Philips recently announced a new device, its Ambiglow Plus Base monitor, which lights up a room with additional mood lighting to match the colors on its screen.

The monitor, which sports a 27-inch display, has an additional light on its base that users can switch on or off: when turned on, the color of the base's lighting syncs with what's on the screen. This means that, when you're watching a movie or TV show, the lighting's color seems to bleed off the screen and onto any nearby walls to create a new kind of immersive effect.

An additional processor on the monitor gives it the power to match colors as they appear on its screen, creating a "viewing experience that moves color and vibrancy beyond the screen itself."

"Ambiglow adds a new dimension to your viewing experience," writes Philips on its website. "Innovative Ambiglow technology enlarges your experience by creating a halo of light on and around the base. Its fast processor analyzes the incoming image and adapts the color and brightness of the light to match the image."

However, for those times when users don't pay attention to the monitor's screen, the additional lighting can still act as mood lighting, by allowing users to choose whatever color they would like. There's even an option that lets the light cycle through a variety of colors, as well as a timer that turns the light on or off at a specified time.

"Additionally, the Ambiglow Plus lighted base can cycle through different hues, or allow the user to manually select the hue or timing of the light for ambient colored mood lighting experience," writes Philips on its website. "Color, vibrancy and excitement move beyond the screen, bringing a more thrilling, intense and immersive viewing experience."

The display offers 1920 by 1080 resolution with a 1000:1 ratio, 14 ms response time, 178/178-degree viewing angles and a flicker-free backlight. It also comes with MHL technology, which allows users to connect mobile phones to the display, as well as offers HDMI.

The monitor should appear in stores soon, with an expected price tag of around $350.

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