Although Apple has yet to confirm its new iWatch will be launched this fall, new reports indicate  rumors of a late summer, early fall production cycle appear to be on hold, with manufacturing of the smart watch not expected to begin until November at the earliest. That could mean no iWatch under the holiday tree this season.

According to analysts, the much anticipated smart watch from Apple won't be getting onto wrists for some time. Ming-Chi Kuo, a leading Apple observer, says mass production will not begin until the winter at the earliest.

Kuo claims Apple is expected to release a small number of the new devices in September ahead of the expected October release, which should allow tech observers and watchers to get the new iWatch on their wrists before mass production is to begin two months later. This should give Apple the ability to work out any kinks with the new device.

By the end of the year Kuo says he predicts some 3 million iWatch devices to be shipped, which is markedly lower than the previous 10 million figure that had been estimated. But Apple has not confirmed or denied the report as of press time.

According to one report, "'Kuo estimates Apple will push back mass production to mid- or late-November, one month later than previous models claiming large-scale manufacturing would start in late September."

The report continues to say that "with only a few suppliers ramping up ahead of an anticipated October release, supplies of the wearable will be constrained and are unlikely to meet market expectations of 10 million shipped units by the end of 2014."

But with the wearables market expected to heat up this fall, Apple could likely speed up production at a moment's notice to get the full run of the iWatch onto the market for the holiday shopping season. The device is expected to sell well and Apple, as the leading technology brand, should be able to kindle interest in the wearable tech for the general population.

More and more companies are looking at smart watches as a wave of the future, with Samsung already seeing success with its models and LG also hitting the ground running with its own smart watch. Apple doesn't want to be left outside looking in as customers scramble for the latest technology devices on the market.

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