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Red Cross Loses More Than 5 Million Funds For Ebola Outbreak Due To Fraud

Humanitarian organization Red Cross has lost over 5 million dollars due to fraud within its own organization. The misappropriation of funds took place through fake custom bills and other fraudulent practices.

November 5, 2017

WHO Suspects 4th Death From Ebola In Congo, CDC Issues No Travel Advisory Yet

Four people have died in the Ebola outbreak in Congo. The WHO confirmed the latest death on Sunday, noting there are now 37 suspected Ebola cases in Africa. The CDC is still evaluating the situation before issuing a travel advisory.

Public Health May 22, 2017

WHO Aims To Bring Test Vaccine To Ebola-Hit Democratic Republic Of Congo

DRC’s latest Ebola outbreak poses a major challenge to the World Health Organization. Should the government approve, WHO hopes to bring the Ebola vaccine to the affected region within one week.

Public Health May 19, 2017

Mystery Illness Kills 11, Sickens At Least 5 Others In Liberia

The World Health Organization is investigating 11 cases of unexplained deaths resulting from a mystery illness in Liberia. The incidents come almost a year after WHO announced the end of the latest Ebola outbreak in the country.

Public Health April 29, 2017

World Still ‘Grossly Underprepared’ For Outbreaks, Warn Experts

In the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak, a research team reviewed major reports discussing key problems and recommendations. According to the paper, the world is "grossly unprepared" to deal with health emergencies of the scale.

Public Health January 27, 2017

Blood Test Can Predict Survival Chances Of Ebola Patients

Researchers at the University of Liverpool reveal that a blood test may be able to predict the survival chances of Ebola patients. A molecular barcode in the blood stream may help detect the survival possibilities.

Public Health January 20, 2017

Ebola Vaccine rVSV-EBOV Gives 100 Percent Protection But Comes With Flaws: What Are Its Side Effects?

The new Ebola vaccine rVSV-EBOV shows promise in preventing the next outbreak of the disease but it comes with side effects. It also only works against one subtype of the hemorrhagic virus.

Medicine December 24, 2016

New Ebola Vaccine Offers Up To 100 Percent Protection Against Deadly Virus

The experimental Ebola vaccine rVSV-EBOV was up to 100 percent effective in providing protection against the deadly hemorrhagic disease but it is far from perfect. What are the flaws of the vaccine?

Medicine December 24, 2016

Ebola Mutation Made Virus More Infectious And More Deadly

The Ebola virus went through mutations that made it more infectious. The mutated Ebola is one reason the epidemic in West Africa spread fast and claimed more lives than earlier outbreaks.

Public Health November 4, 2016

Ebola Survivor Nina Pham Reaches Settlement With Dallas Hospital Over Negligence, Deception Lawsuit

Ebola survivor Nina Pham has reached a settlement with Texas Health Resources, the parent company of the hospital where she used to work. The lawsuit accused the hospital of negligence and deception in handling the case of Thomas Duncan.

Public Health October 25, 2016

Ohio Bridal Shop Suing Texas Hospital Whose Negligence Got It Called The ‘Ebola Store’

Ohio-based bridal shop filed a suit against a Texas Hospital because one of its nurses unknowingly contracted the Ebola virus and visited the boutique. The business was temporarily shut down by the authorities and never reopened because of the clients' reluctance.

Public Health October 6, 2016

Ebola Virus Genetic Material Can Survive In Semen For More Than A Year

Researchers have found that Ebola can remain in semen for more than a year. This means that survivors of the virus can play a critical part in reigniting outbreaks in regions that were once thought to be Ebola-free.

Public Health August 31, 2016

Programmable RNA Vaccines Fight Against Influenza, Ebola In Mice

A new type of programmable vaccine has been found to be 100 percent effective against influenza, Ebola and other parasites in mice. The vaccine's unique process can revolutionize the way vaccines are deployed during outbreaks.

Medicine July 4, 2016

Animals Can Spread Deadly Diseases To Humans: These New Maps Show Hotspots Where This Can Happen

Where will the next Ebola strike? These new maps reveal the global hotspots of animal hosts that can spread infectious diseases to humans.

