'Minecraft Pocket Edition' Beta v.0.13.0 Now Available With Redstone Circuits


Mojang rolls out the Minecraft: Pocket Edition beta v.0.13.0 for Android devices everywhere, but it's no ordinary beta, as it includes the feature everybody's been waiting for: Redstone Circuits.

As of right now, Mojang will let Android users join the test group to try this beta version out, but rest assured, the updates on this version will soon come to the official Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition.

"It's worth mentioning that all of these features are coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition beta in the near future," Mojang says in a blog post.

Of course, as with all similar events, it comes with a few simple requirements, which any Android device with enough power under the hood needs to run Minecraft: Pocket Edition. These include a purchased copy of the game itself from the Play Store and an application to become a tester.

But hold your horses. Before applying, the game developer suggests to make a backup of users' existing worlds first, as they might run into some unwelcome complications in the process.

After successfully joining in, the Android device will automatically download and install the Minecraft: Pocket Edition beta v.0.13.0, but it might take a few days to arrive.

To stay up to date with the changes in the future, Mojang also created a small blog, where the game developer will post updates frequently.

Moving forward, Mojang will add in the first group of Redstone blocks, but it will follow up with Pistons, Repeaters and many more soon.

The Redstone Circuits included in this update are Redstone Wire, Lamp, Torch, Buttons, Levers, Tripwires, Pressure Plates, Detector Rails and Trapped Chests along with "cute fluffy crop-eating bunnies" and new wooden doors. Also, aside from a few tweaks and bug fixes here and there, Mojang removed Stonecutter.

Check out Mojang's full change log for Minecraft: Pocket Edition beta v.0.13.0, and don't forget to hit up the developer's guide on how to make a backup for your existing worlds.

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