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Tesla vs. Google: Both In The Self-Driving Car Race, Each With Its Own Approach

Tesla and Google are the two main pioneers in autonomous driving, but the companies are taking different approaches. What is more, recent tragic events brought concerns about the safety of self-driving cars back on the table.

Car Tech July 4, 2016

Google Self-Driving Car Had Two Accidents In April, Reveals Monthly Report

Google just released its self-driving car report for the last month and it shows a couple of accidents. Two traffic incidents were reported, involving one of the company’s Lexus cars, as well as one of the autonomous prototypes.

Car Tech May 7, 2016

Google Self-Driving Cars Headed To Phoenix, Arizona To Test Desert Road Challenges

Google announced that it will begin testing its autonomous vehicles in the dry weather conditions of Phoenix, Arizona. The city is the fourth place where the self-driving cars will be deployed, but some preparations are necessary.

FUTURE TECH April 8, 2016

Google Self-Driving Car Efforts Ramping Up With New Hiring Spree

Google started recruiting for its driverless car division, and the jobs are as diverse as they are interesting. Dubbed X after its rebranding, the self-driving car department has big plans for expansion and it may even start manufacturing autonomous driving hardware.

FUTURE TECH February 13, 2016

Google Teaches Its Self-Driving Car To Be More Cautious Around Kids

For normal people, Halloween is a time meant to be spent with the family and kids. However, Google's engineers deem Halloween as the ideal time to do further testing for its self-driving car and showcase how careful it can become when children are present.

FUTURE TECH November 2, 2015

Honda Joins The Race To Bring Its Own Self-Driving Car To The Road By 2020

Honda announced that it is looking to build its own self-driving car by 2020. This makes it the third Japanese automaker to join the race towards a future of autonomous vehicles.

FUTURE TECH October 21, 2015

How New Laser Technology Can Make Driverless Cars Hit Market Faster And Cheaper In Cost

University of California researchers have figured out a new laser technology, by which they can move mirrors with the lasers themselves -- allowing for a lighter, cheaper sensor to work as the eyes of autonomous vehicles and robots.

FUTURE TECH September 4, 2015

Google's Driverless Cars Are Too Safe At This Point

A New York Times report illustrates how the tech company's self-driving cars err on the overly cautious side with a failure to recognize human driving tendencies.

FUTURE TECH September 1, 2015

How A Fixed-Gear Bike Can Confuse Google's Self-Driving Car

When a cyclist met a Google driverless car at a four-way stop in Austin earlier this month, the biker claims performing a track stand confused the autonomous vehicle and brought it to a full stop.

August 28, 2015

The Driverless Car Debate: How Safe Are Autonomous Vehicles?

As companies like Google and Delphi Automotive continue to test autonomous vehicles on the road, issues concerning the safety in regard to accidents and vulnerability in the software continue to rise. How safe are autonomous cars?

FUTURE TECH July 28, 2015

Google To Publish Monthly Updates About Driverless Cars

Google has started publishing monthly reports about its autonomous cars, showing that the cars have been involved in 13 accidents since the program first started in 2009. Google says none of the accidents have been the fault of its cars.

FUTURE TECH June 5, 2015

It's Cute. It's Daffy. It's Google's Fully Functional Self-Driving Car

Google's vision of future transportation is a small, white self-driving car that looks like a beetle and can drive better than a human being.

FUTURE TECH December 23, 2014

Google driver-less car tours journalists around campus, neighborhood. Did anyone hit the kill switch?

Journalists taken on a 30-minute test drive onboard Google’s robot cars around Mountain View, California said the ride was uneventful – and that’s a good thing.

FUTURE TECH May 14, 2014

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