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Mass-Produced Graphene Sheets On Its Way To Revolutionize Tech Products

Graphene, when produced in large quantities for commercial use, could change the production of technology products. Scientists at MIT were able to manufacture 10 meters of thin graphene rolls of high quality.

Material Science April 22, 2018

Researchers Create A New Type Of Superconductor Thanks To Graphene And The ‘Magic Angle’

A team of researchers have successfully turned graphene into an unconventional superconductor. They did it with something called the magic angle, and it was an accident.

Energy March 8, 2018

Two-Layer Graphene Material Can Stop Bullets And Change Wars Forever

CUNY researchers recently discovered diamene, a film-like material that transitions into a stiff material upon impact. It was also found to potentially be an efficient conductor.

Earth/Environment December 26, 2017

Clean Water In An Instant? Graphene Sieve Converts Seawater Into Drinking Water

Researchers have found a new way to filter the salt in seawater through a process that uses graphene. Should this technology be produced on a large scale, it would help address the scarcity of drinking water.

Material Science April 4, 2017

Groundbreaking Graphene-Based Electrode Can Boost Solar Power Storage

The new plant-inspired graphene electrode employs the fractal design of fern leaves to store solar energy at an improved capacity, 3,000 percent bigger than previously available. This prototype paves the way for flexible thin film solar technology.

Material Science April 4, 2017

Molecule Developed To Convert Carbon Dioxide Into Carbon-Neutral Fuel By Harnessing Light

Carbon reduction efforts have a new ally in a molecule that harnesses light to convert carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide. According to researchers, the molecule is more efficient than any carbon reduction method around.

Energy March 9, 2017

Graphene In 3 Layers Can Make A Rare Magnet

New experiments are asserting graphene’s vast applications on the basis of magnetic properties. According to a research by TIFR scholars, graphene in three layers makes a rare magnet and offers a vast scope for electronic devices.

Material Science March 2, 2017

Move Over Graphene: Scientists Simulate New Material Tougher Than Graphene

Graphene’s supremacy as the hardest, highly flexible and stronger material with superconducting qualities is under challenge after researchers from Rice University simulated an elongated one-dimensional chain of boron showing incredible properties.

Material Science February 7, 2017

LOOK: This Graphene Dress Lights Up Based On Breathing Pattern

The world's first graphene dress is unveiled in Manchester. The little black dress that lights up based on breathing pattern gives a whole new meaning to wearable technology.

Life & Style February 5, 2017

Scientists Create Graphene From Soybean Oil

Scientists from the CSIRO successfully produce graphene using cheaper materials and less dangerous methods, making the material more accessible for clean energy and commercial applications.

Material Science February 5, 2017

Superconductivity In Graphene Activated For The First Time

Researchers at the Cambridge University have successfully unlocked the superconductivity power of graphene for the first time by coupling the material and claimed that the wonder material is expected to possess p-wave superconductivity.

Material Science January 21, 2017

Graphene ‘Nano-Chimneys’ Offer Cooling Solution For Nano-Electronics

Researchers at the Rice University have discovered a way for releasing the heat accumulating at graphene-nanotube junctions. They devised a cone-like ‘chimney’ between the duo by tweaking graphene and removing some atoms to vent the heat at the junctions.

Material Science January 8, 2017

MIT Researchers Develop Porous, 3D Graphene 10 Times Stronger Than Steel But Lighter

It has been established that graphene is a strong material, and it just keeps getting better. Researchers have created a new form of the material that makes it 10 times stronger than steel at a mere fraction of the latter’s density.

Material Science January 7, 2017

Researchers Mix Graphene And ‘Silly Putty’ To Create Sensors Sensitive Enough To Detect Spider Footsteps

Silly Putty may be a kid’s toy, but upgrade it with some graphene and it turns into a highly sensitive material that can be used to build sensors for various applications.

Material Science December 9, 2016

Henrik Fisker Will Use A New Kind Of Battery To Power Electric Cars; Future Vehicles Will Be Even Cheaper Than Tesla Model 3, Chevy Bolt

The company that will bring Henrik Fisker back into the electric car industry will use a new kind of battery to power its vehicles. Fisker also said that there are plans to release consumer-friendly electric vehicles.

