Activision has yet again brought us another Call of Duty game in the form of Black Ops 3. The game brings to the table several key gameplay elements, but also a few woes that have been aching PC gamers.

Several users of the game on the Windows PC platform have been complaining of mouse lags and drops in frames per second (fps) ever since Black Ops 3 was made available. This is not a small problem, and right now the developer behind the game, Treyarch, won't be releasing a fix soon, which is why they require gamers to do it themselves.

The recommended fixes are quite easy to perform, mainly for folks who have knowledge of digging into their computer software. For those who have little idea as to what to do in this situation, we recommend following the steps below or just wait for an official update from Treyarch.

Fixing the Mouse Lag

First, scale the resolution down to (<100). Those with an Nvidia card can lower the pre-rendered frames right away.

The mouse polling rate should be set at 250.

Reduce the fps cap below that of your monitor's maximum refresh rate. This means if you have a 60Hz monitor, then your fps should be reduced below 60 fps. Furthermore, turn V-Sync off and that should get rid of your mouse lag problems.

Fixing the Drops in FPS

Find the Black Ops 3 folder on your machine and go to Players. After that, open the Config.ini. file and search for WorkThreads within the same file. Right away, change the value from "4" to "2." Save your file and begin playing your game without fps drops and mouse issues.

This whole debacle seems like a memory leak, so expect a patch very soon to get it under control before it gets out of control.

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