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Gum Disease Bacteria Linked To Higher Risk For Esophageal Cancer

Oral bacteria linked to gum disease were found to be associated with higher risk for esophageal cancer. Researchers also found two types of bacteria in the mouth that may reduce risk of developing esophageal tumor.

Public Health December 4, 2017

Is Extra-Hot Coffee Or Tea Bad News For Your Health?

Is a very hot cup of coffee or beverage a cause for concern, particularly with the links of high-temperature drinks to esophageal cancer? Here's what the IARC and other experts know so far.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 27, 2016

Can Drinking Coffee Cause Cancer? WHO Says Only If Beverage Is Drunk At Very Hot Temperature

WHO reversed its 1991 warning that coffee is a possible carcinogen. Drinking the beverage and other hot liquids at very high temperature, however, may still cause cancer of the esophagus.

Public Health June 16, 2016

Oral Bacteria Could Be Risk Factor For Esophageal Cancer: Study

The oral bacteria that cause gum disease may be linked to the development of esophageal cancer. The study sheds light in the importance of oral hygiene and measures to promote dental health.

LIFE February 28, 2016

Don't Ignore Heartburn, It Might be Sign of Stomach or Esophageal Cancer

"Be Clear on Cancer" campaign launched by the Public Health England (PHE) spreads awareness of persistent heartburn as a sign of stomach or esophageal cancer. In the U.S. around 11,000 people died of stomach cancer in 2014.

LIFE January 26, 2015

Cancer is no match for love. Flint couple marries despite bride's terminal illness

"Love conquers everything," so they say. Wish Upon a Wedding has helped a woman with cancer get her dream wedding despite the odds.

LIFE July 9, 2014

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