GE Introduces The 'C' Series Of Connected LED Smart Lightbulbs, Adjusting To Day And Night


What happens when your smartphone meets a smart bulb? You get GE's new connected LED lightbulbs.

On Thursday, GE announced its pair of smart bulbs — the C-Life and C-Sleep. While the bulbs don't require users to have a smart hub to work, they can still connect to GE's smartphone app for adjustments.

The C-Life bulb, used during daytime, is a go-to choice for rooms only used during daylight hours.

"You do a lot of different things throughout the day, so you need different kinds of light," GE writes about its C-Life bulb on its website. "C-Life makes it simple to get the optimal light at every moment — all from one light bulb."

Meanwhile the C-Sleep bulb adjusts its shades depending on the time of day, emitting a blue light in the morning, before changing to orange for midday and yellow during the night.

"There's nothing more important than sleep. And it all starts with creating the right environment," GE writes on its website about its C-Sleep bulb. "C-created the perfect bedroom light — warm and calm at night, crisp and vibrant in the morning."

Each connected smart bulb can be controlled via smartphone and is Bluetooth-enabled. Users can download the GE app — via their iPhones or Android smartphones — and then manually dim the bulbs or even switch them off and on. The smart bulbs can even be scheduled to go on and off via the app.

The bulbs, which will be available via a starter pack of two C-Life bulbs and two C-Sleep bulbs on the company's website this January, will cost $50. Each LED lightbulb is expected to last 20 years, saving energy and money.

While LED lights are superior to watts, for those stuck on trying to gauge the watts of the C series of connected bulbs, GE says their maximum brightness is close to a 60w incandescent bulb.

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