Less than a week is left before the release of Fallout 4 and fans from all around the world are getting more restless by the minute.

Some have turned to watching and (endlessly) re-watching trailers, while some have found comfort in browsing screenshots of the game.

Flickr user Pierre, however, saw a different coping mechanism.

Dubbed "my Lego Fallout 4 diorama," Pierre created the debut image of the Red Rocket garage using LEGO bricks.

We're not exactly sure what is up with this rising trend of recreating pop cultural trends using LEGO bricks, but whatever it is, it has proven to be extremely amusing.

The album was well-received by the Flickr community, and garnered various levels of praise, particularly for its attention to detail. As of the date of posting, it has incurred over 20,000 views.

"What an amazing build, love all the attention to detail. The dog is my fav part and all the tools on the wall and bottles/things on the shelf," Ann Rushworth said of one of the photos in the album.

"You are a Genius!! I wish I had all the blocks you have," wrote Fabrizio Fantozzi.

"Impressive, the scale is quite insane," commented user Letranger Absurde.

As expected, the Twitterverse erupted with the news of this collection.

"Lego Fallout 4 by fans- this is awesome," tweeted Blind Sky Studios.

"Fallout 4 LEGO Garage Has Everything The Sole Survivor Needs," said Marc Greiff

Some of the tweets drew into the fact that this LEGO set was, unfortunately, not for sale. But then again, who knows – remember the curious case of the LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters? A fan named Sergio Herencias claimed to have first made his own version of the Hook & Ladder 8, prior to LEGO's official set.

Though it would be cool to see an official LEGO Fallout 4 set, it would be much cooler, and fans may agree, if Nov. 10 arrived soon enough, putting an end to this hope-building, mind-numbing, excitement-inducing wait for Fallout 4.

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