Car Tech October 17, 2016

Silkworms Eat Graphene, Produce Tougher, Electrically Conductive Super Silk

Chinese researchers have produced carbon-reinforced silk by feeding silkworms mulberry leaves sprayed with a solution containing the wonder material: graphene.

Material Science October 12, 2016

Researchers See Potential In Graphene As Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

A breakthrough research claimed that graphene can be used in treating spinal injuries. Developed by Rice University through a special process, the graphene nanoribbons holds great promise in curing damaged spinal cords of people.

Material Science September 21, 2016

How Graphene Is Made And How It Was Discovered

Graphene could radically change electronics in the coming decades, but how is it manufactured? And what is the odd story of its invention, more than a decade ago?

Material Science June 21, 2016

China Startup Moxi To Launch World's First Bendable Smartphone This Year

Chinese startup Moxi Group is launching the world’s first bendable smartphone this year and it already looks promising. However, the price tag alone is enough to make you flip over.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech May 26, 2016

Former NASA Engineer Teams Up With Angler To Develop World's First Graphene Fishing Rod

A former NASA engineer and a world champion angler teamed up to create the world's first graphene fishing rod. Graphene is an excellent material, as it is 200 hundred times stronger than steel.

Material Science May 22, 2016

Graphene Makes Thin Rubber Stronger And Stretchier

Adding small amounts of graphene to rubber materials can produce a composite that is both stronger and stretchier than regular rubber, a new study says. This new material can be used to create better gloves, sportswear and medical devices.

Material Science May 21, 2016

China Creates World's First Graphene Electronic Paper: What This Means For The Future

China has recently developed the world's first graphene electronic paper that can revolutionize optical displays for smart devices. Graphene is hailed as the lightest and strongest material available in the world today.

Material Science May 1, 2016

3D Graphene Lab’s Dr. Daniel Stolyarov Is Engineering The Future Atom By Atom

As the sole manufacturer of graphene-enhanced printing materials, 3D Graphene Lab co-founder Daniel Stolyarov is at the forefront of a game-changer in the 3D printing industry.

Business Tech April 29, 2016

Scientists Create Graphene-Based Sensor That Detects Air Pollution In Your Home

A newly developed graphene sensor could possibly detect levels of air pollution in homes. It is a result of a colloboration between the University of Southampton and the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Earth/Environment April 18, 2016

Wonder Material Carbyne Produced In Bulk For First Time - What Could This Mean?

Carbyne has been produced in long chains for the first time. What are the possible uses of this remarkable "one-dimensional" material?

April 14, 2016

New Solar Panel Turns Raindrops Into Electricity: Here's How The Technology Works

Scientists in China created 'all-weather' graphene-coated solar panels to harness power from raindrops. They developed dye-sensitized solar cells coated with an ultra-thin film of a miracle material known as graphene.

Energy April 13, 2016

Graphene Solar Cell Generates Electricity From Sun And Rain

Scientists in China are developing revolutionary solar cells that could trigger electricity from both the sun and rain. The incredible process could lay the foundation for future all-weather solar panels.

Energy April 11, 2016

Graphene Oxide's Antibacterial Properties May Help Combat Hospital Acquired Infections

Researchers in Italy explored the potential antibacterial and antifungal actions of graphene oxide. How could this wonder material help serve as an effective, eco-friendly antibacterial treatment in the future?

Life March 5, 2016

Graphene That Behaves Like Water Can Pave Way For Chips That Can Model Black Hole, Supernova Behaviors

Researchers used high-purity graphene and observed for the first time that its charged particles behave like liquid with relativistic properties. This discovery holds promise for thermoelectric devices as well as for studying the behavior of black holes and celestial bodies.

February 16, 2016

Graphene Brain Implants May Help Patients Regain Sensory Functions And Control Motor Disorders

A new technology developed by researchers in Italy and the United Kingdom allows for the creation of graphene-based materials that can be interfaced with neurons without losing its electrical conductivity. This can lead to the creation of neural electrodes that are not only biocompatible, but stable within the body as well.

