The updated B+ version features most of the changes in the connector layout. This means that current existing cases of Model B may show incompatibility. Furthermore, some parts and kits such as the Adafruit Cobbler prototyping kit and the Wolfson audio card may no longer work with the new model.

Compared to the two ports of its older sibling, Model B+ of the Raspberry Pi has four ports of USB 2 that are aligned with the edge as well as a port for the microSD card. The latter is an improved version of the older model's friction-fit SD card socket which was changed into an absolutely better push version. Its audio circuit delivers a low-noise power supply thereby achieving a better audio quality. Power consumption is guaranteed to be lower by around 0.5W to 1W by changing linear regulators with switching. While the pinout of Model B's first 26 pins has been retained, the GPIO header had been increased to as many as 40 pins. Moreover, the new Model B+ looks neater as the USB connectors have been aligned with the edge, the composite video transferred into the 3.5mm jack and four mounting holes placed.

Mike Powell, spokesman for Element 14, says "People expect to see four USB ports these days. With the Model B as soon as you had connected a keyboard and mouse that was it."

The new model uses the same application processor of Model B dubbed as BCM2835. It also runs the same software and has a RAM of 512MB. Moreover, the dimensions of the upcoming tiny computer are measured at 85 x 56 x 17mm.

Raspberry Pi Model B+ will be available through online resellers such as Element 14. For the record, there are around three million Raspberry Pi PCs that have already been sold worldwide.

With its improved features, the Pi is now fit to enter into competition with other devices such as the Matrix TBS2910, Banana Pi, Android MK802 mini PC, APC 8750, Beaglebone Black, and SolidRun's Hummingboard. The latter shares the same ARM-based naked board with the Raspberry Pi. With regards to the processor, it has 1GHz ARMv7 while the Raspberry Pi only has 700MHz ARMv6.

As per Raspberry Pi's founder and CEO Eben Upton, as long as customers still have a demand for it, Model B will still be in production for continuity purposes. In October of the previous year, Raspberry Pi reached a milestone after being able to sell a whopping two million units.

The Model B+ is set to have the same price point of its predecessor which is $35.

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