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Mouse Pancreas Grown In Bodies Of Rats Helped Reverse Diabetes

Using stem cells, researchers grew mouse pancreas in bodies of rats and later transplanted the organ into diabetic mouse. The technique offers hope of reversing diabetes and alleviating shortage of donated organs for transplant patients.

Biotech January 26, 2017

Stem Cell Injection Might Save Seniors From Vision Loss

Researchers have found that stem cells can be used to disrupt the progression of age-related macular denegeration, alleviating vision loss due to the disease.

Life April 16, 2015

Best Health Stories of 2014: Outbreaks, Research Scandal and Milestones

2014 was marked with a wide array of health stories, from the inspiring to the disconcerting. Here are the best health stories of the year.

Life December 27, 2014

Use of Embryonic Stem Cells to Create Primordial Germ Cells May Help Age-Related and Fertility Treatments

Researchers successfully made primordial germ cells that could develop into mature sperm and eggs using adult skin tissue, a breakthrough that could make it possible for individuals who are unable to produce their own sex cells to have their own biological child.

Life December 26, 2014

Japanese stem cell scientist involved in research scandal found dead

Yoshiki Sasai, a Japanese scientist who was entangled in a research scandal pertaining to stem cells has been found dead. The police suspect that 52-year old Sasai committed suicide.

Life August 5, 2014

Scientists produce human heart tissue on a chip carrying inherited disease. Why this is important

The wait of patients with currently incurable diseases such as Barth syndrome may soon be over as researchers tap organ-on-a-chip and stem cell technologies to understand and find potential cures for rare and untreatable diseases.

Life May 14, 2014

Scientists produce sperms from human skin. Here's how they did it.

In a startling scientific breakthrough, infertile men can now produce sperms, allowing them finally to have children they can call their own. What’s the magic behind the new hope? Simple. Their own human skin.

Life May 2, 2014

Stem cell therapy for heart disease: Reality or myth?

In 49 trials involving stem cell treatment of patients with heart disease, researchers observed that studies with more discrepancies tend to report of larger effects of treatment.

Life May 2, 2014

Lab-grown artificial human skin may replace animals in drug and cosmetic tests

Scientists use stem cells to create artificial skin in the laboratory. The skin could replace animals used in lab tests, also lead to treatments for human skin diseases.

April 28, 2014

Stem cell study discredited; head of Riken urges retraction

A Japanese STAP stem cell study has now been discredited, with the head author considering the possibility of retraction. Dr. Haruko Obokata has been urged to retract the study by several researchers, including the Riken institute head Ryoji Noyori.

Life March 14, 2014

Co-author of revolutionary stem cell study calls for retraction

Japanese scientist Teruhiko Wakayama has called for a retraction of the breakthrough stem cell study - focused on the STAP method - claiming that the data and images do not align with the findings.

Life March 10, 2014

Breakthrough research transforms skin cell into liver cell, giving hope to patients with liver problems

Scientists have found a way to transform skin cells into fully functional liver cells that can grow on their own, giving hope to millions of people worldwide who suffer from liver failure.

Life February 26, 2014

Groundbreaking study sees scientists turn skin cells into liver cells

In a breakthrough for the medical profession, scientists have revealed that attempts to grow mature human liver cells from skin cells have been successful. Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, and the Gladstone Institutes used stem cell techniques for the basis of their research, testing the resultant cells on mice with engineered liver failure.

Life February 25, 2014

New stem cell research may give the elderly rejuvenated muscles

New discoveries and developments in stem cell science may prove a boon for those with aging muscles. Three different studies have shown a host of possibilities that stem cells can be managed and manipulated to rejuvenate muscles after an injury.

Life February 20, 2014

Carbon nanotubes may reduce stem cells reliance on human or animal cells

Stem cells can now be grown, using a microscopic scaffolding of carbon, in the form of nanotubes. This small structure could revolutionize medicine.

Life February 7, 2014

Breakthrough stem cell research: Creating embryonic stem cells without using embryos

Scientists have found a new way to create stem cells. The new procedure, known as known as stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency or STAP, is quite revolutionary, as the main aspect is exposing the mature adult cells to various stressful environments including trauma, a low oxygen environments and an acidic environment to reprogram them to becoming embryonic stem cells.

Life February 2, 2014

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