Since it was revealed that Facebook was experimenting with over 700,000 users, many folks have threatened to leave the social network. However, is that even possible? Probably not for some, but it should be possible to leave for 99 days.

A new campaign is now the talk of the town, due to its will to challenge users to keep away from all Facebook activities for 99 days. The campaign is called 99 Days of Freedom, and if Facebook users take part, they could regain 28 hours of their time.

The average user spends around 17 minutes per day on Facebook. Many spend that time just idling or checking their news feed for what's new. The folks behind the 99 Days of Freedom campaign believe that this wasted time can be used in other activities that are more constructive and fun.

"In response to Facebook's controversial mood experiment involving some 700,000 unwitting users, we present you 99 Days of Freedom; an online study on how life without Facebook impacts user happiness. Joining is very simple: follow our three step instruction to join the experiment for as long as you like," according to the website.

Folks who take part in this campaign are asked to report back on how staying away from Facebook has affected their mood. We guess that it would be a tough task for the first couple of days, but as time goes by, things should improve tremendously.

How to take part:

Simply visit the website that hosts the campaign and follow the instructions. It's quite easy, just make sure to download the 99 Days of Freedom image to place as your Facebook profile, create the countdown, and then log out of Facebook and remove all Facebook related apps from mobile devices.

The major question here is whether taking a hiatus from Facebook can improve one's happiness or allow them to focus more on things that have more importance. We believe it could, since in many ways Facebook is nothing but a distraction. The social network tends to consume people and take them away from the real world, so chances are, 3 months hiatus could mean well for some users.

It should be interesting to see what comes of this campaign and how many people will take part at the end of the day. At the time of writing, 5,611 persons have chosen to attack this challenge; we won't be surprised if the number never exceeds 10,000 due to how addictive Facebook is for millions of users.

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