Animals June 15, 2016

Changes In Population, Climate Could Predict Diseases

A new model can predict outbreaks of zoonotic diseases such as Zika, Ebola and Lassa fever. The model uses changes in population growth, land usage and climate to determine outbreak risks.

Public Health June 13, 2016

Portable Testing Device Can Detect Ebola At Once

A new portable device the size of a smartphone may be the lifesaver we’ve been waiting. Not only does it produce results at once, it is also highly accurate and may be designed for diagnosis of other diseases.

Medicine April 30, 2016

Experimental Drug Could Be New Weapon Against Argentine Hemorrhagic Fever

A lab-engineered antibody could provide full protection against the deadly Junin virus, the pathogen responsible for the Argentine Hemorrhagic Fever, new research shows. If the experiment is successful, it could pave way for the development of new drugs.

Life April 5, 2016

Five-Year Old Boy Tests Positive In Latest Ebola Flare-Up In Liberia

Two new cases of Ebola virus emerged in Liberia. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that flare-ups are expected that is why countries should remain vigilant and prepared.

Life April 4, 2016

WHO Declared End Of Ebola International Public Health Emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the Ebola epidemic is no longer an international public health emergency. It stressed that countries should remain vigilant and prepared for clusters of new infections.

Life March 31, 2016

Discarded GlaxoSmithKline Drug Fights Two Disease-Causing Viruses In Lab

GlaxoSmithKline discarded GSK983 drug due to its side effects in clinical trials. Lab tests, however, suggest a strategy so this abandoned drug can be used to fight disease-causing viruses such as those that cause Zika, dengue and ebola.

Life March 29, 2016

Fifth Patient Dies In Guinea Ebola Flare-Up: Health Official

The fifth patient of the newest Ebola outbreak in Guinea has died. The patient was said to have had direct contact with the four early patients who also died of the virus.

Life March 23, 2016

Ebola Virus Still A Threat To Sierra Leone, Guinea And Liberia: WHO

WHO declared the end of the latest flare up of Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. The UN agency, however, warned that due to the persistence of the virus in some survivors, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone continue to be at risk of the hemorrhagic virus.

Life March 21, 2016

Guinea Sees Fourth Ebola Death In Latest Epidemic Flare-Up

Ebola has claimed a fourth life in the virus’ latest flare-up in Guinea. Experts and health aides are now stepping up their efforts in locating, isolating and monitoring the latest in Ebola cases.

Life March 21, 2016

Ebola Is Back In Guinea: Authorities Confirm 2 New Cases

Two persons in Guinea tested positive for the Ebola virus, marking the comeback of the disease that has killed 11,300 since 2013. These are the first confirmed cases after the African country was declared Ebola-free on Dec. 29.

Life March 18, 2016

Nurse Who Suffered From Ebola Complications Released From London Hospital

Nurse who suffered from Ebola virus has been released from London Hospital after being readmitted due to a late treatment complication. Royal Free Hospital confirmed that the patient named Pauline Cafferkey is not infectious.

Life February 29, 2016

Ebola Survivors Face Health Problems In Brain And Nerves

The Ebola virus infected thousands of people in West Africa in 2014. Many survived but they are faced with long-term health problems.

Life February 26, 2016

Ebola Nurse Pauline Cafferkey Arrives In London For Late Complication Treatment

Pauline Cafferkey, the Scottish nurse who contracted Ebola virus while working in Sierra Leone in 2014, returns to London. Authorities say she is stable but returned for late complications due to Ebola.

Life February 24, 2016

New Antibodies Against Ebola Found In Blood Of Outbreak Survivor

Ebola may be out of the public focus right now, but researchers are still hard at work studying how to combat the virus. With the discovery of new antibodies, they are a step closer to developing treatments against the virus.

Life February 22, 2016

HBO And HBO GO March 2016: New Movies, TV Shows And Returning Favorites

New movies like 'Pitch Perfect 2' and 'Vacation' will debut on HBO in March, along with new episodes of 'Girls' and Vinyl.'

Internet Culture February 22, 2016

WHO Announces Ebola Re-Emergence In Sierra Leone

According to recent reports, while it was recently reported that the spread of Ebola had been halted in West Africa, the virus has re-emerged in Sierra Leone.

