Bryan Fuller has big plans for the Starz network adaptation of Neil Gaiman's “American Gods” as a television series. With such a rich source material full of gods and deities from mythology trying to make a life for themselves in the modern world alongside newer gods, Fuller shared that he envisions the series to not only be modeled after "Game of Thrones" and the Marvel Universe too.

Much like the George R.R. Martin novels inspired TV series, Fuller plans to make use of various storylines that were tackled in different locations, but has the foresight to eventually create it in the pattern of the Marvel universe where the characters can crossover in other shows and have possible spin-offs be it in the movies, series, and comic books.

Neil Gaiman himself is onboard for the project even confirming that he has signed on to write at least two episodes for the first season of the show based on one of his best selling novels.

They may not be superheroes, but fans of the book can't wait to see the gods and all their supernatural powers finally portrayed on the small screen. Perhaps the “American Gods” will even give all those mutants, aliens, and even the son of Odin a run for their money.

“In success we may have spin-offs of American Gods that follow lesser gods in greater detail than you might in the main series, but there’s all sorts of potential for this show that we’re very excited about and I hope the audience is as enthusiastic as we are so we can bring those dreams to fruition,” Fuller shared about the big scheme of things for “American Gods.”

Fuller also shared that just like his previous work on “Pushing Daisies” and “Hannibal” he will not shy away from the possibility of tackling the sensitive subjects of religion and superstition on “American Gods.” However, he assures fans that they will handle the material with respect.

Sharing how the conversations he has been having in the writer's room for “American Gods” has opened up avenues of storytelling he has never dealt with before, the whole production is excited about where they can take the show.

“We’re actually given the ability to talk about fate and belief, and the rules which we use to navigate society being challenged in a fashion that is not anti-religion, but not necessarily letting religion off the hook entirely... So it’s very important to us in the show to not be making fun of anybody for their religious beliefs,” he said.

Joining Fuller on the TV adaptation project will be Michael Green who also worked on “Smallville.”

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