RiffTrax Is Releasing Episodes of Cult Favorite 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'


The website, a comedy and downloadable commentary site dedicated to all things B-movie, is releasing weekly archived episodes of its previous creation — the cult favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 as a part of its new social media campaign #MST3KMonday.

The people behind the campaign and have a special investment in the project — Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett are also the movers and shakers behind the Comedy Central/SyFy Channel's MST3K, which aired its last episode in 1999. While a Web-based reboot of the show was teased by alum Joel Hodgson in late 2014, the campaign is seemingly independent from the former passion project.

Described by the RiffTrax website as a "cow-town puppet show," the Peabody Award-winning MST3K television series first premiered in 1988 on the local Minneapolis station KTMA-TV. Ever since, the sci-fi pariody show managed to become an iconic series in both the science fiction and comedy genres during its 11-season run.

There is one catch to the #MST3K project: the Vimeo-based online episodes, like most of RiffTrax's content, is not for free, and it can't be purchased on an ep-by-ep basis. Instead, users can pay $9.97 for a subscription to access the entire catalog, as it serially makes its way onto the site every Monday (for those who aren't keen on this plan, don't be discouraged: you can still rent episodes on an individual basis through Vimeo, but there's a nice, built-in fan perk to going directly through members of the MST3K crew).

Watch and MST3K creator Mike Nelson discuss #MST3KMondays in the video below.


Via: Decider

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