Life January 25, 2016

Global Group To Pay $5M For Stockpile Of Vaccine That Proved Successful Against Ebola

Organization that helps poor countries with vaccination programs promises to buy Ebola vaccine that's under development. Trials with the vaccine in Africa showed it to be successful.

Life January 22, 2016

More Than 100 People Placed In Quarantine Following New Ebola Death In Sierra Leone

Health officials placed more than 100 people under quarantine after a new case of Ebola emerged in Sierra Leone. Authorities urged the public not to panic and to stay alert to prevent further disease spread.

Life January 17, 2016

Investing Less Than $1 For Each Person A Year Could Make World More Resilient To Pandemics: Report

A 17-member group was tasked to analyze and plot ways to help the world prepare for the impending Ebola pandemic. The group found a $4.5 billion annual investment is needed to improve public health system and speed up vaccines and drugs aimed to prevent the endemic.

Life January 15, 2016

Russia Has Developed Ebola Vaccine More Powerful Than Existing Drugs, Says Vladimir Putin

Russia has reportedly developed a new Ebola vaccine that is more powerful than current drugs. This announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin has surprised medical experts from across the world.

Life January 14, 2016

Teenager Shows How Airplane Germs Spread And Invents Device To Stop Them

A teenager may have the solution to make the air in planes cleaner and prevent the spread of germs. It costs only $1,000. This will shed light on various diseases that are thought to have been passed through passengers of aircrafts.

Life January 13, 2016

Ebola Treatment Using Blood Plasma From Survivors Not Effective

What could have been the answer to the Ebola epidemic failed treatment at clinical trials? Researchers found that convalescent blood plasma transfusion from survivors were not effective in treating diseased patients.

Life January 7, 2016

West Africa Closer To Ending Ebola Epidemic As WHO Declares Guinea Free Of Ebola Virus

Guinea is now Ebola-free as the World Healh Organization (WHO) announced that there are no new infections reported. The country surpassed 42 days without new cases.

Life December 29, 2015

These Are The World's Most Dangerous Diseases According To WHO

Scientists and public health experts convened in Geneva to identify diseases that pose threats to humanity. Research on these dangerous pathogens is crucial before another outbreak occurs.

Life December 27, 2015

Re-Emergence Of Ebola Outbreak In Liberia May Have Stemmed From Survivor Who Became Infectious Again

A female survivor is being identified as the possible cause of the re-emergence of Ebola in Liberia. The virus may have stayed dormant inside her body but was reactivated when her immune system went down during pregnancy, making her infectious again.

Life December 17, 2015

US Ebola Survivors Battle Complications, Chronic Health Issues

A new CDC report published in the New England Journal of Medicine stated that a number of Ebola survivors still suffered from chronic health issues for months following their release from the hospital. Symptoms include problems with the patients' muscles, joints, senses and even their moods.

Life December 17, 2015

Ebola Is Back In Liberia: Country Reports New Cases Of Deadly Disease

Liberia reported new cases of Ebola virus after almost being declared disease-free. The reemergence of the disease came right after the surveillance of about 160 possible Ebola contacts.

Life December 14, 2015

Last Batch Of Ebola Contacts In Liberia Finishes Quarantine

Liberia is on its way to finally eradicating a historical epidemic that is Ebola. The last batch of Ebola contacts has finished mandatory quarantine after the last case of the disease was identified.

Life December 12, 2015

Blood Levels Of Ebola Virus Help Predict Risk Of Death From Infection

An international team of experts examined data that involved about 700 patients in Guinea who were confirmed with Ebola. Scientists found that the levels of Ebola virus in the blood can help predict risk of death.

Life December 4, 2015

Ebola Claims Life Of 15-Year-Old Boy In Liberia

The chief medical officer of Liberia announced on Tuesday that a 15-year-old boy has died because of Ebola only a week after he was diagnosed with the disease. Health officials in the country are now investigating the potential source of the Ebola virus that infected the teenager.

Life November 24, 2015

Ebola Re-Emerges In Liberia: 153 People Under Surveillance

Health officials have put 153 people in Liberia under surveillance after three new cases of the virus were recently detected. The source of the new Ebola outbreak in the country has not yet been confirmed by authorities.

Life November 23, 2015

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