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Honeybees Are Agricultural Animals Just Like Pigs And Cows: Experts

University of Cambridge experts said honeybees are agricultural animals that pose threat to other wild pollinators particularly other bee species. Unlike livestock though, these managed bees are allowed to roam beyond their enclosures.

Animals January 28, 2018

Hawaii Yellow-Faced Bees To Receive Protection Under Endangered Species Act

Seven species of yellow-faced bee that are native to Hawaii received federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. The listing is the first for any bee in the U.S.

Animals September 30, 2016

Fuzzy Little Bumblebees Can Sense Weak Electric Fields From Flowers

Bumblebees are fuzzy for a reason: researchers say the blanket of hair that covers these little insects actually help them detect weak electric fields from flowers. This is very crucial in pollination.

Animals May 31, 2016

Mass Extinction Of Insect Pollinators Threatens Global Food Crops: How Science Saves Dwindling Bee, Butterfly Populations

Insect pollinators are crucial to the world's food production, but they are currently facing near-extinction. Despite the dwindling numbers of bees and butterflies, experts believe that these insect species can be saved.

Animals February 29, 2016

Declining Number Of Bees, Butterflies Threatens Global Food Supply: UN Report

A new U.N. report warns that many species of bees and pollinating insects are fast becoming extinct, threatening the stability of the global food supply. The problem is possibly caused by a variety of factors, including monoculture, neonicotinoids and other threats to pollinators.

Animals February 27, 2016

Wild Bee Populations Least Abundant In US Agricultural Regions Where Crop Pollination Most Needed

Wild bee populations have declined in areas where they are needed the most. The supply versus demand in the pollinators and crops showed an ironic trend as per analysis of a wide range of bee population data.

Animals December 22, 2015

Diesel Fumes Hamper Ability Of Bees To Find Food

Researchers found that the sense of smell of bees, which the insects use to find food, may be impaired due to diesel fumes. A form of diesel exhaust was found to chemically alter floral odors thus affecting the pollinators.

Earth/Environment October 20, 2015

Soup Made Out Of Crushed Bees Could Be Key To Pollinator Survival

By studying the 'DNA soup' made of crushed bees, scientists were able to detect important information vital to the survival of the pollinators.

Earth/Environment July 8, 2015

Norway Builds First Bee Highway: Why Other Countries Should Follow

The world's first 'bee highway' can be found in Oslo, Norway, where particpants around the city are progressively transforming spots into a conducive environment for bees. Endangered bees can be saved through the project's small initiatives, making it a good example for other cites and countries to follow.

Earth/Environment June 29, 2015

High concentrations of neonicotinoids in Midwest rivers, USGS study says

A U.S. Geological Survey study shows that rivers and streams in the Midwest, draining the states with the highest reported use of pollinator-threatening neonicotinoids, carry the insecticide through the waters.

Earth/Environment July 25, 2014

Car fumes, foul odors distract pollinators from finding their targets

Fumes coming from cars and trucks aren’t just bad for humans. They’re awful on moths and possibly other pollinators too by preventing the insects from finding their nectar source and pollinating flowers.

Science June 28, 2014

Obama sets up task force to curb decline in honeybee population

The Obama administration released a memorandum outlining the strategies and planned actions of the new Pollinator Health Task Force. It's an effort to support and fund research about pollinator deaths and encourage protective measures.

Earth/Environment June 22, 2014

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