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You’ll Never Guess How Many Calls Are Made On WhatsApp Each Day

The messaging app WhatsApp announced on Thursday that 100 million voice calls are made daily, or 1,100 calls per second on its platform.

Apps/Software June 24, 2016

The Octopus Smartwatch For Kids Teaches Them Responsibility So Parents Don’t Have To

This smartwatch for kids teaches them how to be independent and responsible, while parents can set a routine to provide structure.

Wearable Tech June 23, 2016

Burger King Just Released The Best Food Combo, Mac N' Cheetos, And The Internet Is Eating It Up

Burger King will start serving Mac n' Cheetos, fried macaroni and cheese inside a Cheeto, in select locations starting on Monday.

Life & Style June 23, 2016

Move Over Pink Drink: Here’s What Is Really In Starbucks’ Secret Menu Purple Drink And How To Order It

Instagram is so over Starbucks’ Pink Drink and instead is all about the new secret menu Purple Drink. Here’s what is in the beverage and how to order it so you too can sip the trendy drink this summer.

Life & Style June 23, 2016

Exclusive: Disney Unveils New Art Update For ‘Star Wars: Commander’

Disney Interactive released a new update to its mobile strategy game ‘Star Wars: Commander’ that features improved visuals and artwork for its user interface and troop units.

Video Games June 23, 2016

Shudder July 2016: New Horror Releases Available To Stream Include Impressive Italian Thriller Lineup

New movies available to stream on Shudder in July include giallo thrillers including ‘What Have You Done to Solange’ and ‘Seven Deaths in the Cat’s Eye.’

Movies/TV Shows June 23, 2016

Facebook Users Can Now Use Reactions In Virtual Reality For 360-Degree Videos

Oculus began rolling out the ability for Gear VR users to use Facebook Reactions when watching 360-degree videos in virtual reality on Wednesday.

Internet June 23, 2016

Hulu July 2016: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows Available To Stream

New movies and TV shows available to stream on Hulu in July include ’Terminator Genisys' and the original ‘Star Trek’ movies, as well as season 2 of ‘Difficult People’ and ‘Mythbusters.’

Movies/TV Shows June 22, 2016

Slack Wants Users To Never Leave With New Message Buttons Feature

Slack launched a new button feature that allows users to complete tasks like hiring employees, booking flights and approving expenses directly from the messaging window without having to leave.

Apps/Software June 22, 2016

Netflix July 2016: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Shows Being Added To Instant Streaming

New movies and TV shows being added to Netflix in July include the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy and the original film ‘Brahman Naman,’ along with season 3 of ‘Bojack Horseman’ and the new series ‘Stranger Things.’

Movies/TV Shows June 22, 2016

Netflix July 2016: Stream These Movies And TV Shows Before They Leave The Platform

Netflix subscribers should make sure to stream titles like ‘Star Trek: Generations’ and ‘Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby’ before they leave the platform in July.

Movies/TV Shows June 22, 2016

Users Can Now Easily Ghost Their Bad Date With Burner’s New Bot

Let Burner’s new bot take over texting to ghost a person after a bad date or when looking to get an excuse out of making plans.

Apps/Software June 22, 2016

Amazon Video And Prime Video July 2016: The Complete List Of New Movies And TV Series Available To Stream

New movies and TV series streaming in July on Prime Video and Amazon Video include ‘Kill Bill Vol.1,’ the complete ‘Star Trek’ collection and the season finale of ‘Outlander,’ as well as ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Mr. Robot.’

Movies/TV Shows June 21, 2016

HBO Now July 2016: Movies And TV Shows Available To Stream And Leaving This Month

New movies and TV shows available to stream on HBO Now include ‘The Neverending Story,’ ‘Ali’ and ’Straight Outta Compton,’ as well as season 2 episodes of ‘Ballers.’

