There are at least eight automakers that needed to conduct a recall of vehicles with the Takata air bags. On June 23, Honda conducted three recalls that covered both vehicles in the national level and those found in areas with high humidity. The total number of vehicles that needed a recall is estimated to exceed 2 million.

That number is now increased and said to have reached around 3 million. Honda is now focusing on California where a new batch involving 1 million cars are said to undergo a recall. The decision came after an air bag incident in California had been reported which involved the 2005 Accord.

When an air bag becomes defective, it explodes or "detonates" in the event of a crash. The deployed air bag sends out plastic shrapnel and hot metal pieces which can cause severe burns, bruises and skin abrasions.

"Honda is announcing these market actions to encourage owners to take their vehicles to an authorized Honda or Acura dealer as soon as they receive notification from Honda...," the carmaker said in a statement.

Takata Corporation, one of the world's leading makers of air bag systems, expressed that the inflator's propellant is not impact-ready and too powerful to control. During the past month, the company recommended customers that come from Hawaii, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to have their vehicles recalled. These areas are known to have high humidity which is suspected to have aggravated the problem.

Other vehicles that needed an air bag recall were Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota. However, it appeared that Honda, Nissan, and Toyota are the most affected.

Apart from the areas mentioned by the Takata Corporation, Honda expressed that it would conduct a recall of their vehicles in other areas that show similar high humid weather condition in order to ensure the safety of its customers. The areas where the recall will be conducted would include Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas and South Carolina.

The recall would cover replacing both the passenger-side and the driver's front air bags. For the replacement of the passenger-side air bags, the vehicles involved are Honda Accords (2003 to 2005), Honda Odysseys (2003 and 2004), 2005 Acura RLs, Acura MDXs, Pilots, Elements, CR-Vs and Civics.

With regards to replacing the driver's front air bag, the vehicles involved are Acura MDXs (2003 to 2006 models), Acura TLs and CLs (2002 and 2003), 2006 Ridgelines, Pilots (2003 to 2007 models), Odysseys (2002 to 2004), Elements (2003 to 2011), CR-Vs (2002 to 2006), Civics (2001 to 2005), Accords with V-6 engines (2001 and 2002), and Accords with four-cylinder engines (2001 to 2007).

Except for California where the recall involved the replacement of the driver's front air bag, the recall to replace both the passenger-side and driver's front air bag rolled out in Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Alabama, US Virgin Islands, Florida, Hawaii, Mississippi and Texas.

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