February 1, 2016

Researchers Develop Superthin And Flexible Pressure Sensors That Could Help Detect Breast Cancer

Researchers from the University of Tokyo developed thin and flexible wearable sensors that can be used in rubber gloves worn by doctors to help better detect breast cancer in patients.

Life January 27, 2016

Berkeley Researcher Uses Graphene To Filter Water In A More Energy Efficient System

Baoxia Mi is developing a graphene membrane that could effectively remove wastewater contaminants and be used toward wastewater reuse, treating storm water and the desalination of water.

Energy January 25, 2016

Graphene Could Make Your Next Smartwatch Imprinted Directly In Your Skin

Graphene made headlines for ‘smart skin’ or the ability to imprint devices directly onto human skin. This breakthrough material is cheap, ultra-conductive and not to mention extremely beneficial in the medical field.

December 20, 2015

Laser-Induced Graphene Might Make The Battery Obsolete

Laser-induced graphene-made supercapacitors might one day replace battery power as we know it.

Energy December 7, 2015

Graphene Can Now Be Produced At Cheaper Costs: How Wonder Material Could Impact Industries

A team of researchers found a cheaper way of producing the wonder material, graphene. The discovery can pave way for the mass production and use of the material in manufacturing various commercial goods, such as electronics.

November 21, 2015

New Method Makes Graphene Production 100 Times Cheaper

Glasgow University scientists' groundbreaking research found a new way to mass produce the wonder material called graphene. The new process is 100 times less expensive than the current manufacturing process and is expected to open a wide range of possibilities.

November 19, 2015

Why Is Graphene The Miracle Material?

The strongest material on Earth is only one atom thick. How will we use it?

Energy November 17, 2015

Researchers Find That Thermal Sensors Made Out Of Graphene Could Create Low-Cost Night-Vision Technology

Researchers found that a night-vision device equipped with a thermal sensor made out of graphene will reduce the cost of thermal imaging technologies.

Energy November 4, 2015

New Magnetic Sensor Is Over 200 Times More Sensitive Than Commercially Available Sensors

A super sensitive magnetic sensor has been developed by researchers from the National University of Singapore. Scientists say that the new magnetic sensor can perform better than existing silicon-based sensors.

November 4, 2015

Optical Detector Monitors All Forms Of Light Using Graphene Flakes

Researchers built a new optical graphene detector that can monitor light incidents in just 40 picoseconds. The new graphene detector is the first model to effectively monitor all light from visible to infrared to terahertz radiation.

Energy October 31, 2015

Graphene Research Could Revolutionize Flexible Electronics, Biomedical Instruments And Solar Cells

Scientists have developed a method that could revolutionize flexible electronics and other technologies through the application of insulated graphene sheets. The process has successfully controlled graphene at the nanolevel and proved to have low environmental impact.

Earth/Environment October 17, 2015

Scientists Discover 'Super Material' That Can Be Used In Bulletproof Vests And Military Tanks

A foam-like material dubbed the new 'super material' was created when tiny tubes of graphene were formed into a cellular structure that maintained the stability of diamond. It is currently being studied to be used in Chinese military armor.

Animals September 29, 2015

Black Phosphorous Might Beat Graphene In The Next-Generation Electronics Game

Graphene isn't the only 2D material in town. Advances in black phosphorous research are threatening to dethrone the carbon-based king of flatland.

August 15, 2015

Growing Graphene Nanoribbons Now Possible, And Here's Why It's A Big Deal

Graphene nanoribbons can now be produced in large quantities and in lengths long enough to use in electronics. Here are the reasons that news is so exciting.

August 15, 2015

Growing Graphene Nanoribbons For Next-Generation Electronics Just Got Easier

Designing next-generation electronics means unlocking a new level of speed and energy efficiency with new materials. Graphene’s incredible properties have made it the materials science powerhouse of the 21st century, but actually making the stuff has proven to be its biggest obstacle.

August 11, 2015

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