Movies/TV Shows June 21, 2016

Netflix Keeps Logo, But Unveils New Icon: Did It Learn From Instagram's Mistake?

Netflix unveiled a new 'N' icon on Facebook and Twitter on June 20 that will also be featured on its app. However, the company is keeping its logo after a lesson from Instagram.

Internet June 21, 2016

Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: Which Browser Is Best For Windows 10 Battery Life?

Microsoft found that its Edge browser was the most energy- and power-efficient in a series of tests on a Surface Book compared with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

Computers June 20, 2016

Tumblr To Launch Live Videos, But Is It Too Late To The Party?

Tumblr will release a new live video feature on Tuesday, although it is not yet known how this will look or work for users. Is it a bit too late to join the live video party, especially since videos are not commonly watched on the platform?

Internet June 20, 2016

Here's The Reason Why There Will Be No Rifle Emoji

The Unicode Consortium removed the rifle emoji from its latest emoji update after hearing opposition from Apple and Microsoft. Code for the rifle will still exist but only as a black-and-white symbol, so it won't be supported on devices.

Apps/Software June 18, 2016

The CW Announces Fall TV Premiere Dates: Here’s When ‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’ And More Will Air

The CW announced its fall 2016 schedule premiere dates for all its new and returning series, including ‘The Flash,’ ‘Supergirl’ and ’No Tomorrow.’

Movies/TV Shows June 17, 2016

Android Apps Are Now Available On Chrome OS, But There Is One Catch

Google Play Store support was added to the Chrome OS 53 developer build, but only for the Asus Chromebook Flip.

Computers June 17, 2016

Waze Launches New Routing Feature So Nervous Drivers Don’t Have To Do The Thing They Hate

Waze launched a new routing feature for Los Angeles drivers that eliminates the need to make turns at 'difficult intersections.'

Apps/Software June 17, 2016

Did Google Really Steal The Idea For ‘Project Loon’ Balloons? Here Are The Facts Behind The Accusation

The company Space Data filed a lawsuit against Google alleging the company infringed on its patents and broke a non-disclosure agreement regarding Project Loon.

Google June 17, 2016

Microsoft Enters The Marijuana Business With Plant Tracking Software Partnership

Microsoft announced a partnership with a technology startup to provide government agencies plant tracking software from 'seed to sale' as it enters the marijuana business.

Microsoft June 17, 2016

Blake Lively Shares Shark Optical Illusion On Instagram And It’s Impossible To See It

Actress Blake Lively shared an optical illusion featuring a shark to promote her new movie, but you will have to stare a long time before being able to see it.

Viral June 17, 2016

Facebook Messenger Gets A Makeover: Here’s The New Home Screen Look And Features

Facebook announced a redesign to the home screen in Messenger to now include more features.

Apps/Software June 16, 2016

Facebook May Go ‘All Video’ In Five Years: What This Will Mean For Text Posts On The News Feed

According to Facebook’s Vice President in Europe Nicola Mendelsohn, the social networking site will probably go 'all video' in the next five years. Here’s what this could mean for text posts on News Feeds.

Internet June 16, 2016

The Starbucks Microsoft Outlook Add-In Is Now Live: Here’s How To Send Coffee To Contacts And Schedule Meetings At Starbucks

The Starbucks add-in for Microsoft Outlook launched on Wednesday, June 15. Here’s how to send eGift Cards for coffee and schedule meetings at a local Starbucks location.

Apps/Software June 16, 2016

Pandora Launches Handpicked Stations To Further Compete With Spotify And Apple Music Discovery Features

Pandora announced the launch of handpicked curated stations to help users discover new music as it continues to compete against Spotify and Apple Music, which have similar features.

Apps/Software June 15, 2016

'Pokémon Go' Might Be Released Next Month, With Go Plus To Retail For $35

The Pokémon Go Plus wearable device was announced to have a target shipping date of 'end of July' and will retail for $35 during Nintendo’s live stream event on Wednesday.

