Today's leading social media network Facebook boasts a new benchmark: It now has over a billion users and logs 8 billion video views every single day.

Specifically, the company has reached 1.01 billion users every day. Facebook has likewise revealed its daily users have increased 17 percent as compared to last year. Every month, Facebook sees 1.55 billion users on its platform.

Facebook announced the news on its Q3 2015 earnings release, indicating impressive numbers which imply that the company is widening its wings even further.

Facebook managed to yield $4.5 billion income, as compared to $3.2 billion which it generated in the same quarter last year. Meanwhile, the company's adjusted net income during the third quarter was $896 million, compared to $806 million last year.

On Nov. 4, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social network has notched 8 billion video views a month, twice the number it recorded back in April and eight times more than the daily video views Facebook had way back September 2014. He also said these videos are being consumed by more than 500 million users.

It is worth pointing out that Facebook counts a view if a user plays a video for at least three seconds. In Google-owned YouTube, however, every view is counted when the video is played for at least 30 seconds.

Facebook is currently working on a slew of experiments in a bid to attract more users on its platform to watch more videos.

The Suggested Video interface, an additional Facebook feature built for mobile and web, for instance, is being tried out. As its name implies, it will soon show off more videos based on the information the platform knows about the user.

Users will also be allowed to keep on watching a video while browsing their News Feed in the near future via the feature Facebook is presently building.

In addition, Facebook's Dedicated Video Feed is currently in the works. Through this feature, users can browse a variety of channels of videos trending on the social networking site, shared by friends and other themes.

In the meantime, the company is coming up with its in-house intellectual property in hopes to block those who share videos which were created and uploaded by other people.

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