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Lonely Neutron Star With Low Magnetic Field Spotted Outside Of Milky Way Galaxy

Astronomers spotted for the first time a rare neutron star beyond the Milky Way galaxy. It was found in the oxygen-rich supernova remnant E0102. What makes this neutron star special?

Space June 4, 2018

Crab Nebula On The Menu For Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope has photographed the Crab Nebula like never before. What can astronomers learn from this new composite image?

Space July 7, 2016

Rare Supernova Impostor Found In Nearby Galaxy NGC 300

Researchers found that a supernova-wannabe star in a nearby galaxy called NGC 300 had a badass companion. They thought the case was closed in 2010 when the impostor was first found but a second look at the supernova impostor revealed something else.

Space February 14, 2016

Supernova Cassiopeia-A Remains Show a Bubbly Heart

Cassiopeia A is one of the best-known of all supernova remnants, and now astronomers have found large empty pockets in the cloud. Here is how you can examine the new 3D map astronomers used to make the discovery.

Space January 30, 2015

Zombie star sighting by Hubble excites boffins

Type 1ax supernovas have been seen by the Hubble Space Telescope, revealing these mysterious events for the first time -- but how are they triggered?

Space August 10, 2014

NASA finds link to 'zombie star'

White dwarf star that survived its own explosion has become a not-quite-alive "zombie star," astronomers say. Discover gives new clues to how such explosion occur, they say.

Space August 7, 2014

Cosmic dust origin may be finally explained by supernova SN2010jl

Cosmic dust is essential for the creation of planets, moons and stars, but until now, astronomers did not know its origin. An ancient supernova may provide the answer to that astronomical mystery.

Space July 12, 2014

Mysterious process behind origins of stardust solved

Observation of supernova reveals cosmic dust "factory" at work, astronomers say. Mystery of the origins of interstellar dust has long puzzled, they say.

Space July 9, 2014

Darkest secrets of supernova unraveled by NuSTAR telescope

Supernova explosions can't be triggered in computer models. A new study, looking at the remains of a recent event, shows what triggers these mighty blasts.

Space February 21, 2014

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