site has been marked for oil explorations, thus endangering the newly found coral reef's ecosystem.

Earth/Environment April 24, 2016

Corals Vital For Reef Formation At Serious Risk

Staghorn corals are essential to the formation of reefs around the globe. However, that species is now facing severe damage from human activities, a new report has determined.

Earth/Environment April 24, 2016

Coral Reef Discovered At Mouth Of Amazon River Stretches Out For 600 Miles

The mouth of the Amazon River is home to a massive coral reef, previously unknown to researchers. How did this massive network of coral stay hidden from people for so long?

Earth/Environment April 23, 2016

Northern Portion Of Great Barrier Reef 'Fried' By Worst Coral Bleaching Recorded, New Survey Reveals

About 95 percent of the Great Barrier Reef is experiencing coral bleaching. Coral bleaching may be caused by climate change and effects of El Niño.

Earth/Environment March 29, 2016

Air Bubbles May Help Protect Coral Reefs

Introducing air bubbles to water may help protect coral reefs, a new study has found. Researchers found that bubbling may boost the transfer of carbon dioxide between the water and the atmosphere.

Earth/Environment March 27, 2016

Reef Sharks Prefer Bite-Sized Prey For Meal

Reef sharks may be big in size, but they prefer having bite-sized meals, a new study has found. Scientists opened the stomach of one shark and found that the species are not the apex predators experts previously believed they were.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2016

Microsoft Cofounder Paul Allen’s Yacht Blamed For Destroying 14,000 Square Feet Of Coral Reef

Marine conservationist Paul Allen's yacht, Tatoosh, slammed into and destroyed a coral reef in Cayman Islands. The incident caused destruction of about 80 percent of the reef in the protected area.

Earth/Environment January 29, 2016

NASA To Take On The Seas With Plans To Save Coral Reefs

NASA plans to undertake a three-year field expedition surveying world's coral reefs to see how the changing environment affects them. Through the CORAL Mission, coral reefs will be documented on a massive and uniform scale for the first time.

Earth/Environment January 11, 2016

Blast Fishing Causes Marine Habitat Destruction In Tanzania

Researchers found the devastating effects of blast fishing in Tanzania. Despite being outlawed in the 1970s, increased mining activity made access to dynamites easier, which results in prolific blast fishing killing more than just coral reefs.

Earth/Environment January 5, 2016

Your Coral’s So Fat, It Withstands Global Warming

New research shows the fatter the coral, the more it can withstand bleaching events. Scientists have determined fat deposits help coral survive better over the long term.

Earth/Environment November 19, 2015

Hawaii Officials To Release Comprehensive Coral Reef Management Plan Amid Massive Bleaching

Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources will release a comprehensive coral reef management plan to ensure reef recovery after two consecutive years of coral bleaching. The action was prompted by a request to stop the taking of herbivore fish in the area.

Earth/Environment November 17, 2015

Health Of Coral Reefs Can Be Measured By How Beautiful They Look: Study

Is beauty measurable? Scientists found that the health of reef ecosystems can be measured by their aesthetic quality or how beautiful they look.

Earth/Environment November 11, 2015

Researchers Grow Super Corals To Save Reefs From Global Warming: How This Could Impact Marine Life

Using selective breeding, American researchers began their experiment with “super corals," which are aimed to withstand future ocean conditions and climate change. Target corals will be those strong and resilient enough to pass desirable traits on to succeeding generations.

Earth/Environment November 11, 2015

Scientists Resort To Assisted Evolution To Save Hawaii's Coral Reefs

Scientists are testing the theory of assisted evolution on corals found in Hawaii. They propose that by exposing these corals to stressful water mimicing the acidity and temperature of water affected by climate change, they could produce a breed that could withstand the effects of these markers and prevent bleaching.

Earth/Environment November 6, 2015

Sunscreen Ingredient Threatens Marine Life: Here's How Oxybenzone Kills Coral Reefs

Many people are unaware that the sunscreen they slather on before snorkeling contributes to the destruction of corals and reefs they can't wait to see underwater. Researchers found that a small dollop of sunscreen is enough to launch an attack on marine life.

Animals October 22, 2015

Chemicals In Sunscreens Bad For Coral, Pose Threat To Global Reef Systems: Study

While sunscreen may be good for you - no one wants skin cancer - it is having a serious impact on the health of the globe's coral reef systems, researchers say. A chemical common in many sunscreens, oxybenzone, is the culprit, they say.

Earth/Environment October 21, 2015

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