Video Games June 15, 2016

Taking Instagram Photos Makes You Enjoy The Moment More, Study Says

A new study has found that people who took pictures of the moments they were in were happier and enjoyed the moments more than those who did not.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 15, 2016

Streaming Services Defeat Internet Providers In Appeals Court On Net Neutrality: Here’s How The Case Played Out

The FCC, Obama Administration and streaming services beat broadband internet providers in Appeals Court on Tuesday, June 14, when the judges upheld the net neutrality ruling.

Business Tech June 15, 2016

Starbucks Starts Selling New Summer Drinks: Here’s What Is In The Granitas And When Can You Get Them

Starbucks released new items as part of its Sunset Menu available after 3 p.m., which includes the new shaved ice drink called Granitas.

Life & Style June 15, 2016

Twitter Now Lets Users Retweet Themselves In Case The First Time Wasn’t Enough

Twitter is now allowing users to retweet and quote their own tweets to be able to share and make their previous posts relevant again.

Apps/Software June 15, 2016

Microsoft Has Bought LinkedIn For $26 Billion: Striking Gold Or Courting Disaster?

Microsoft announced the acquisition of LinkedIn for $26 billion on Monday, June 13, but did it just strike gold or will it be a disaster? Here are the pros and cons of the deal.

Business Tech June 14, 2016

WWDC 2016: The 16 Biggest Announcements Apple Made This Year At Its Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 13, showcasing what’s coming soon. Here are the 16 big announcements the company made during WWDC 2016.

Apple June 14, 2016

Apple Will Teach Your Kids How To Code With Swift Playgrounds App

Apple announced a new iPad app called Swift Playgrounds that teaches kids how to code to be able to create their own app using the company’s programming language.

Apps/Software June 14, 2016

Twitter Claims Servers Not Hacked, Suggests Ways To Keep Your Twitter Account Safe

Twitter issued a statement saying its servers were not hacked but suggested ways users can keep their accounts safe after the data breach.

Internet June 11, 2016

You Know Apple. Now Say Hello To Apple Energy

Apple incorporated a new subsidiary, Apple Energy LLC, that will power its operations and sell excess clean energy.

Apple June 11, 2016

Gawker, Reeling From Hulk Hogan Privacy Lawsuit, Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Here's What Really Happened

Gawker has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and the company is now up for auction. Here’s a rundown of what happened for the online media company to get to this point.

Business Tech June 11, 2016

Go Wild, Shutterbugs. Facebook 360 Photos Is Finally Here

Facebook began rolling out its 360 photos on Thursday, and it allows users to capture and share immersive panoramic images to the News Feed.

Internet June 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Three-Word Response To Donald Trump's 'Crooked' Attack Makes Twitterverse Go Wild

Twitter lost it when Hillary Clinton was able to shut down Donald Trump’s “crooked” comments with these three words.

Viral June 10, 2016

Photographer Slammed For Sharing ‘Walking Dead’ Photo Shoot Starring Zombie Kids

A photographer and mother was slammed for her viral ‘Walking Dead’ photoshoot starring kids because the images were a bit too gruesome and unsettling for some.

Viral June 10, 2016

Lenovo Phab2 Pro, World's First Google Project Tango Phone, Is Here: So, What Is It Really?

Lenovo unveiled the Phab2 Pro, the world’s first smartphone with Google’s Project Tango. Here’s what the AR tech means in terms of the device.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 10, 2016

LAPD Selects BMW i3 Over Tesla Model S For New Electric Car Fleet: Here's Why

The LAPD has chosen to add 100 BMW i3 units to its electric car fleet and not the Tesla Model S for a few reasons.

Car Tech June 9, 2016

Have iPhone? Love Android? This Phone Case Is Just For You

Developer Nick Lee has created an iPhone case prototype that is able to successfully run Android directly on the Apple smartphone.

Gadgets June 9, 2016

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