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Self-Healing Robot Muscles May Revolutionize Prosthetic Limbs For Amputees

Robotic muscles called HASEL actuators that can heal from electrical damage hold potential in revolutionizing prosthetics. What are its properties that make it comparable to human muscles and nerves?

Robotics January 12, 2018

LOOK: This Self Healing Artificial Muscle Is Flexible, Strong, And Cheap

A team of researchers created an artificial muscle that is strong, versatile, and cheap to make. It could help create soft robots in the future but also has practical implications in the food and medical industry.

Robotics January 5, 2018

Thank The Octopus For This Future Camouflage That Can Morph To Various 3D Shapes

Researchers have developed a stretchable material that mimics the ability of octopuses to inflate their papillae for camouflage. The technology could one day be used to develop sophisticated 'soft robots'.

Robotics October 15, 2017

Inspired By A Caterpillar, This Soft Robot Crawls To Get Around

Researchers take inspiration from caterpillars to help develop better control over their soft robot's body movement. Their invention can inch and crawl on various surfaces by deforming each of its four body sections using sensors and motors.

Robotics January 7, 2017

Soft Touch Of Robot Hand Comparable To That Of Human

A soft robot hand known as "Gentle Bot" can touch fragile items and make sense of their shape and texture. According to the Cornell University researchers, they developed it to help ensure future robots achieve a human touch.

Robotics December 13, 2016

Soft Robotics: Scientists Develop This Amazing Octopus Robot

Scientists in Italy have developed a prototype robot inspired by the octopus. The octo-bot can swim underwater, crawl on the seabed and even grasp objects with ease.

Gadgets August 16, 2016

Terminator-Style Morphing Robots May Soon Become Reality

In the near future, one could see soft robots altering their shape and morphing into another vehicle or structure for a separate mission. The key, according to Cornell researchers, is a hybrid material combining stiff metal with soft, porous rubber foam.

FUTURE TECH March 24, 2016

Squishy Robotic Fingers Collect Fragile Marine Creatures From Ocean Floor

Soft robotic grippers can now help researchers do their marine exploration without damaging fragile ocean-floor specimens. These robotic fingers are deemed a step ahead of rigid grippers that can destroy corals and other samples.

Animals January 21, 2016

Magnetic Nanoparticle Chain Provides New Technique To Remotely Control Soft Robots

Researchers were able to develop a technique that can help control soft robots. By aligning magnetic nanoparticle chains to control elastic polymers, soft robots may soon be manipulated remotely.

December 22, 2015

Softness Is What Makes This Jumping 3D-Printed Robot Tough

This new robot’s soft body allows it to blast itself into the air and land without breaking. Researchers took inspiration from the way animals’ bodies combine soft and rigid materials while designing it.

July 9, 2015

Want to build a robot? Harvard gives you the Soft Robotics Toolkit

Harvard University and Trinity College Dublin have teamed up to bring robotics enthusiasts the Soft Robotics Toolkit, a website resource to get novices and professionals off the ground on their own robotic builds and projects.

Geek September 27, 2014

Flexible Click-e-bricks may shape future of robotics

A team of scientists from Harvard has developed click-e-bricks that could be used to create soft robots. The bricks are used just the same as the Lego kits.

FUTURE TECH August 12, 2014

Robots can be squishy, too. This one can even shift shapes

MIT scientists develop a squishy robot that can go from soft to hard depending on the intended purpose. It lists surgery and search and rescue as possible applications.

Animals July 16, 2014

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