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These Energy-Recycling Stairs Make Climbing A Breeze

Researchers have developed energy-recycling stairs that can help the elderly and disabled individuals who have difficulty negotiating stairs. Here's how these assistive stairs work.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 13, 2017

Mobility Assessment Tool Developed To Facilitate Predicting Postoperative Risk In Older Adults

Mobility is an important indicator of overall health in older adults. Scores acquired through Wake Forest Baptist’s mobility assessment tool can help identify older patients at higher risk of adverse postoperative complications.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2016

Ford Introduces FordPass Platform, Extending Relationship Between Automaker And Customers

The service, which is set to launch in April, will provide Ford owners and non-owners alike with everything from live mobility assistants to help them with their issues, as well as options for advanced parking and rewards for membership loyalty.

FUTURE TECH January 11, 2016

This Smart Wheelchair Connects To The Internet And Keeps You Safe

Swedish Mobility products company Permobil is developing a smart wheelchair that works with the Internet of Things.

FUTURE TECH September 16, 2015

CDC Report Says 1 In Every 5 Americans Living With Some Form Of Disability

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed data from a national survey to determine the prevalence of individuals with disabilities and any form of disability. The researchers found that one in five Americans have some form of disability.

Life July 31, 2015

Seniors who exercise regularly will have lower risks of disability

Seniors who do not want to easily lose their ability to walk should engage in regular exercise. Researchers found that older adults who are physically active are less likely to have mobility problems than their peers with a more sedentary lifestyle.

Life May 29, 2014

U.S. will require rearview cameras on new vehicles starting May 2018

All vehicles will soon be required to install rearview cameras by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to reduce deaths and injuries from back-over accidents. Will this really bring about road safety?

Business April 1, 2014

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