Nexus 6P Bendgate Not Over Yet: New Bend Test Shows Freshly Unboxed Nexus 6P Easily Breaks In Half


Following the widely criticized bend test video of the Nexus 6P that compelled Android fans to question the integrity of the test method, YouTuber JerryRigEverything has posted another bend test video to prove that the popular Huawei-made Nexus phablet is not as structurally sound as Huawei would like us to believe.

The first bend test easily caught the ire of many people who pointed out that Jerry did not put the Nexus 6P to a fair test, largely because the device was already "compromised" even before the bend test began. The screen was already cracked before it was burned by a lighter fire. Given how a large part of the Nexus 6P's structure is based on the Corning Gorilla Glass of the screen, the phone easily bent in two when enough pressure was applied.

Needless to say, the first bend test was shelved among other videos categorized as "questionable." However, Jerry is not giving up on his claims that the Nexus 6P warrants a Bendgate scandal of its own. His second video shows a Nexus 6P straight out of the box. No prior durability tests or scratch tests were done on this one. Jerry wants people to know that the device came in its pure, unadulterated form from the store.

What happens next may surprise the staunchest of fans. The video, taken in a single take, shows Jerry easily snapping the freshly unboxed Nexus 6P in half. It's not just a slight bend or a crack on the screen. It's a huge, heart-wrenching break just slightly above the middle of the phone. Of course, it renders the $500 device useless. While the first video may have earned Jerry a lot of opponents, it's not exactly easy to weasel out an excuse for the second video.

Jerry explains that an aluminum frame inside the phone is supposed to provide strength to the Nexus 6P, but it failed to do so because it is not attached to the chassis. The joints that put the entire device together are also made of plastic, which explains why they easily pop off once enough pressure is applied.

Of course, it's not every day people intentionally break their Nexus 6Ps in two, so there's no reason to raise the alarm over this new bend test. That said, it always pays to take good care of your smartphone and put it where it belongs — definitely not in your pocket.

Check out the new bend test from JerryRigEverything below.

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